Number Counter Examples

Check Number Counter examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Cleaning

Providing excellent service in your city? Share your amazing achievements and prove that you’re a trustworthy company with the neat Number Counter template. Add catchy multicolour icons and repaint elements or numbers if you need.

Example 2. Writer Work in Numbers

Show your audience how much time and efforts you spent. Add a range of counters depending on what is important to boast about: published books, hours of hard work and etc. Use the template or custom image to style your counters.

Example 3. Company Growth

The template helps you to showcase the incredible results: a finance growth, successful projects completed and other achievements. Attach multicolor or monocolor icons and repaint background as you like to embed the widget seamlessly right on your website.

Example 4. Success in numbers

The best template for displaying you are reputable partner or company. Add background image, use large font size, add postfixed to define what you’re great at.

Example 5. University in Numbers

Are you proud of your prestigious school or university? Create your Number Counter widget to invite even more students to take courses there! Boast about an impressive number of students, high-qualified staff and scientific researches you’ve published.

Example 6. Trees Planted

Have a huge number that you’re eager to tell about? Planted trees, constructed houses for ill-provided people or any other volunteer work. Don’t hesitate and share it with the world!
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Example 7. 2023 in Numbers

Showcase your clients what a hard work you’ve done this year! Display your results with the help of amazing grid of counters. Add background picture of your team and icons for better demonstration of your achievements.

Example 8. Download of app

How many people liked your product or book? Add the number, make it huge and magnetizing, use bright background and draw attention of your new audience.

Example 9. Successful Start

Use this template to demonstrate the astonishing achievements within not so long time, you’ve started this project. Recolour elements and customize counters to perfectly embed the widget in the page.

Example 10. Coffee House

Add alluring coffee or dessert images for background and tell your guests about high quality of your specials and your happy clients in numbers.

Example 11. Benefits from Plants

To convince your audience about necessity of plants, healthy diet or anything you want - use counters. People trust numbers much more than words.

Example 12. Online Store

Get more clients and boost your sales? Use counters to proclaim your strong points: a broad geography of shipping, average delivery time, a great choice of items you offer, completed orders a year or a high percentage of customers who recommend you.

Example 13. Customer Satisfaction

How to gain users confidence that you’re reliable and trustworthy? Show them numbers of five star reviews, your company rating and awards, impress them by your achievements.

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