How to Add Instagram Feed to Squarespace

Discover how to enhance your Squarespace website by embedding an Instagram feed using a user-friendly widget. This straightforward process allows you to integrate the dynamic visual appeal of your Instagram content directly onto your Squarespace page.
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How to Add Instagram Feed to Squarespace

Add Instagram Feed to Squarespace with Plugin

Enhance your Squarespace website by adding an Instagram feed, leveraging the versatility of Squarespace’s built-in tools. Integrating an Instagram feed plugin brings a dynamic and visually appealing element to your website, showcasing your social media presence directly on your pages. Let’s delve into how you can seamlessly embed an Instagram feed into your Squarespace website page.

  1. Step 1: Choose the ideal location on your Squarespace page where you want to showcase your Instagram feed plugin.
  2. Step 2: Access the code injection feature in Squarespace, a powerful tool that allows you to embed custom code, including the code necessary to display your Instagram feed. Familiarize yourself with Squarespace’s code injection interface to ensure you can add your Instagram feed plugin.
  3. Step 3: Generate or obtain the code snippet required to embed your Instagram feed. This code is crucial for integrating your Instagram content with your Squarespace website page. Several third-party plugins and widgets are available to facilitate this.
  4. Step 4: Embed the Instagram feed plugin code into the selected area of your Squarespace page. The intuitive Squarespace editor makes it easy to insert and position the feed.

Add Instagram Feed not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website page but also to keep it updated with your latest Instagram posts.

Explore this process further with tutorials and guides available for Squarespace users, offering step-by-step instructions and tips for effectively adding and customizing your Squarespace Instagram integration on your website page. 

Get started now and transform your Squarespace site!

How to Embed an Instagram Feed into Your Squarespace Website: A Detailed Guide

Elevate your Squarespace website by embedding an Instagram feed plugin, creating a visually engaging and socially connected online presence. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to integrate an Instagram feed widget into a specific page on your Squarespace site, leveraging the dynamic and visually rich content from your Instagram account. Here is how you add the Instagram Feed to Squarespace:

1. Access Your Squarespace Admin Panel:

Squarespace Instagram Feed Step 1

Begin by logging into your Squarespace account. Navigate to the admin panel and select the website page where you wish to enhance user experience by adding an Instagram feed plugin.

2. Open Your Page Settings:

Squarespace Instagram Feed Step 2

In the Squarespace dashboard, click on the “Pages” section. Choose the page where you want to embed the Squarespace Instagram feed integration and click on the “Edit” option.

3. Add a Dedicated Section for the Instagram Feed:

Squarespace Instagram Feed Step 3

Identify the perfect spot on your page for the Instagram feed plugin. You can add a new section by selecting the appropriate area and clicking “Add Section.” Choose “Add a Blank Section” from the popup window to start with a clean slate.

4. Add a Block for the Instagram Feed Code:

Squarespace Instagram Feed Step 4

To integrate the Instagram feed, click on “Add Block” within the chosen section. From the available options, select “Code” to create a space specifically for the Instagram feed code.

5. Paste the Instagram Feed Embed Code:

Squarespace Instagram Feed Step 5

Click on the “Edit” icon within the Code block. Paste the embed code for your Instagram feed plugin in the Content popup. This code can be obtained from various Instagram feed plugins or widget providers designed for Squarespace integration. Ensure the code is placed correctly.

6. Customize the Appearance of the Feed:

Adjust the width and design of the Instagram feed plugin block to ensure it blends with your website’s page layout. You might want to tailor the style and size to match your site’s aesthetic and user experience design.

By following these straightforward steps, you can embed an Instagram feed plugin into your Squarespace website page. This integration keeps your audience connected with your latest Instagram updates.

To further assist you, there are numerous tutorials available that provide detailed instructions for adding and customizing your Squarespace Instagram integration.

Integrate an Instagram Feed into Specific Page of Squarespace Website

Follow these steps to seamlessly add a floating Instagram feed widget to your Squarespace website:

  1. Access Your Squarespace Admin Panel:

Start by logging into your Squarespace account and navigating to the admin panel. Choose the website page where you plan to integrate the Instagram feed widget.

  1. Open Page Settings:

In the Squarespace dashboard, find and click on the “Pages” section. Select the page where you intend to embed the Instagram feed plugin and hit the “Edit” button to access its settings.

  1. Add a Section for the Instagram Feed Widget:

Determine the best location on your page for the Instagram feed. Click “Add Section” in the chosen area. In the popup window, opt for “Add a Blank Section” to create a dedicated space for the Instagram feed.

