How to Add WhatsApp Chat to Wix Site for Free?

Learn to effortlessly embed WhatsApp Chat into your Wix website with Elfsight demo creator. These tutorials cover setting up, customizing for enhanced user interaction, and leveraging WhatsApp Chat features for better customer engagement.
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How to Add WhatsApp Chat to Wix Site for Free?

Embed WhatsApp Chat to Help Customers on Wix Website

Connecting with your website visitors in real-time can significantly enhance user engagement and customer service. That’s where the Elfsight WhatsApp Chat app for Wix comes into play. This user-friendly app allows you to embed WhatsApp Chat seamlessly into your Wix website, providing visitors with the fastest way to reach out to you. Whether it’s for customer inquiries, support, or feedback, the chat app ensures you’re just a click away.

Imagine the convenience for customers who can initiate a chat via WhatsApp while browsing your products or services, leading to immediate communication and potentially higher conversion rates. This code-free WhatsApp solution is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to provide real-time support or capture leads directly through their Wix website.

Creating the WhatsApp Chat app for your Wix website is a breeze. Follow these simple steps in our live demo:

  1. Choose the position and style of the widget that best fits your Wix website.
  2. Connect your WhatsApp number in the app settings for direct messaging.
  3. Customize the chat’s appearance, including the bubble icon and welcome message.
  4. Add the generated HTML snippet to your Wix website, and you’re all set!

In just a few minutes, you created the Elfsight no-code WhatsApp Chat app for your Wix website, making communication with your visitors more effective.

How Can WhatsApp Chat Help You and Your Wix Customers?

When you are doing business online, swift and effective communication is key, so connecting WhatsApp Chat widgets to Wix websites transforms how businesses interact with their customers. This article explores the numerous benefits that the WhatsApp Chat widget brings to both website owners and their visitors, especially for those operating through Wix platforms.

Benefits for Wix website owners

  1. Instant communication. The WhatsApp Chat widget adds opportunities for real-time messaging, allowing business owners to quickly respond to customer inquiries, enhancing customer service.
  2. Increased engagement. Offering a familiar and accessible chat platform via the widget encourages customers to start conversations, boosting engagement.
  3. Enhanced customer support. The widget allows for efficient support on websites through WhatsApp, supporting image, voice note, and document sharing for more effective problem-solving.
WhatsApp Chat for Wix preview 1
  1. Market expansion. WhatsApp’s widespread popularity creates a great avenue for businesses to reach international customers easily.
  2. Automated responses. Configured automated greetings or responses in the widget ensure immediate acknowledgment of customer queries, even outside business hours.
  3. Data collection and privacy. Secure data exchange through WhatsApp ensures protection of both business and customer information, creating more trust.
  4. Marketing tool. The widget can be used for marketing, sending updates or promotional messages directly to customers for a personalized experience.

Benefits for Wix website visitors

  1. Ease of use. Connecting the code-free WhatsApp widget to the website means customers can use a familiar interface without additional sign-ups or downloads.
  2. Quick resolutions. Customers can receive fast answers, improving their shopping experience and reducing time spent searching for information.
  3. Personalized interaction. One-on-one chat format allows for personalized communication via WhatsApp, making customers feel more valued.
  4. Accessible customer service. The widget ensures help is just a message away, especially convenient for mobile users.
WhatsApp Chat for Wix preview 2
  1. Privacy and security. End-to-end encryption in WhatsApp conversations ensures privacy and security for shared information.
  2. Multimedia communication. Customers can send pictures or videos to better inform their purchase decisions.
  3. Real-time notifications. Receiving updates about queries, orders, or promotions directly through the connected WhatsApp enhances the customer experience.

Embedding the WhatsApp Chat widget into Wix websites is a strategic move that improves online business and customer interaction. For businesses, it offers improved customer service, increased engagement, and a wider market reach. For Wix website visitors, it provides convenience, personalized communication, and a sense of security. Adopting this technology is essential for any progressive business aiming to excel in today’s digital marketplace.

Elfsight Creates and Updates Widgets Like WhatsApp

Elfsight is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that our widgets, including the Wix WhatsApp Chat, remain at the forefront of current market and website trends. This dedication to staying relevant and efficient is reflected in the wide array of features we offer. Below, we outline 10 key features of Elfsight widgets, each thoughtfully designed to enhance user experience and adapt to evolving digital needs.

