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Number Counter Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Animated Counter and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Reached goals

Having numerous achievements in your professional sphere or company you run? Show results at numbers! It could be whatever you want: awards for best customer service, app downloads or deals number, geography of the shipping or any other thing you succeed in. The best way to prove your potential and status is to demonstrate your scorecard!

Team accomplishments

What is the most important in your company? If they are not your employees, but high-qualified team members who you endlessly proud of – this widget is for you! Show the rest of the world how many posts you’ve published, deals closed or support tickets resolved. Clients are used to trust only helpful and professional teamwork. In case of you’ve just start a business, show your best achievements per time you have been working.

Experience showcase

Elfsight Number Counter is the greatest way to show your result in any sphere: blog writing, makeup art, delicious coffee making, photographing or any other one. With easy customizable design you can demonstrate your overwhelming results: your quantity of works, a client satisfaction rate and even cups of coffee and plenty of time you’ve spent working. Show how you’re hardworking, reliable and talented.

Business scorecard

How to show your clients you’re a trustworthy company with the far-reaching aims, half of which have been already accomplished this year? Elfsight Number Counter will help to show your incredible results: a finance growth percentage, a number of your customer community and completed projects as well. Numbers are seemed to be more reliable and reputed, and that can obviously lead customers to target actions.


Add title, prefix and postfix

Tell users more about your accomplishments by means of alluring titles which are placed right below the numbers. And to clarify the information there are prefixes and postfixes that are used to accompany your impressive numbers.

Choose the logo type

Attach a highly recognizable logo to make it more clear for users where they are going to be redirected. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Facebook Messenger and YouTube logo. Or upload your own directly from your device.


Turn your counters into engaging feature with the help of attractive icons. Our icons set features 40 items which can be multicolor or monocolor. In case you want to upload your custom icon, we’ve provided you with such a possibility.


You are free to make a clickable counter by means of adding links. Redirect users to a landing page containing more info about your achievements and plans, or simply attach your social media account – choose what works for you!

Any amount of counters

The number of counters you can create is unlimited. Add as many as you need to prove your credibility and experience to your audience and see how they’re getting organized into an accessible grid.

Choose number and decimal format

Numbers is the key feature of your counter so we’ve made it extremely customizable for your convenience. Set number value and choose the number format – we’ve provided you with four options to choose from – Comma, Dot, Space or None. And if your counter contains decimal fraction, you can choose the format as well – it can be Dot or Comma.

Set animation speed

You can mark the animation speed in seconds. All you have to do here is to indicate in the special box in Settings tab of our editor.

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Space and width

To give your audience an opportunity to focus on each particular number, set the space between your counters. You are free to mark the width of the widget yourself or choose the auto option which is there to organize the widget’s elements conveniently.i Create a feature that will catch the eye and won’t leave anyone unmoved.

Any amount of columns

You can organize your numbers in columns which quantity is unlimited. All you have to do here is type a number in the columns tab of our editor. You won’t have to adjust their disposition yourself – they’ll be organized the most convenient way automatically.

Three layouts

Organize the counters’ elements the most conducive way, making use of three handy layouts. Choosing one of them, you won’t have to worry about the alignment and the placement.

Mobile behaviour

In case you want to display your counters on mobile devices, we’ve provided you with an opportunity to customize their representation. You can set the number of columns on tablets and smartphones, and also mark the space between counters on each device type.


Background color

Here are three options how to make your Number Counter awesome. Embed into your website an elegant transparent one, upload your own image suitable for the background or just repaint it in any color you like. Besides, you can change an icon background color and make the icons more noticeable and attractive.

Font size and weight

All the text on your counter can be customized and coloured the way you like:a heading, titles and numbers. Make it prominent and bright, set the font size, weight and alignment. Emphasize what really matters for you and your audience.


With Elfsight Number Counter editor you can adapt numbers, titles and icons for any mobile device in a few clicks. Just set a right font size of them on tablets and smartphones. Make your mobile users feel you always care about them.

Recolor any element

How to make an integration of the widget absolutely seamless? You can easily find exact color you need for any elements, matching with background image or your site. Paint the heading, titles, background or icons – your widget will never look out of style.


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