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How to Add Social Media Icons to Adobe Muse

Developers from Elfsight proudly present a Social Icons widget, that will assist you to grow the number of followers of your very own social media accounts.

How the icons widget can assist you

In addition, be closer to the visitors of a site by motivating them to write response and question due to Elfsight application.

Social module’s installation instruction in 2 clean steps

Just in case you’re faced with app install or arrangement issues, please, inform our help center at Elfsight Help without hesitation.

Register and accomplish a sequence of elementary stages to implement the app on your web page. The entire embed period is less than 3 minutes.

Phase 1: Collect the Adobe Muse Social Icons

Set up the widget design and receive the widget’s code.

• Authorize in your account

Get registered or authorize in your account at our cloud-based service to go on with the setup.

• Click on «Social Media Icons» widget

To configure the icons press Social Icons.

• Adjust the icons

Customize the icons and their appearance style in the widget’s editor.

• Receive the widget’s code

Receive your personal plugin’s code to insert it to your blog.

Phase 2: implement the icons to the site

• Go to Adobe Muse

Login to your account and select a site to place the plugin to.

• Add the HTML element

Select the place for the icons and insert the HTML object from the upper menu to that place.

• Insert the plugin code

After you add the HTML window, an editor window will come up. Insert the widget code into that window.

• Save the changes

Adjust the icons’ placement and the size of the window. To save the changes, press “Publish” in the main menu.

• The widget has been installed

How to Correct the product’s settings after the installation

If you want to rearrange the icons’ appearance after the widget has been pasted to a Adobe Muse site, access your individual account at Elfsight Apps and choose the different settings. After you’ve saved these changes, the features will be applied to your platform accordingly.

Benefits of the Elfsight Social Icons widget

The most significant distinctions of icons are the following:

  • 60+ HD social networks and media sites icons in one place (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Email, Google+, etc.);
  • You will find 1 500+ combinations of visual improvements that cover thoroughly adjustable proportions, color palette, 6 stunning styles and 5 original animations – everything you need to make the social plugin apply to your blog completely;
  • As of now, you don’t have to adjust the icons in Photoshop and save the edits to your site’s content;
  • Our application decreases the weight of your website, which is a constructive influence on the page’s speed.

Select your own design and be online with your audience anywhere.

Please, Welcome Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a cloud online service that consists of applications for various Content management systems or website builders. Check out our products’ trial versions to add to your web resources’ productivity right now!

Evaluate the Muse Social Media Icons for free

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