Responsive designThe WhatsApp Chat widget is designed to be fully responsive, guaranteeing that it looks and works perfectly on any website and device, be it a desktop or a smartphone. This responsiveness is key to maintaining a consistent user experience across all platforms.
Customizable WhatsApp interfaceThe WhatsApp Chat added to Wix offers extensive customization, allowing you to modify its appearance to align with your website’s branding. This level of customization helps maintain a cohesive and professional look across your website.
Easy integrationThe Elfsight WhatsApp widget can be connected effortlessly to websites, requiring no specialized coding skills. This ease of adding is a major advantage for Wix website owners looking to enhance their website’s functionality without technical complexities.
Real-time updatesOur code-free Wix WhatsApp Chat widget receives continuous updates, ensuring it is always equipped with the latest features and enhancements. These updates are crucial for keeping your Wix website’s chat functionality cutting-edge and reliable.
Multilingual supportThe WhatsApp Chat widget supports multiple languages, making it an ideal website solution for global businesses looking to communicate effectively with a diverse customer base.
Social media integrationThe added WhatsApp widget facilitates easy linking with various social media platforms, enhancing the scope for customer interaction and content sharing. This feature is particularly useful for leveraging social networks to expand your website’s audience.
Interactive user experienceElfsight’s WhatsApp Chat is designed to engage website users actively, with clickable links and animated effects. Such interactivity can significantly improve visitor engagement and time spent on your website pages.
Robust customer supportElfsight offers comprehensive support for the Wix WhatsApp Chat widget, ensuring any questions or issues are promptly addressed. This level of support is vital for maintaining the widget’s performance and user satisfaction.

These features demonstrate Elfsight’s commitment to providing versatile, high-quality solutions for website pages enhancement. Whether through the Wix WhatsApp Chat widget or any other offering, our focus is on adding a blend of quality, functionality, and user-friendly experiences on websites. You can find out more about WhatsApp Chat widget’s features discovering all the benefits one can have, by adding it to their website.

Add Your Custom WhatsApp Chat to Wix Pages with Ease

Now that you’re familiar with its cool features, let’s make the most of them by integrating the app into your website pages. This process is straightforward with our easy-to-follow instructions. To get a visual understanding, why not start by watching our YouTube video on adding the code-free WhatsApp Chat plugin to your Wix website? Once you’ve seen it in action, come back here to delve into our detailed text tutorials that will guide you every step of the way.

Tutorials to add WhatsApp Chat plugin to a specific page on a Wix website
  1. Access editor. Log into your Wix account, choose the specific website, and click on “Edit Site.”
  2. Add HTML block. Click on the Plus icon, navigate to “Embed,” and select “Embed a Widget” from the “Custom Embeds” tab.
  3. Insert installation code. Click “Enter Code,” embed the WhatsApp Chat plugin installation code, and click “Update.”
  4. Customize size and placement. Drag the app to the desired location on your page and adjust its size for a perfect fit without needing scroll bars.
  5. Optimize for mobile. Switch to the mobile editor using the Mobile icon, adjust the size for mobile view, and then click “Publish.”
Tutorials to add inline WhatsApp Chat plugin to all pages of your Wix website
  1. Access editor. Log into your Wix account, select your website, and click “Edit Site.”
  2. Add HTML block. Click the Plus icon, go to the “Embed” section, and choose “Embed a Widget” in the “Custom Embeds” tab.
  3. Insert installation code. Click “Enter Code,” embed the Wix WhatsApp Chat plugin installation code, and hit “Update.”
  4. Customize dimensions and position. Adjust the plugin’s size and location on the website page to ensure a seamless fit of your WhatsApp.
  5. Publish across all pages. Right-click on the app, select “Pin to Screen,” enable “Show on All Pages,” and click “Publish.”
Tutorials to add floating WhatsApp Chat plugin to all pages of your Wix website
  1. Navigate to dashboard. Log into your Wix account, choose the desired website, and go to the “Settings” in the Dashboard menu. Then, select “Advanced” and “Custom Code.”
  2. Integrate custom code. Click on “+ Add Custom Code” in the upper right corner.
  3. Insert installation code. Add the WhatsApp Chat plugin installation code to the “Paste the code snippet here” area and click “Apply.”

Wasn’t that simple? You’ve now mastered the art of adding the Elfsight WhatsApp Chat plugin to your Wix website with clear tutorials! If you still have any questions or need further assistance, Elfsight Help Center is always here to support you. Visit us for more guidance on enhancing your website pages with the WhatsApp plugin and other Elfsight solutions. Happy chatting!

