100+ Must-Have Reviews Templates for Websites

Get your hands on the wide selection of ready-to-use Reviews templates to foster trust, enhance engagement, and drive conversions. Simplify the process of showcasing customer testimonials on your website page with no coding skills needed!
G2 Badges
Carousel Reviews
Add rotating carousel reviews to enhance engagement on your website.
Grid Card Reviews
Create trust with grid card reviews on your website page.
Badge Reviews
Embed a badge widget for quick access to insights and customer reviews on your website.
Simple Carousel Reviews
Create a reviews template to add engagement with simple carousel feedback on your website.
Floating Badge Reviews
Add a floating badge to captivate website visitors with this reviews widget.
Dark Carousel Reviews
Embed a dark-themed reviews widget with a rotating carousel for the website's style and engagement.
Reviews List
Create a trusted list of reviews on your website page using this template.
Reviews Slider
Add an interactive reviews widget with a slider to your website page.
Masonry Reviews
Embed a masonry-style reviews widget to bring visual appeal to your website page.
Dark Grid Reviews
Create a new definition of style with a reviews widget in a dark grid on your website.
Sidebar Reviews
Add a reviews template with an accessible sidebar format to your website.
Dark Floating Reviews Badge
Embed a floating reviews badge in the dark coloring on your website to boost credibility.
Create and display compelling user-generated content from Instagram, spotlighting authentic experiences to enhance trust in your website.
Add authentic feedback and interactions from X (Twitter) to your website, fostering credibility and engagement through real-time social validation.
Adding authentic customer experiences and ratings from TourRadar can foster confidence and trust among your website visitors.
Create authentic feedback from GetYourGuide, building confidence and promoting travel experiences directly on your website.
Creating professional endorsements and authentic feedback from LinkedIn can reinforce your expertise and professional reputation on your website.
Add feedback and property experiences from StreetEasy, fostering trust and engagement for real estate enthusiasts visiting your website.
Add customer experiences from Shopify, elevating confidence and promoting your offerings with authentic testimonials.
Create reliability and trustworthiness on your website by displaying customer feedback and service ratings from Checkatrade.
Add property reviews and customer experiences from Realtor.com, boosting credibility and trust for real estate enthusiasts exploring your website.
Create consumer confidence and trust through authentic testimonials and product experiences from Feefo.
Add community feedback and experiences from Nextdoor, promoting trust and engagement for local community members visiting your website.
Create professional credibility directly on your website by featuring client endorsements and real estate feedback from RateMyAgent.
Add client testimonials and feedback from Fresh to promote your salon or beauty services with strong social proof.
Adding Angi reviews to websites boosts credibility for home service excellence.
Embed BBB reviews into websites to symbolize trust and ethical business practices.
Embedding Capterra reviews on websites showcase software user satisfaction.
Add Edmunds reviews to guide and assure potential car buyers on your website.
Embed real travel experiences with Expedia reviews on the website.
Add FindLaw reviews to the website in order to verify your legal expertise.
Create trust with real feedback using Lawyers reviews on your website.
Embed Martindale reviews on any website for enhanced professional trust and background information on lawyers.
Embed Yellow Pages reviews to boost local engagement and share service experience on a website.
Embed Product Hunt reviews on your website to gain tech credibility.
Embed Trusted Shops reviews on your website for quality assurance.
Add a Product Review reviews template to your website to boost buyer confidence.
Embed a reviews widget on your website to highlight Walmart product satisfaction.
Add Yell reviews to your website with this widget to enhance trust among locals.
Create a vibrant dining atmosphere online with Zomato feedback and reviews on the website.
Embedding tech trust and customer reviews from GetApp on websites is simpler with this widget template.
Adding patient praise and reviews from Vitals enriches trust in the website content easily.
Create higher trust in healthcare with the RateMds Reviews widget on your website.
Embedding health reviews from WebMD on the website with this widget can raise trust and social proof.
Add users' reviews from Zocdoc to your website with this template to enhance patient trust.
Embed the reviews widget on your website and shine a light on your BetterHelp mental health services.
Create more Booksy appointments on your website page using this reviews widget.
Adding WeddingWire praise and reviews to your website can highly boost bookings.
Embed reviews from The Knot on your website page, enhancing your reputation on the wedding market and attracting more couples.
Embed reviews from SiteJabber on your website page, enticing trust and credibility.
Add customer reviews and feedback from HomeStars on your website, showcasing the quality of your home services.
Embed reviews from RealSelf on your website with this template, affirming care quality.
Add a reviews widget and share Upwork testimonials right on your website, boosting professional appeal.
Embed a reviews template and display Shein fashion praises on your website, inspiring style and sales.
