Spotify plugin for WordPress

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Why you shouldn’t miss the release of Elfsight Spotify plugin for WordPress site or theme

Elfsight Spotify Player for WordPress site or theme is an uncomplicated plugin which lets you embed all sorts of audio tracks from Spotify on your WordPress theme or website. The Spotify plugin is hugely adjustable: you may alter its position, inserting it anywhere on the page, scale its size, do over the background and all other elements to blend it with your WordPress theme or website’s design, employ dark color scheme, demonstrate images and display or hide 3 additional player elements like progress bar and many more. You may embed as many tracks as you wish to engage your users, switch the autoplay on and don’t hesitate – your visitors won’t quit your homepage in a hurry as they’ll get a really impressive Spotify plugin at their disposal!

And now let’s see how your WordPress site or theme would benefit from adding a Spotify plugin to any or all its pages. The list of main benefits of the Spotify plugin includes:

  • Broaden reach and increase the number of website visitors. Among the most popular content formats on Spotify is podcasts. And as you know, the amount of podcast listeners all over the world grows exponentially each year. By enhancing your WordPress site or theme functionality by the embed with this exceedingly popular Spotify content you’ll definitely win your audience and attract more new listeners. The researchers admit that the online audience tends to come back for the new pieces of content, which means that the new episodes of Spotify podcasts will guarantee you a strong relationship with your audience.
  • Gain trust of your core audience. Audio content has a tendency to be taken as something personal by your WordPress site’s online audience. So for you it means that adding Spotify content to your WordPress site or theme will guarantee you building a strong community around your brand. And of course, having a lot of loyal fans thanks to Spotify content will guarantee you more new visitors as your existing ones will share their experience with friends.
  • Two layouts that will provide extreme convenience. There are two layout types available within the Spotify plugin for WordPress site or theme – Embed and Floating. The Embed layout can be used to add the Spotify plugin at the most suitable place in the content zone of your WordPress site. And the Floating one will be there so that the Spotify player plugin could follow your visitors as they scroll the page.

Make your Spotify plugin for WordPress theme and site apparent or uncluttered

We offer multiple style options that may help you make your Spotify player for WordPress noteworthy and descriptive. Embed the creator name, title and progress bar or switch them off to build a neat Spotify player. Alter its parts so that it would correspond with your site’s style. The dark color scheme is present to help you make stylish enhancements to your homepage in 1-2-3.

Embed various Spotify player and playlist elements

Each player and playlist of your Spotify plugin can be supplied with three switchable elements. You are free to display or hide the picture, the info about the creator of the audio track and the progress indicator. It’s for you to pick if you want your Spotify player to look neat or apparent.

Custom-made color theme for your impeccable Spotify player

Choose a background color which will become the perfect match for your WordPress website’s style. To make the Spotify plugin more remarkable, alter the accent color. Construct and embed to your site an impressive Spotify player plugin in a few clicks!

Many more amazing styling and functional settings for your Spotify Player upcoming soon

Our amazing design and development teams are working up the Spotify plugin for WordPress functional capability and appearance right now. There would be a wide selection of adjustments, there will be an opportunity to modify your content so that it turns into an inseparable part of yourWordPress website. It’ll be possible to build the plugin and examine all the functions in the near future, stay updated!

The fundamental Spotify plugin features will contain:

  • Numerous color alterations.
  • Two layouts ready for use.
  • An option to use background image.
  • Adject infinite number of Spotify tracks.
  • A possibility to shape your custom color scheme.

Use the Spotify plugin for WordPress to build a strong and lasting relationship with your audience!

How can I add the Spotify plugin to my WordPress website?

You can place it to all pages of your site, or only to the pages you set. You can as well exclude particular pages if you want them without the Spotify player.

If you run into any difficulties, have no hesitation to apply for our support team. Our consultants will be excited to resolve all the difficulties you may have with the Spotify plugin.