Examples of What Your WhatsApp for Wix Can Be

It is always better to see results with one’s own eyes. That’s why we will show you some examples of what you can create with Elfsight. These ideas can serve you as the foundation of your website’s no-code plugin experience with WhatsApp button.

General Live Chat

Primarily, the most prevalent use of a no-code WhatsApp messenger added to Wix website pages is the General Live messenger. Opting for the Floating bubble feature, this messenger remains unobtrusive yet consistently accessible to users. It employs a well-known messenger icon within the bubble, and the messenger window itself boasts custom WhatsApp colors, maintaining a familiar and user-friendly interface.

WhatsApp Chat for Wix example 1

Support Chat

Moving to the Support messenger, this example distinctively showcases a header picture featuring a customer support specialist. The caption beneath it is cleverly used to indicate the expected reply time, providing assurance to users that they are engaging with an actual person. This design is particularly effective for organizing technical support, fostering a more personalized and reliable interaction.

WhatsApp Chat for Wix example 2

Sale Chat

In the case of the Sales messenger, extensive interface customization has transformed the messenger window into a unique and vibrant tool. Notably, the header is tinted in black, while the Start messenger button stands out in red, deviating from its original design. Additionally, the header displays a photo of a manager, along with their name and position. This approach is instrumental in adding the WhatsApp messenger for websites to captivate new sales opportunities.

WhatsApp Chat for Wix example 3

Booking Chat

The Booking messenger serves a specialized purpose in assisting clients with reservations. Its welcoming message proactively offers help in exploring options, thus encouraging clients to initiate a conversation. The header and messenger bubble are colored dark blue, reminiscent of a renowned booking service, while the Start messenger button retains the original green hue and features the WhatsApp icon, seamlessly blending brand identity with functionality.

WhatsApp Chat for Wix example 4

Feedback Chat

Finally, the Feedback messenger stands out with its floating bubble format, readily available for clients to share their insights. This bubble is customized with text and displays a badge indicating new messages. Clicking on the bubble reveals your Wix WhatsApp messenger window with a photo of a manager and their name added. Intriguingly, the photo can be selected from our extensive gallery, ensuring a match for every need and preference. This setup is especially conducive to gathering client feedback in an interactive and engaging manner.

WhatsApp Chat for Wix example 5

Feel free to use these examples to create your messenger solutions. Elfsight offers lots of options to adjust, so that you can result in an individual WhatsApp widget to add to Wix websites.

We also have other chat solutions for Wix such as the Facebook Messenger. If you prefer this type of messenger to WhatsApp, you can easily find out how to embed it into any website, including Wix platform.

FAQ List for WhatsApp Widget by Elfsight

There are some typical questions and concerns that our customers have when they want to embed WhatsApp button into their Wix pages. We hope to eliminate most of them by adding this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning our Wix WhatsApp website solution.

Is the WhatsApp widget for websites free?

Yes, the WhatsApp button widget is free. You can quickly create and integrate it into your Wix pages at no cost. All settings and designs are available for free to any Elfsight user. If you’re interested in more features, you can check our Pricing section to learn about various tariff plans and their benefits.

When do I get the installation HTML code of the widget?

The HTML code for the Wix WhatsApp is available to all Elfsight users. You can sign up and create the widget in your dashboard or start with our demo and make an account when your project is ready. You will receive the HTML code of your widget instantly after creation. Then you can take it and add WhatsApp to Wix website.

Is my WhatsApp compatible with the CMS platform I use?

Absolutely. Our WhatsApp widget is designed to be compatible with all common website builders, including Wix. Other supported platforms include Adobe Muse, BigCommerce, Blogger, Drupal, Facebook Page, Elementor, Joomla, jQuery, iFrame, Magento, HTML, ModX, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Sites, GoDaddy, Jimdo, and PrestaShop.

Can I make the messenger bubble move along with the scroll?

Certainly, to achieve this functionality, simply apply the Floating bubble template. Additionally, you can choose an alignment variant: left, right, or center, to ensure the bubble follows the scroll in a manner that best suits your page layout.

Is it possible to add the messenger window to the content zone?

Yes, we offer versatile options on how to add WhatsApp to Wix. Among the three position variants we provide, one allows you to integrate the messenger window into any area of a page, offering significant flexibility in how you integrate the messenger feature into your website’s design.

