WordPress Auction plugin

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Why you need Auction plugin on your WordPress website?

Grow the number of sales on your WordPress website with the new Elfsight Auction plugin for WordPress! Soon you will get a handy tool to start an auction on your WordPress site for any of your products and services. You are welcome to set your own increment rules and the increment gaps along with the minimum price that must be reached to acquire your items. Your auction can be monitored through the use of a handy and easy-to-use admin panel. And it’s up to you to decide whether the joining to your auction is going to be free or paid. As the admin, you’ll be free to set up the bid increase parameter that is there to define the minimum amount by which the auction bid must be raised as the highest bid is exceeded. You are also welcome to use the dynamic close to extend the auction time after the last bid is placed. There’s also an opportunity to determine the buyout price in your Auction for WordPress – it’s the price you are expecting to sell some item for. Your auction will be automatically closed as this price is reached, but you are welcome to extend it if needed in the plugin’s settings.

Here are some reasons for you to consider adding Auction plugin to your WordPress site:

  • An online auction is a good solution for users who look for a comfortable place and want to avoid crowds. Nowadays the safety of online auctions it’s extremely important for those people who try to avoid crowded places as the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Also, lots of people dislike traditional auctions as crowds can be loud. An online auction plugin for WordPress will help you to avoid this type of atmosphere and place bids sitting in some comfort place.
  • An online auction on your WordPress site is not limited in place and time. Traditional auctions always happen in a fixed time frame and in some particular location. And if you’re planning to participate in a live auction, you have to adjust to the business hours and the place the auction is situated. But your online auction can operate 24/7 on your WordPress website. Your Auction plugin will give your online audience an opportunity to bid any time it suits them. This will give your website a competitive advantage in comparison to other ecommerce sites.
  • Users get access to items all around the world via online Auction. Through your online auction plugin for WordPress, users will get access to products on a global scale and freely bid on any of them. You as the auction organiser also get advantage as you can be sure there will always be someone who will be interested in the items you place on your auction. And through the use of your auction users get access to the products they can’t find and buy in their country or location.

Your auction for WordPress can have a longer bidding window.

You as the site owner can leave your auction open as long as you want, and in case it ends, there’s alway opportunity for you to extend it as our auction plugin for WordPress offers you such an opportunity. Also, an online auction on your WordPress site allows your audience to make an informed decision, and get an item they will be happy with. This may also lead to leaving some positive reviews on your WordPress site and auction on some business review websites.

The auction plugin can help you save money.

As the auction software for your WordPress site can come at low or even no cost for you, this can save you all the expenses that may have gone on planning a real physical event. And your online auction can include as many items as you like which is also great as your audience gets access to a wider range of products and is more likely to choose your website.

Using our auction plugin for WordPress, you can organise an auction without any help.

You don’t need to look for some third-party help like an auctioneer or any volunteers to organise an auction on your WordPress website, as it is extremely easy to do with the help of a single Elfsight plugin. Although your auction may require some third-party help with advertising, for example, there’s no need to look for someone who can organise a real auction event offline.

You can use an online auction to sell an excess of items on your WordPress site.

In case there’s some category of items that has some excess, you can use the benefits of the auction plugin for WordPress to put them on display and promote them in order to sell. So, your auction can be some sort of advertising tool for you and your audience can get access to some interesting items at a considerably low price.

There will be lots of new possibilities available in the Auction plugin for WordPress

Elfsight’s amazing teams of programmers and designers are working up the WordPress Auction plugin’s functionality and structure at this stage. There will be a broad spectrum of features, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your content so that it becomes an essential part of your website. It’ll be possible to examine all the settings and create the Auction plugin in the near future, stay tuned! Elfsight developers also offer a unique solution for design amateurs – a Color Theme Generator that’ll create a scheme for your WordPress auction all by itself. Just select a Light or Dark mode, brand color, and allow the auto color designer to set everything up for you. On the other hand, if you need a distinctive look of the auction, you can always continue to customize all the plugin’s constituents individually: popup, background, header, etc. See all changes instantly in the free configurator with no need to program.

Below you’ll find the key features of the Auction plugin for WordPress:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Regular live updates.

Use one more way to promote and sell your items on your WordPress website!

How can I embed the WordPress Auction plugin to my WordPress website?

You can integrate the auction to every page of your WordPress website, or only to selected pages. The plugin also offers an option to restrict it on particular pages if you don’t need the auction plugin there.

Supposing you run into some difficulties, do not be afraid to address our customer service team. Our people will be excited to help you with all the difficulties you might have with the WordPress Auction plugin.