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How to Add Instagram Feed Plugin for Webnode

In this review we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to place Instagram widget InstaShow to a Webnode website. We will make use of a product developed by Elfsight Team - an outstanding cloud service with ready-made solutions for web platforms.

Customize Your Own Instagram Feed

Follow a couple of simple steps to get the Instagram Widget to the appropriate web page of your site. The estimated install time is below 2 minutes.

Action 1: Register an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

First of all, to access our business resource, you should create an account. Give us only true electronic mail addresses and passwords to set up an account. In case you already have a personal account, please, log in here.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Select a product

Our service includes different social plugins for websites. To set an Instagram gallery plugin on a Webnode website, you have to press InstaShow.
Select Instagram feed Widget

• Set InstaShow in line with your ideas

Pick the color schemes, styles and display configuration to create the gallery that will be best fitting for your website. InstaShow advantages:
  • Variable number of columns and rows;
  • Adjustable breakpoints to make the Instagram gallery suit the browser size;
  • Elfsight gallery widget can operate in 16 languages;
  • Possibility to take a closer look at images in pop-up window or just on Instagram;
  • etc.
You are able to view all the options at the plugin page.
Configure app for webnode website

• Obtain the script to set it into your web resource

The final step in our platform installation is to receive the widget html code by pressing “Get” button by the widget’s title.
Copy app code

Action 2: Instagram Gallery Setup Phases

Below you have the instructions for Webnode websites, but you can also embed Instagram on any website.

• Go to your webnode profile

Authorize at Webnode to enter the sites’ dashboard.
Go to your webnode profile

• Choose a site

If you’ve got several websites, choose the one to place the plugin to.
Choose a site to edit

• Go to editor mode

Edit the site by pressing «Edit site».
Go to editor

• Choose a page

Go on to the page you want to place the plugin to.
Select the page to place the plugin to

• Add HTML element

Go to page editor by clicking on the elements icon. Switch to page 2 in the popup window and click “HTML”.
Add HTML element

• Add code

Paste the plugin code into the window that comes up and save the changes.
Paste the plugin’s code

• Select a place

Drag the element to the place you need and apply the changes.
Save the changes

• Your Instagram gallery has been installed!

Go to the website to check out the results of your work!
Add Instagram Feed Plugin for Webnode

How to Edit Gallery’s Settings after Installation

You are able to adjust the widget’s configuration or the represented Instagram page in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you implement the edits, they will automatically take effect in your social plugin.

Best Instagram Plugin for Webnode

InstaShow is a universal Instagram social widget. Display astonishing galleries by making the most out of our widget. Invite your buyers with your platform’s portfolios.

Please, Welcome to Elfsight Apps

It is a platform with cloud solutions that will develop your website and make your business more beneficial. It only takes a couple of clicks to set up our widgets to any platform. Make your web resource smarter with the help of Elfsight Apps!

Study the Instagram Feed for Free

Get the taste of all the advantages of our app and create your perfect Instagram Feed for the website.
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