Are there any notifications about new messages for users?

We provide two types of notifications: one that appears in the title of the browser tab and another as a badge on the messenger bubble. Depending on your preference and the user experience you wish to create, you can select either or both notification types.

Can I set the messenger window to open when a visitor is going to leave the page?

Indeed, our product includes several messenger opening triggers to enhance user engagement. Notably, the Exit intent trigger is a popular choice, as it opens the messenger window for the visitor when they move their cursor towards closing the page.

Is the Elfsight widget mobile friendly?

Our widget is meticulously designed for optimal performance across all devices. It works flawlessly on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Furthermore, if you prefer not to display the app on mobile devices, there’s a convenient option in the settings to hide it.

Conclusions and More Ideas with WhatsApp Solution for Wix Websites

In conclusion, the Elfsight no-code WhatsApp plugin for Wix website pages stands out as an exceptional tool, offering a seamless and efficient way to connect with your audience. Its key features, which we’ve explored in detail, include easy customization to match your style, the ability to set up automatic greetings and away messages, and the flexibility to display the plugin on selected pages or to specific groups of visitors. These features not only enhance the user experience but also elevate your brand’s engagement strategy.

Throughout our discussion, we’ve delved into the practical aspects of creating, embedding, and utilizing the WhatsApp plugin. From the straightforward setup process on your Wix website pages to the customization options that align with your brand identity, we’ve covered everything to ensure you can make the most out of this Wix WhatsApp plugin. Our focus on practical tips and step-by-step guidance aims to empower you, even if you’re a beginner, to use the plugin effectively. You can now not only integrate the plugin into your Wix platform, but also perfectly understand the reasons you are doing that for. The benefits that you and your visitors get are also obvious to you.

Visit Community, Wishlist and Help Center by Elfsight

Join our Community and interact with us easily. We are open and easy to find. Just visit one of our website sections to start communication and share concerns or experiences concerning your no-code WhatsApp plugin. 

  • Community. A platform for user interaction, feedback, and discussions about plugins, processes, and updates. It’s a place for users to share their expertise, which is often incorporated into guides, and where the support and community team assists users.
  • Wishlist. A subsection within the Community where users can contribute to plugin development. Here, they can vote for plugins to be developed, suggest new ideas, or request additional features for existing plugins like our no-code WhatsApp for Wix pages.
  • Help Center. This section answers questions about creating, embedding, and managing WhatsApp or other plugins, with numerous tutorials provided. It contains guides and tutorials for various plugins and CMS platforms, and is regularly updated to cover customer concerns, with a dedicated support team ready to resolve issues.

Try also

Your WhatsApp will surely be a helping hand on the Wix website pages. However there are more Elfsight products for Wix that you can add to your WhatsApp solution. All of them help businesses solve certain problems and fulfill their goals.

  • For Instance you can embed Business Hours to accompany your Wix WhatsApp plugin. The Business Hours will display your contact information, working hours and brief description of your activity. You can embed key details over your business to get fewer basic questions to your WhatsApp, thus freeing the support team for a deeper communication.
  • Or maybe you would like to have our trendy Google Review for Wix. This plugin creates trust and loyalty among users and also covers issues avoiding overloads on your WhatsApp. The real feedback from your customers will push others to order and purchase your goods. You can adjust the reviews to showcase relevant details over products and underline your principle advantages.
  • Also, we suggest adding content-based solutions like the Photo Gallery. This is another brilliant plugin for Wix pages to accompany your WhatsApp. The customers will be able to explore your visual content and understand the product better. Moreover, such content makes your website more beautiful and pleasant to navigate.
  • Payment issues are a common type of question to support. You can embed a PayPal button for Wix as a simple way to accept fees without getting worried messages to your WhatsApp. The plugin can easily be adjusted to match your Wix website pages and function properly increasing the amount of successful conversions.

We hope that this comprehensive overview has answered most of your questions and provided you with valuable insights into the many benefits of adding the WhatsApp plugin. As you embark on integrating this solution into your Wix platform, we’re excited to see how it transforms your online engagement and communication. The Elfsight team is dedicated to offering you not just a product but an experience that enhances your interaction with your audience. We’re looking forward to hearing about your success stories and seeing how our product adds to your Wix website’s growth and user engagement. Remember, the Elfsight WhatsApp is more than just a tool – it’s a gateway to creating stronger, more personal connections with your visitors.