  1. Insert a Block for the Instagram Feed Code:

Click “Add Block” and select the “Code” option. This step is essential to house the installation code for the Instagram feed widget.

  1. Embed the Instagram Feed Installation Code:

In the Code block, hit the “Edit” icon and paste the embed code for your Instagram feed into the Content popup. This code, often provided by Instagram feed plugin services, should be accurately placed for proper functionality.

  1. Customize the Appearance of the Instagram Feed:

Adjust the widget’s block size for optimal visual appeal. Align it perfectly with your page’s design.

By following these instructions, you can easily add and embed an Instagram feed widget on a specific page of your Squarespace website page. This integration enhances user engagement by showcasing your Instagram content. Moreover, integrating an Instagram feed plugin is a cost-effective way to enrich your website’s page visual appeal.

Explore our helpful tutorial video for more insights on adding an Instagram feed plugin to your Squarespace website page. This guide will provide you with visual and step-by-step assistance, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Features of the Elfsight Instagram Feed Widget for Squarespace

One of the key advantages of the Elfsight Instagram Feed widget is its ease of use. You can add the widget to your Squarespace site without any coding, making it accessible for users of all technical levels. The integration process is straightforward, involving copying and pasting a snippet of code into your website page. You can add instagram Feed in just a few minutes.

Embedding an Instagram feed plugin into your Squarespace website page using the Elfsight Instagram Feed widget is a straightforward process. This widget offers complete control over the appearance and functionality of your Instagram gallery, ensuring it integrates seamlessly and looks perfect on your website page.

Content Sources
  • Input any public username or hashtag
  • Integrate feed from your business profile
  • Embed content directly from your personal account
Content Filters
  • Omit posts using specific hashtags
  • Filter out posts from certain authors
  • Block posts from particular URLs
  • Control the number of displayed posts
Design Layout
  • Choose between Grid and Slider for a familiar look
  • Opt for Tile or Classic post formats
  • Full customization available for all layouts
  • Alter the grid’s columns and rows, adjust spacing, and post width
  • Add or remove the Follow button as needed
  • Customizable post elements like Likes, Comments, Text, Date, and more
  • Slider controls are fully personalizable
Color Options
  • Selection of 12 ready-to-use color themes
  • Customize the color of post elements: background and text overlays
  • Alter colors of slider components: arrow and its background
  • Flexible color customization for all popup features: overlay, background, text, links, and buttons
Additional Features
  • Multiple language options for a localized feed appearance
  • Customizable widget title with on/off option
  • Space for custom CSS to achieve the perfect widget integration

Designed to be a fully responsive integration, the widget ensures that your Instagram feed looks great on all devices. This adaptability enhances user experience, keeping your website page professional. Now, let’s move on to advanced customization options the Instagram Feed widget can provide you with.

Customization of the Elfsight Instagram Feed Widget

The Elfsight Instagram Feed widget elevates your Squarespace website page with an array of impressive features. Here are key customizations you can apply to make your feed truly unique.

Select a Template:

Explore a vast array of stunning, ready-to-use Instagram templates in the free demo. These templates will be a fantastic enhancement to your website page. Fully customizable and adaptable, they allow you to completely transform your Instagram gallery’s appearance.

Instagram Slider:

Embed Instagram Slider template

Enhance your Squarespace website’s page visual appeal with the Elfsight Instagram Slider Template. This feature allows you to present your Instagram posts in multiple scrollable lines, creating a dynamic visual experience for your visitors. It’s a versatile plugin that complements your overall Squarespace website design.

Instagram Carousel:

Carousel template of Instagram Feed

The Carousel Template offered by Elfsight is an interactive and engaging plugin to showcase your Instagram posts. Utilizing a dynamic, roundabout format, this template turns your Instagram feed into an interactive carousel plugin, bringing a playful and engaging element to your Squarespace website pages. By allowing users to scroll through the carousel, you invite them to explore your Instagram content more deeply, potentially increasing the time they spend on your Squarespace website pages and thereby boosting conversion rates.

Single Instagram Post Widget:

Embed Instagram Post template

The Single Instagram Post Widget is a focused and impactful way to feature a specific Instagram post on your Squarespace website pages. It’s perfect for drawing attention to content that encapsulates a key message or theme of your site, or for highlighting promotions and announcements. The widget’s design ensures that it integrates smoothly with your Squarespace website’s layout, providing a seamless user experience.

