WhatsApp Chat Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Live Chat for your website and how they can help you create the most effective Whatsapp widget.

Feature 1. The handiest communication channel on your site

With Elfsight WhatsApp Chat, your website visitors will have the fastest way to contact you. They will be able to ask their questions or leave requests immediately without leaving your website. Just one click on a chat button – and the widget will connect users with your WhatsApp account.

Feature 2. The easiest way to add WhatsApp to your site

To embed the messenger, simply enter your WhatsApp phone number in the settings of the widget. It will automatically connect to your WhatsApp and you will be able to get customer messages there. A chat bubble on your site will show visitors that you are ready to communicate.


Feature 3. Three options of chat position

You can use three position variants that are available in the widget. Your WhatsApp chat can be displayed as a floating bubble, embedded bubble or embedded chat window. Floating bubble can be aligned left, right, or center. It will move along with the visitors’ scroll and stay at hand. Embed variants are good when you need to place the chat somewhere in the content zone.

Feature 4. A choice of audience to show the messenger

There’s a smart option that allows you to choose what category of users will see the chat. The variants include all users, only new ones, or users who return to your website. You may want not to disturb each and every user with a chat popup and set it for returning visitors, offering them help. Alternatively, you may decide to engage as many people as possible and show the chat to all users. Consider your website challenges and purposes when choosing.

Feature 5. Display it where you need it

Plan to obtain a rich customer base and want to place the chat on every web page? Or you only need chat windows on product pages? Both can be arranged, when you are using Elfsight WhatsApp Chat. Choose to show it on all pages, or enter the URLs of those, where you need it. You can also exclude particular pages by URL if you don’t want the widget on them. Displaying on mobile is also optional, if you think it will interfere with user experience, you can hide it.

Feature 6. Choose triggers that will open chat

With three variants of open-chat triggers, you can turn your chat into an engagement tool. It will prevent early leaving your site or will open right when customers reach a certain content zone. With time on page and time on site, enter time in seconds when you want the chat window to pop up for a user; choose the percentage of scroll to make people see the chat after reaching it, or choose Exit intent trigger, then the chat will appear when a user moves their cursor to close your website.

Tip: Exit-intent trigger may help you stop people from leaving your site unsatisfied. Offer them help in the chat welcome message and you may make their experience better.
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Feature 7. Choose bubble icon and add text

For users, a chat starts with clicking a chat bubble. So make the bubble reflect what kind of service you provide. We offer a library of icons: for booking, technical support, and more, so you can choose the one that suits your case best. To make things clear, you can accompany the icon with text, which will be displayed next to it.

Feature 8. Arrange the elements of the header

The header of the chat window shows important elements that can help clients start a conversation. It’s a good idea to show a photo of the chat person, and that’s why we offer a library of portrait pictures, but you can also upload your own photo or simply use a default WhatsApp logo. The caption serves to show technical information, you can add any custom text (links are also supported), or indicate the reply time – we have included five variants of this for you to choose.

Feature 9. Choose text of welcome message and chat start button

To initiate a conversation and help your customers with their questions, you are free to set a welcome message. This message will show when the chat window opens. Think of any text that will sound inviting. The text field supports weight and font options, align, lists and shows links. You can also change the text of Chat Start button and accompany it with the WhatsApp icon. The shape of the button varies from square to more rounded – try it yourself and find the best variant.

Feature 10. Show message notifications to catch the eye

To attract people’s attention to the chat, you can add a new message badge to the bubble chat. Spark interest in users and let them discover the message you sent. It may be an additional way to attract conversations. You can also enable notification in the browser tab title, it will appear when a chat-open trigger gets active.

Tip: You can use notifications to push people to start chat. A notification about new message will make a person curious to open the chat window.

Feature 11. Four elements you can paint yourself

Just choosing the right color can change the whole look of the widget. Find the best tones and shades for four interface elements: bubble background and icon, header background, and button. Make your WhatsApp chat a perfect match for your website concept.


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