How to add Testimonials Slider app to BigCommerce

The phase-by-phase description on adding and setting up Testimonials app to your own Bigcommerce site. The tutorial doesn't require coding experience or any specific professional expertise to carry out and its installation will only take no more than a couple of minutes.

App description

Elfsight Customer Testimonials permits you to display reviews and publish them as your customers’ testimonials on your product or service. Real-life posts that allow to see the rating’s author are the optimal method of increasing customer trust and raising the web resource’s conversion.

Video Guide

App’s features and basic characteristics:

  • Totally adaptive template;
  • A number of attractive preset design templates available;
  • Social proof and other sales elements displayed;
  • Support for all clients.

Learn more about the Testimonials app.

Actively developing Instagram profile of your company? Make the most of Instagram content, demonstrate Instagram testimonials of your subscribers on the website and uplift your sales.

Installing the app

If any difficulties come up during guide execution, contact our technical support and they will be happy to consult.

Phase 1: Getting the plugin

Create your own profile or authorize in

Paste your own email and create a password. If you have already registered an account, you will just have to access it at Elfsight Apps.

create your profile

Subscribe to the plugin

Select Testimonials Slider in the catalogue and click on it to go to the product’s page.

select instagram testimonials plugin

Setting up the look

Choose the layout you like or generate your plugin to your taste. You can read the details on all the characteristics at the testimonials plugin page.

setting up the appearance

Take the plugin’s code

To finish the first stage, you need to get the plugin’s code that you must install on your website.

get the testimonials plugin's code

Phase 2: Adding to a BigCommerce site

Login to your Bigcommerce profile

Go to Bigcommerce admin panel and click “Storefront” in the left menu.

bigcommerce profile

Select a page for the plugin

Press “Web Pages” to go to the required page you need.

page for the widget

Add the testimonials’ installation code

Switch the page to HTML format and add the plugin code to the content of the page. Save the edits.

testimonials' installation code


You have successfully installed the Testimonials plugin

how to add instagram testimonial to bigcommerce

How to edit a plugin’s parameters?

After you add the code to the website, you can introduce the corrections in your own profile at Elfsight Apps. You can carry out the changes via your Elfsight Apps profile in our functional editor and apply them.

The edits are automatically published and you don’t have to update the code every time.

What is Elfsight Apps?

It is a cloud resource to upgrade your web-page with the help of components. Add efficient functions and blend your web-page with social media to get more users and clients.

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