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Explore our Industry Reviews, encompassing a wide range of website templates like real estate reviews, doctor rating reviews, dentist reviews, lawyer reviews, and more. Tailor your website to specific industries and provide valuable insights to your audience with trusted reviews and testimonials.
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Create real estate trust right on your website using the reviews widget template.
Create a healthcare trust atmosphere and get the doctor rating on your website with a reviews widget.
Adding dentist reviews to your clinic’s website encourages visits.
Embed a reviews widget to get legal credibility from a lawyer to a website.
Add real estate reviews to showcase agent professionalism on your website.
Embed hotel reviews to boost bookings on your website page.
Create a buzz with restaurant reviews on your website with this widget.
Add movers' reviews to enhance reliability on your website using this template.
Embed a reviews widget to showcase event success on your website to attract more people.
Add travel reviews to inspire bookings on your website.
Embed local business reviews on your website and build community trust.
Create motivation with gym reviews on your website page with this widget.
Create extra interest in real estate services by having a testimonials widget on a website.
Embed testimonials on your website to build trust in your health insurance services.
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You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why are Elfsight Industry Reviews the best?

Get what every business needs with Elfsight’s Industry Reviews template–the demonstration of social proof, affirming high quality and enjoyment experienced by reliable individuals. Your client reviews act as genuine word-of-mouth, conveying the truth with unparalleled authenticity. The best part is that you don’t require any expertise–neither coding skills nor design experience–to utilize the All-in-One Reviews widget, just practical thinking and a clear goal. Reestablish your presence in the market, propel your offerings and products, and boost your sales effectively!

Why Elfsight Industry Reviews are the Best?

Industry Reviews Features and Integrations

Easy Review Source Fill Out
Review Moderation & Filtering
Review Sorting Alternatives Star Snippet
3 Review Card Designs
6 Review Source Designs
Verified Customer Blue Check
CTA Button for More Reviews
Advanced Design Settings
Multiple Layout Styles
Multiple Languages Support
Tech-Free Customization
Mobile Responsiveness
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Custom JS Editor
Fast Website Integration

How to add Industry Reviews to website

In order to integrate the Industry Reviews into your HTML website, complete the uncomplicated guide:

  1. Sign in to your Elfsight dashboard.
  2. Receive the setup code that’s been automatically created for you.
  3. Locate your website editor.
  4. Insert the code and save your edits. That’s it!

For further assistance, feel free to ask the Elfsight Support Team or refer to our blog post on how to add Reviews to your website.


Can I embed the Industry Reviews without coders?

Yes! Elfsight aims to maintain simplicity at its core: after customizing the Industry Reviews, you receive a string of a copy-paste code to add to your website page. This way, you don’t need to use any third-party services or the assistance of a developer to kickstart the reviews.

How can I add the source to the All-in-One Reviews widget?

Your choice of source platform dictates the approach you’d prefer to utilize within the All-in-One Reviews widget. In certain cases, the synchronization is possible, while in others, it may not be present. If it is not available, you can visit the platform to copy the review content and complete the reviewer’s card manually. In the latter scenario, you can simply paste the business link in the configurator to display reviews.

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the Industry Reviews?

Our plugins are supported by 99.9% of website builders. Here are a few of the commonly used ones:

Squarespace, Wix, HTML, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Elementor, Google Sites, GoDaddy, iFrame, and many others.

Where can I add the Industry Reviews on my website?

You have the flexibility when it comes to the widget placement on the website page. There are no rules or strict instructions to comply with. However, our clients frequently opt to embed the widget on the homepage, product pages, testimonial pages, and the sidebar–these locations have proven to be the most widely favored among them.

Can I customize the Industry Reviews template?

Absolutely! The real-time builder provides dozens of free features ready for fine-tuning. Kick-off by changing the layout, size, and tabs, and finish customizing the reviews’ card appearance and establishing the font in line with the color palette.

Are the Industry Reviews templates mobile-friendly?

Yes! You can look forward to flawless functionality and the finest user experience with the Industry Reviews templates. They are designed to be responsive and work perfectly on mobile devices, computers, laptops, and tablets.