Abandoned Cart Popup widget template

By means of this template you 'll be able to add our widget to your web page swiftly.

How can I use a Cart Popup widget?

The Cart Popup widget gives you an opportunity to reveal a cart notification in a popup window with zero design or coding. Embed a Cart popup into your site content and get it seen over and over again. Simply select a ready for use template from a range of possibilities, without difficulty adjust it in a free online demo, and inject installation code to the employed CMS: Wix, Squarespace, and the like. 

How to add a Cart Popup to a website?

The preparation is very effortless! Below you can find paramount steps, after which you’ll obtain a professional and an appealing Cart popup. You can keep creating and freely change the widget’s and all elements’ behavior, sizes, fonts, pictures, colors. 

  1. Log into the Elfsight dashboard
  2. Pick and choose Popup widget and opt for your preferred design
  3. Add a coupon block to your popup window in a Builder section
  4. Reshape the popup. Click ‘Save’
  5. You’ll see a code in a popup window
  6. Paste it to a necessary HTML field of your website 

Afterwards, consider that the Cart widget by Elfsight is cloud-based, which is to say it’s actually placed on Elfsight servers. There is an opportunity to make alterations any time at Elfsight apps and they will disclose on your website right away. Over and above that, the popup doesn’t increase the speed of your website.

Create the Cart Popup for yourself! It’s free and you can create it in an online popup builder:
Configure your template ↓

What events trigger a pop-up?

Elfsight Cart popup is superb for you to determine its performance the way you need. The Cart lightbox will come into view on any trigger you indicate. For instance, it may show up after a particular time on page, on scroll, on page load, etc. Below, you can read about the major triggers which can help you make a Cart popup come out. 

  • Onclick
    This is the easiest and most obvious way of making a Cart popup come out. It can show after site visitors hit a particular unit on a page. For example, there is a possibility to trigger a Cart to become visible in a box after the website visitor has clicked on just a link in the middle of a text or a call-to-action. 
  • Onload
    From now on, there’s no need to think about complicated strategies and settings. Simply determine the Cart popup to become visible exactly on a load of a page, and enjoy website users getting acquainted with your product instantly. However, pay special attention to an onload setting for a Cart lightbox. Popups and banners that come up at the inconvenient time annoy most Internet users rather than sell. 
  • Onscroll
    The Popup window grants you a chance to show the Cart popup after a website user has scrolled over a specific percentage or element of a page. This operates astonishingly when a website visitor has got familiar with the offers, content, and your brand, and is willing to purchase. In such a case, a Cart popup will come out exactly at the proper time. 
  • On exit intent
    Are clients in a hurry to abandon a site? It could be that they haven’t got familiar with something crucial on a page. Here’s what exit intent serves for: website users tap on an exit page button, and a Cart popup shows up straight away. 

Сhoose and tailor the design of ready-to-use templates! 

Using a Popup widget for showing a Cart popup gives tons of advantages. 

  • A collection of professional templates
    You have a chance to apply them with no modifications or personalize any way you wish. All designs are changeable, modifiable, interactive, and pretty! 
  • The configurator is easy to use, clear and explicit
    You can generate a popup by simply combining various components in it. It’s absolutely unnecessary to become a programming wizard to make your video popup modal match the complete site design.
  • Add video links from YouTube and Vimeo
    They are the most common video hostings in the world, recognizable to millions. 
  • Attach elements in any sequence
    Be sure headings, buttons, images, and texts will look perfect on any screen your people use.

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