How to Add Instagram Feed Widget to Adobe Muse

In this article we will offer the full-scale guide on how to embed Instagram widget InstaShow to an Adobe Muse website.

Personalize Your Own Instagram feed widget

Complete a couple of quick steps, to place the Instagram Widget gallery into the desired web page of your site. The expected installation time is about 4 minutes.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Set up an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

Register at our resource to start working with the service, or complete registration after you've set up your unique plugin.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Select the widget you require for your website

Our cloud-based service provides users with a full roster of widgets, which are ready to upgrade web resources. To display Instagram feed on a Adobe Muse website, you need to pick out InstaShow. <!-- InstaShow -->
Select Instagram widget

• Make InstaShow comply with your requirements

Select the widget layout, styles and display configuration to set up the gallery that will suit your site best. InstaShow features:
  • Unlimited combinations of Instagram sources (usernames, tags, locations and image URLs);
  • Extra source filters;
  • Possibility to limit social posts in the gallery;
  • Cache media time feature;
  • etc.
You are able to find out all the values at the Instagram widget page.
Configure widget for adobe muse website

• Get the html code, which will be added to your web service

The concluding stage in our service is to get the product script by using “Get” button close to the gallery header.
Copy plugin code

Step 2: Easy Steps to Install InstaShow on your Website

• Open the Adobe Muse editor

Log into Adobe Muse, go to “Plan” page and select a page to place the widget to.
Go to the Adobe Muse editor

• Place HTML element on the site.

Add the element “Insert HTML” from the “Object” tab into a required place.
Add HTML element to the Muse page

• Paste widget script

Paste the code you got at Elfsight Apps into the window that comes up and set the size of the widget block.
Paste widget code

• Save the results

Apply the changes by pressing “Publish” in the upper menu, and selecting the required site.
save the changes

• Ready, you’ve added the instagram feed.

Go to website to check out the results.
Add Instagram Feed Widget to Adobe Muse
Our widgets are highly compatible and give you the opportunity to embed Instagram on any website.

How to edit widget parameters after installation

You can change the feed design or the represented social account in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you apply the edits, they will be automatically applied to your photo gallery.

Best Instagram Feed Widget for Adobe Muse

InstaShow is a user-appreciated Instagram visual tool. Implement delightful portfolios by using our application. Appeal to your visitors with your website galleries.

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