Instagram Sidebar:

Sidebar template of Instagram widget

The Instagram Sidebar Template by Elfsight allows for seamless integration of your Instagram feed plugin into your Squarespace website’s page sidebar or floating menu. This small, elegant template can be positioned anywhere on your Squarespace website page, offering a subtle yet effective way to keep your Instagram content visible without overpowering your main content. By choosing this template, you ensure that your Instagram feed plugin becomes an integral part of your Squarespace website’s pages navigation.

Instagram Grid:

Grid template of Instagram Feed

Elfsight’s Grid Template offers a sleek and organized presentation for your Instagram posts with the plugin. The stylish square format of this template is perfect for displaying photos and videos in a neatly arranged grid. This layout is not just visually appealing but also highly functional, as it includes a “Load More” button, enticing visitors to engage further with your content. The grid template automatically updates with fresh content from your Instagram, ensuring that your Squarespace website page always displays your latest posts.

Instagram Profile:

Embed Instagram profile template on website

The Instagram Profile Template focuses on the details of your Instagram profile. It elegantly displays your profile image, account name, number of posts, follower statistics, and includes a ‘Follow’ button, making it an ideal choice for influencers, brands, and businesses looking to grow their Instagram presence. When you add Instagram Feed to Squarespace website higlighting your profile, you can increase your brand awareness.

Instagram Hashtag Feature:

Hashtag template of Instagram Feed

Elfsight’s Instagram Hashtag Feature allows you to integrate posts from any public Instagram account using a specific hashtag. This feature is a powerful tool for creating a community or promoting events and campaigns. By entering a desired hashtag, you can curate a feed that showcases a variety of content from different users, offering a broader perspective on a given topic or theme.

Instagram Footer Template:

Footer template of Instagram Feed

Embedding the Instagram Feed in your website’s footer, made possible with the Footer Template, ensures your Instagram content is visible on every page without being intrusive. This subtle design choice allows you to integrate your feed seamlessly, making it a natural part of your website’s overall design. The footer is an often-underutilized space, and by embedding your Instagram feed plugin here, you can enhance the utility and appeal of this area.

With these advanced customization options, the Elfsight Instagram Feed widget offers limitless possibilities to enhance your Squarespace website, making your Instagram content a prominent and engaging feature.

Template Catalog

Explore 70+ Instagram Feed Templates

Check out more of ready-made templates for any use case or build your own one!
Instagram Video
Embed videos from an Instagram feed to captivate your website users' attention.
Instagram Stream
Embed a stream of the live Instagram feed on your website to get users excited about your business.
Instagram Gallery
Embed a custom Instagram gallery of images and videos on your website to complement the brand style.
Instagram Profile
Embed an Instagram feed with profile details to highlight the legitimacy of your brand.
Instagram Grid
Embed a customizable grid of the Instagram feed on your website to enhance your website's visual appeal and raise brand awareness.
Instagram Sidebar
Embed your Instagram posts in a sidebar content area of your website to draw more attention.
Instagram Photostream
Embed an Instagram feed on your website that updates in real-time to attract more views.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Let’s Summarize the Process of working with Instagram Feed Plugin!

Embedding an Instagram Feed plugin into your Squarespace website page can significantly enhance your online presence. This allows you to test the feed’s performance for free, set it up quickly, and effortlessly grow your subscriber base.

Here are your options if you have gone through the instructions but still have questions or need further assistance:

1. Effective Support:

If you’ve followed the steps but still find yourself needing help, our support team is readily available. Additionally, our Help Center is an excellent resource filled with articles and guides that can assist you in embedding your Squarespace Instagram Feed plugin on your website page.

2. Community Forum:

Engage with other Elfsight users in the community forum. This platform is a great place to share your experiences and participate in discussions about various functionalities, including the integration of Instagram feeds.

3. Instagram API Documentation:

For those who are interested in creating a custom widget, Instagram’s API documentation, provided by Facebook, is a valuable resource. It offers in-depth information about how you can harness the power of Instagram’s extensive data for your website pages.

4. Instagram’s Official Platform Guidelines:

To understand the best practices for using user-generated content to achieve business objectives, refer to the official guidelines and advice provided by Instagram.

5. Interactive Tutorials and Guides:

Explore various tutorials and guides available online that specifically cater to adding an Instagram feed plugin to a Squarespace website. These resources often provide step-by-step instructions, making the process easier and more understandable, especially for those new to website development or coding.

6. Customization and Code Integration:

You have the flexibility to customize the Instagram feed widget to match your website’s design and aesthetic. This includes adjusting the layout, the number of posts displayed, and the overall style of the feed. Integrating the widget into your Squarespace website typically involves copying and pasting a snippet of code into the desired page or section.

Join us to discuss any aspect of embedding Instagram feeds on Squarespace websites that you find interesting or challenging!