Google Sites Event Calendar widget

Make your events easy to find with the help of Elfsight Event Calendar
Google Sites Event Calendar widget
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Elfsight Calendar widget is a powerful tool for Google Sites enabling you easily share your events with the rest of the world. It has good deal of options for demonstrating upcoming events the most representative way. Customize it to blend the design with your page’s aesthetics. Form multiple number of events, add different tags, upload your custom pictures and videos, and keep users updated about your agenda.

The Event Calendar may help you effortlessly display your future activities and increase the engagement rate on your website.


Here you can see all the functional traits of Event Calendar. They are available right in the editor and they will help you configure the widget right for your needs.

  • Use adaptable content opportunities to accommodate the calendar for your type of events.
  • Help users add your events to their commonly used calendars.
  • Generate various types of events, specify locations and add hosts.
  • Classify all your activities and confer them tags.
  • Discriminate between 4 layout options.

Check how all the features work, in our demo

How to add Event Calendar to Google Sites?

To embed plugin, simply take several fast steps.

  • Design your custom Calendar widget
    Using our free editor, create a plugin with a selected layout and functionality.
  • Copy the personal code to integrate the widget
    After you have configured your plugin, you will get the individual code from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy the code.
  • Integrate the widget on your website
    Go to the area you need to embed the plugin to and insert the copied code there. Save the results.
  • The integration is successful!
    Visit the store, to view your plugin.
Due to the peculiarities of the Google Sites work, the widget may have look different from the online demo. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Feel free to get in touch with our customer support if you need help or have issues. We will be glad to help with every request.

Get a customized Event Calendar for Google Site in just a minute!

You can customize the widget right now and add it to your website straight out of the demo


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