WordPress Rating plugin

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Rating plugin on your WordPress site can drive purchases

Now you’ve got at your disposal one of the most useful plugins to get feedback from your clients and gain social proof – Elfsight Rating plugin for WordPress! The users of your WordPress site can rate your items – products and services with the help of one click on the rating plugin. By showcasing your high evaluation on your WordPress site you’ll confirm to your audience you are a trusted partner and the offers you have on your WordPress site are worth working with. Also, your star ratings will be shown in the rich snippets, and this will lead to growing your CTR. You can create a Rating precisely for your WordPress site use case. You are welcome to attach a title in case you need it, select the most suiting font and its size. There also will be an opportunity to decide upon the scale: choose either from 0 to 5 or from 0 to 10. There will be an opportunity to take icons for your WordPress rating from our library or choose your own, and select the alignment – align it left, right, center or find your own position with the help of the advanced settings.

Here’s why you need the Rating plugin integrated on your WordPress website as soon as it will be released:

  • You can easily drive purchases on your WordPress website through the use of the plugin.People are more likely to make a purchase on your WordPress site if other people, sometimes even total strangers, agree that it’s going to be a good decision. And as customer testimonials become a great source of social proof, using those on your WordPress site is extremely important for your business. Keep in mind that reviews have a huge impact on sales on your WordPress site. By incorporating star rating to your WordPress site, you increase the chances of your products to be seen and evaluated by other visitors of your site, as well as the chance of them to be bought. And it all becomes possible thanks to the one small rating plugin for WordPress site or theme.
  • You increase visibility of your WordPress website in search. In most cases people, before making a buying decision, look for products in search engines like Google, Bing or even Facebook. And all these have their own ways of indexing content, but what is important here – they all take customer reviews – if there are any of them – into account. So if you’ve got customer testimonials for the products and services you publish on your WordPress site, there’s a huge chance your potential customers will see you on search and come to you to make a buy as they understand you’re someone they can trust.
  • Your WordPress site will look more trustworthy with customer ratings revealed in search. As soon as you start presenting your high customer appraisal on your WordPress site, you can build significant trust among your current and potential customers. And high evaluation here is important as well – it’s not enough just to show your rating on your WordPress site if it’s below four stars. But the good news here is that the more positive reviews you get, the more good ones you draw as your WordPress site visitors will see how high you were valued by your previous clients.

Your highly appreciated WordPress site will definitely expand conversation about you

Impressively good (and bad) ratings have a tendency to spread really fast. And encouraging your website visitors to evaluate your business by means of WordPress Rating plugin is among the easiest ways to expand your brand’s reach. And if your customers are happy, they are more likely to share their good impression with people on third-party websites. These can also be business review websites like Amazon or Yelp – there your WordPress website can be evaluated as well. So, star rating plugin on your WordPress website is extremely useful and your happy customers would like to share their positive thoughts on your business at as many places as possible.

Star rating on your WordPress site plays an important role in decision making

An active and developing business these days tries to increase its online visibility in as many ways as possible. There are lots of ways to make people talk about your business and your WordPress site as well. Social media can play its role in popularizing your WordPress site, but there should definitely be some other ways for your customers to discuss you online. And lots of people need some simple yet effective tool to demonstrate their experience of working with your WordPress website, preferably not requiring much effort on their part. For some categories of users a simple star rating can become such a tool, providing them with an opportunity to evaluate your WordPress site in just a click of a mouse.

Your WordPress website online rating has a direct impact on sales

There are lots of conditions that affect your WordPress website’s revenue growth. According to the studies data, ratings and online testimonials lead to increased revenue. Those WordPress websites that are highly evaluated, have better slas and more happy customers, which, in its turn, leads to more positive evaluations and purchases. Also, a positive star rating of your WordPress site can lead to increased conversion rates, more repeated orders and even order sizes. Keep in mind that even a half-star improvement can impact your WordPress website’s stats, so every review matters for you.

Rating can help you have a dialogue with your WordPress website visitors

Apart from sharing their opinion about the quality of your products and services, people these days wait for the businesses to respond to their comments and expectations, and if that doesn’t happen, they tend not to come back to such websites. A WordPress Star rating can become a great start for those companies who want to demonstrate how they value their customers’ opinion. As soon as you start getting evaluations for your WordPress site, you can see what people think about your business and quickly perform changes if necessary. So, star rating is not simply a way for you to make your WordPress site more visible on search, but also a valuable source of feedback that can help you become better and provide high-quality services to your WP website’s audience. You can even think about incorporating to your WordPress site some other ways for your audience to communicate with you, like live chats or any kind of feedback forms.

There are tons of possibilities that will be available in our Star Rating plugin for WordPress

Our amazing design and development teams are working on the WordPress star rating functional capability and structure at the moment. There will be a large array of adjustments, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your content the way it becomes an integral section of your WordPress website. You’ll be able to create the rating plugin for WordPress and check all the functions very soon, stay tuned! Our developers also offer an exceptional instrument for design amateurs – a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a design for your WordPress star rating all by itself. Merely pick up primary color, either a Dark or Light mode, and allow the built-in color designer to set everything up for you. However, if you need a peculiar look of your WordPress plugin, you can always further customize all its constituents separately: background, popup, head section, %and more. See all changes straightaway in the free configurator with no need to code.

Below you’ll find the key features of the Star Rating plugin for WordPress:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Regular live updates.

Use an effortless way to show your high appraisal and get more happy customers for your WordPress website!

Which way do I embed the Star rating plugin to my WordPress website

You can introduce the star rating plugin to all pages of your WordPress website, or only to the pages where you need it. You can as well hide it on selected pages on which you don’t need your WordPress plugin to appear.

Supposing you meet some problems, feel free to reach out to our support staff. Our people will be happy to help you with all the difficulties you might have with the rating plugin.