Embed employee reviews from Glassdoor on your website and boost trust among clients, new hires, and colleagues.
Create a buzz with movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes on your website with this reviews widget.
Adding reviews, film thoughts, and ratings from IMDb to the website boosts engagement.
Embed a reviews widget on your website to add feedback from real people from Sephora.
Embed credibility on the website with a reviews widget and share feedback from real customers.
Creating trust with client insights on your website is easy with the reviews widget.
Add user trust transparently using this reviews template on the website.
Create a reviews widget to post feedback from verified users on your ecommerce website page.
Embed a review template on your dropshipping website page and gain more credibility points.
Adding a reviews template to your retail website increases sales and offers firsthand insights into the quality.
Create real estate trust right on your website using the reviews widget template.
Embed social proof and access reviews for the website page with a template widget.
Create a healthcare trust atmosphere and get the doctor rating on your website with a reviews widget.
Adding dentist reviews to your clinic’s website encourages visits.
Embed a reviews widget to get legal credibility from a lawyer to a website.
Embed service reviews on your website to enhance customer trust.
Add real estate reviews to showcase agent professionalism on your website.
Embed hotel reviews to boost bookings on your website page.
Create a buzz with restaurant reviews on your website with this widget.
Add movers' reviews to enhance reliability on your website using this template.
Embed a reviews widget to showcase event success on your website to attract more people.
Create customer trust with store reviews on your website.
Add travel reviews to inspire bookings on your website.
Embed local business reviews on your website and build community trust.
Create motivation with gym reviews on your website page with this widget.
Embed product reviews to guide purchases on your company website page.
Embed a button widget on your website to easily gather and showcase customer reviews.
Create a constant feed stream of reviews with a widget on your website.
Adding a rating widget on your website helps visually showcase customer satisfaction and reviews.
Embed a reviews widget with photos on your website to enhance credibility with authentic customer feedback.
Create deeper trust by adding testimonials to your website, showcasing real customer success stories.
Adding a widget on your website cements your credibility through genuine testimonials from clients.
Create extra interest in real estate services by having a testimonials widget on a website.
Embedding testimonials on your website showcases satisfied customers with your service, boosting conversion.
Embed testimonials on your website to build trust in your health insurance services.
Add recommendations to your website to leverage customers' word-of-mouth.
Add a reviews widget to share the clients' feedback from ClassPass on your website and promote your fitness business.
Create a reviews template and get job feedback from Indeed right on your website page.
Embed a widget template to share restaurant reviews from TheFork directly on your business website.
Add user feedback to captivate visitors and showcase your Apple Podcast's impact and quality directly on your website.
Embed Avvo reviews on the website page to assure clients of your legal excellence.
Add trust to healthcare-dedicated websites by showcasing HealthGrades reviews.
Create a seamless bridge to display real service feedback with HomeAdvisor reviews on a website.
Embed Airbnb reviews to lend authenticity to your rental listings on your website.
Adding Thumbtack reviews enhances your professional image with authentic feedback on your website.
Embed Vrbo reviews into a website to boost trust and highlight positive rental experiences.
Embed Zillow reviews into your website to showcase genuine real estate experiences.
Adding AliExpress reviews on your website can significantly influence buyer decisions.
Create a compelling reason to buy by displaying Amazon reviews on your website.
Create a buzz by showcasing the latest App Store reviews on your website.
Embed Booking.com reviews to boost reservations through your website.
Adding DealerRater reviews on your website can drive auto sales and service inquiries.
Embed eBay feedback to provide proof of product quality on your website.
Create a crafty appeal by showcasing Etsy reviews for handmade products on your website.
Adding Facebook recommendations and reviews to your website builds social proof.
Embed G2 reviews to highlight your software's credibility on your website.
Create a tech-savvy image by adding Google Play app reviews to your website.
Adding Google reviews boosts local search credibility for your website.
Embed user reviews from Houzz to boost credibility on your website.
Adding the Hotels reviews to your website helps in reassuring potential guests.
Embedding visually appealing Instagram testimonials can enhance your website's engagement.
Add OpenTable reviews to your website to entice food enthusiasts.
Create a sense of trust by showcasing Yelp reviews on your website.
Embed TripAdvisor reviews to inspire travel bookings via your website.
Adding TikTok testimonials can enhance the virality factor of your website.
Create an engaging visitor experience by showcasing YouTube reviews on your website.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

What Are Reviews Templates?

