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Google Sites Business Hours plugin

Inform customers about your working frames and share contacts

Embed Business Hours on Google Sites with an Elfsight plugin

Elfsight Business Hours for Google Sites is a simple no-code widget enabling you to form an attractive business card containing the most important data concerning your organization. You can display information on your current operating status and enable contacts for your clients. The widget allows you to create user-friendly designs, so that the visitors could easily examine all the needed information briefly or in more detail.

The widget offers a number of templates, so that you can select the most efficient option for your website. Each template offers settings to help you form a widget with required options that increase sales. Embedding the working periods and your organization’s contact details into your website pages is extremely simple with Elfsight due to easy-to-follow tutorials and guides. Any user can form and add the no-code Business Hours widget for free

Add business details to your pages to boost sales rates and customer satisfaction. Display important information on your activity neatly with Elfsight’s widget.

Use this widget embedded into Google Sites website, making your audience aware of your business and get regular sales. Learn about a number of the most typical positive outcomes for your website after embedding the no-code working hours widget into it.

  • Let your customers be always well timed. Increase sales, being constantly there in the corresponding working time. Your website visitors will notice your operating hours and get more decisive to commit a successful purchase when they are ready.
  • Avoid misunderstanding concerning your working hours. Providing your straightforward working hours to the visitors on the website will make them more loyal to your organization for they will be able to plan a booking or a visit to you.
  • Provide contacts in a clear way. Adding the contact information to your no-code operation hours widget creates communication with your audience and make sales quicker. Show that you are ready to respond to their inquiries about your business resulting in more trust and respect.

Do you have any other plugins for Google Sites that I can use on my website for better sales?

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How can I use Business Hours on Google Sites?

You access a lot of ways to improve sales results by means of integrating a Business Hours plugin. With Elfsight’s templates for this exciting plugin for websites, it is possible to build custom business tactics. You can either demonstrate expanded information concerning your working hours and tools to establish communication with you or just embed a small current status bar. You can form contact cards with your Business Hours plugin and add them to required website locations to attract attention and inform the customers about your activity.

How to embed Business Hours for free on Google Sites websites?

Incorporating a Business Hours plugin into your Google Sites website is a perfect method to start communication with customers and inform them about your valid time and status to ensure sales or provide services. Below there are brief tutorials on putting the free operation hours plugin on your website.
  1. When you need to incorporate an Elfsight Business Hours for free into Google Sites, proceed to the Elfsight website and create an account.
  2. Build the free Business Hours by adapting its look and settings to suit your Google Sites website’s style.
  3. Upon adjusting your Business Hours, copy the generated code snippet and paste it into your Google Sites website where you’d like the plugin to appear.
By means of inserting your Business Hours into your Google Sites website, you’ll increase its visual magnetism and motivate sustainable customer loyalty. Feel the benefits of the Elfsight Business Hours at no cost for you!

Explore the list of the most useful features:

  • Demonstrate your company’s real-time availability
  • Clear timetable adjustment
  • Special days configuration
  • Current activity status
  • Integrable grid or compact status

Simply try out this demo to get the full idea

How can I add Business Hours to my Google Sites website?

Simply follow a couple of steps described below to add the plugin with your working shifts.

  1. Employ our configurator and start building your custom no-code plugin.
    Choose the selected interface and specifications of the plugin and save the modifications.
  2. Get your personal code shown in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the establishing of your personal no-code operation hours widget is finished, copy the individual code in the emerged window and save it for future need.
  3. Initiate utilization of the plugin on your Google Sites website.
    Insert the code you’ve copied before in your page and save the improvements.
  4. Done! The embedding of your no-code Business Hours is successfully performed.
    Visit your website to see the performance of the added operation hours widget.

On condition of having inquiries or coming across some difficulties, please appeal to our support team. Our specialists are eager to resolve all the issues you might have with the plugin for Google Sites.


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