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Why do I need Online Number Counter?

Demonstrate your splendid results to your prospective clients. Get more sales and leads

Build trust among your visitors

Prove you’re a partner people can count on by showing your key business stats or successful deals number.

Boast your work experience

Show off your notable results in any business sphere: design, cooking, photography, writing, and many more.

Prove your expertise

Seeing your splendid achievements, people will definitely wish to cooperate with you in any kind of activity.
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What makes Elfsight Number Counter special?

Share your impressive stats
Share your impressive stats
How to earn customer loyalty? Install Animated Counter and prove you’re a successful company or a reputable professional in numbers. More trust - more deals. Reaching another goals? Rates are the best for demonstration of your charity fundraising or benefits from volunteering. Use Number widget as you wish: show your team strength, product ranges and key business statistics. Empower your brand and drive sales!   
Demonstrate your achievements the way you need
Make your numbers look more riveting with the help of additional info. Use icons to grab your users’ attention and titles to keep it. Captivate visitors with clarifying prefixes and postfixes, and attach links which will redirect them to the pages, containing more info about your accomplishments. The number format is also customizable so you don’t have to worry about the correct displaying. And don’t forget that the number of counters and columns is unlimited - add as many as you need to prove your credibility or boast your ambitious goals.   
Demonstrate your achievements the way you need
Easily adjustable feature for your website
Easily adjustable feature for your website
An admirable representation is a matter of just a few clicks! Help your audience study each number in details and set the space between counters. Specify the width of the feature yourself or using the auto option. Organize your impressive scores in columns, choose the layout that meets your needs and don’t forget about your mobile audience - work with mobile display as well.   
Wide range of styling options
Our Animated Counter widget is a perfect solution to showcase statistics values of your achievements. Customize any element without designer skills just in a few clicks. Choose font size and weight, recolor elements, change everything as you wish - it is super easy with our configurator. Just be creative!   
Wide range of styling options
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Why Elfsight widget of all others?

We will tool you up with broad spectrum of opportunities to single out. Latest updates are always available to make your page functioning stunning. And in case you encounter some questions our assistance team is always longing to take care of you.
Handy live editor
Easy to understand panel
Employing our configurator you’ll be capable of integrating any tool into your page in a seconds! No more need to look for developer or learn how to code.
Professional Elfsight team
People you can count on
Problem-free embeddedness and nonstop contact with our experienced team will ensure your delightful experience.
Marvelous Elfsight Apps service
Impressive Elfsight Apps service
Cloud solutions ensure high loading speed and immediate trouble adjustments. You ’ll receive the most recent stable version exclusively of the hardware you utilize.

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Super flexible and adaptive Number Counter plugin with beautiful animation. It doesn't stop or slow down my site, which is so good!
Mark Harper
Mark Harper
Brand strategist
I had to move the plugin to a different domain and had several custom CSS queries. GREAT support and GREAT plugin! So thanks Elfsight!
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
Great plugin! Elfsight answered all our questions in no time, politely and professionally, so finally we were able to embed with no problems.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Super-simple app to embed, it took me just 5 mins to add my CONTENT to the site. 100% recommended!
Brian Colin
Brian Colin
I enjoyed this widget from the very first moment because of the design. It is easy to use and the customer support team is there to provide help at any time. Thank you for all the good things!
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
The first Counter plugin I've tested last 5 years that actually works. And it's really efficient at that. I had a bug on my site, and they fixed it swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Number Counter widget to any website?

To implement the widget, view all the steps from the clear guideline below:

  1. Use Elfsight demo and start building your customized widget.
  2. Personalize the app parameters and save the required modifications.
  3. Receive the unique code which appears in the window.
  4. Integrate the code into your page and save the page.
  5. Ready! You’ve properly added the widget on your site.

Encountered any obstacles with the setup? Contact our customer support group and we’ll be glad to help.

Also, you can find detailed installation guides here.

How to create infographics for a website using the Counter widget?

Classic template of Number Counter widget gives you an opportunity to create banners with numerous icons, numbers, and captions. All the elements can be adjusted according to your website style and needs.

How can I add a Number Counter widget to the HTML site?

Perform our free editor and start building your unique Number counter widget. Determine the preferable look and select the most preferable template of the widget for your HTML site and save the edits. When the configuration of your animated Number Counter is finished, copy the individual code from the appeared popup and save it for future occasions. Place the code copied before into your HTML site and save the modifications. Go to your page to take a look at how the tool operates. The more detailed video guide can be found here. On condition of having questions or clashing with any complications, have no hesitation to apply for our support team. Our consultants will be happy to resolve all the issues you may have with the widget.

How can I add the Number Counter plugin to my WordPress site?

Manage our free live demo and start forming your custom-made WordPress Number Counter plugin. Choose the preferable template and specifications of the WordPress plugin and save the corrections. As soon as the generation of your widget is finished, copy the individual code from the emerged window and save it for further occasion. Integrate the code copied before into your WordPress site and apply the edits. Go to your website to check how the Number counter is running. Also, you can find a more informative video guide on this page. On condition of having inquiries or running over some complications, don't hesitate to seek assistance from our support team. Our people will be delighted to help you with all the questions you might have with the product.

Which way do I add the Number Counter app to my Wix website?

Launch our free configurator and start creating your customized Wix Number counter widget. Find the selected look and options of the widget and apply the corrections. When the customization of your personal widget for Wix website is complete, copy the exclusive code from the appeared box and save it for future usage. Place the code you've saved recently in your Wix site’s page and save the corrections. Go to your website to inspect how the widget operates. In case you’re looking for more detailed info on the widget’s installation, check this page. In conditions of experiencing questions or running into some obstacles, please get in touch with our support staff. Our consultants will be delighted to help you with all the issues you may have with the tool.

How do I add a Number Counter widget to Squarespace site?

Use our free configurator and start building your custom widget for Squarespace website. Find the preferable look and parameters of the Squarespace widget in our free configurator or live demo and apply the modifications. Right after the creation of your Squarespace plugin is done, copy the individual code at the appeared box and keep it for later usage. Add the code copied before in your page and save the improvements. Visit your Squarespace site to review the functioning of the plugin. If you need a more detailed instruction on the widget’s installation, you can find it here. On the condition of having questions or confronting some difficulties, do not be afraid to write to our customer service team. Our people are longing to resolve all the difficulties you may have with the plugin.

Which way do I add the Number Counter widget to my Elementor site?

To add the Number counter to your Elementor site, make use of our free configurator and start forming your custom-built plugin. Determine the selected form and functionality of the Elementor widget and apply the edits. Right after the generation of your animated Number counter for Elementor is finished, copy the exclusive code from the emerged popup and keep it for further usage. Implement the code copied before in your Elementor website and apply the edits. Also, visit this page in order to see a more detailed guide on the widget’s work. Go to your website to take a look at the performance of the tool. If you run into any difficulties, please contact our customer service staff. Our specialists will be excited to resolve all the issues you may have with the plugin.

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