The Reviews templates are the perfect way for website owners, developers, and marketers to finally add customer testimonials to the website pages without any need for coding skills. With this well-crafted selection of ready-to-use widgets, you get impressive social proof while letting the public speak the genuine truth.

Share real voices, experiences, and emotions to connect with potential leads, but keep it in your style. Each and every template is customizable to meet all the criteria: available space on the website page, identity colors from the branding book, font, and even the right platform source. Browse the royalty-free features and custom elements to find what works best for the business.

The embed process also doesn’t make it hard on you. As it’s been said—tech knowledge is not required. To get the reviews up and running, finish the customization process, receive a copy-paste installation code, and add it to the website editor.

There is no more struggle to figure out how to embed those precious testimonials, star ratings, and recommendations! Elfsight’s Reviews widget templates are here to simplify the process and empower you to turn those endorsements into captivating stories on your website.

How to Get Started with Reviews Templates?

So, you’ve decided to harness the power of customer testimonials using the Reviews widget templates. We will share all the insights to help you begin the journey without using any other external services or learning to write code. Delving into the world of user-engaging testimonials is just a few simple steps away.

  1. Kick off by browsing through a rich array of Reviews widget templates to choose the one that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics, reviews platform source, or the overall website’s look and feel.
  2. When you find the most suitable template, just hit the “Live Preview” button to get the customization process started.
  3. The fun part begins here, for sure! Personalize the Reviews template to reflect your business identity. Add a source link or custom reviews, specify filters, pick sorting, change layout, define review style, set color scheme, etc.
  4. Take a look at the final results to be sure it’s what you’ve wanted by playing around with the widget in the preview screen.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your customized template, click the “Add to website for free” button to embed the All-in-One Reviews widget.
  6. Copy the auto-generated code snippet provided by our team.
  7. Add this embed code to the website editor by simply pasting it—fitting into your chosen content spot—and saving all the changes. From now on, the Reviews widget will be published!

Watch as the authentic voices of your satisfied customers come to life. It’s not just about sharing reviews—it’s about creating an immersive, compelling user experience that leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the power of the Reviews widget templates on the website!

Five Reasons Why To Use Reviews Templates

Let’s unearth five compelling reasons why these Reviews templates should be your go-to solution for embedding:

  1. Elevate credibility and trust. The Reviews widget templates allow you to transform mundane reviews into compelling narratives. Showcasing genuine customer experiences and endorsements builds credibility and trust among your potential customers. Authentic testimonials resonate deeply, creating lasting impressions that reinforce your brand’s reliability.
  2. Enhance user engagement. Customer testimonials are not just words—they tell stories, convey emotions, and forge connections. The Reviews widget templates provide a canvas to display these emotional narratives, captivating your website audience. With those experiences in mind, users are more likely to interact with your brand and convert into loyal customers.
  3. Drive conversions and sales. Websites equipped with authentic customer reviews witness a surge in conversions. When potential customers feel reassured by the positive experiences shared by others, they are more inclined to make a purchase.
  4. SEO benefit and compelling social proof. Genuine reviews contribute to higher search engine rankings and serve as compelling social proof. The Reviews templates aid in enhancing your website’s SEO standing by presenting these authentic testimonials with finesse. Additionally, these testimonials extend beyond your website, becoming a compelling form of social proof across various platforms, further solidifying your brand’s credibility.
  5. Simplified experience. The Reviews widget templates eliminate complexity, offering a streamlined solution for showcasing customer testimonials. The plug-and-play nature of these templates means there’s no need for coding or the assistance of a developer. By making it simple to bring your customers’ voices to the forefront, the templates empower you to create an immersive, compelling user experience without the added hassle.

Witness the transformation of your online presence into an engaging, credibility-enriched platform. The journey to enhanced customer trust, lasting engagement, and increased conversions begins here—join the compelling narrative of Elfsight Reviews widget templates.