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WooCommerce E-commerce Popups for website

Skyrocket your marketing strategies and unleash the WooCommerce website's full potential with the E-commerce Popups templates at your disposal. Discover the handpicked array of popup designs for each occasion to boost sales: promotions, welcoming, shipping, discounts, and many more. Differentiate yourself from the competition in the online retail industry and embrace the mantra of prioritizing quality above all else!
G2 Badges
Create a popup template and encourage online shoppers to complete their purchases.
Create an attractive popup widget to prompt users to add items to their carts with a few clicks.
Add a popup template to your website and offer exclusive coupon codes or discounts to online shoppers.
Add a popup widget on your web page to boost the average order value and double the outcome.
Create a popup template to increase your average order value and upsell complementary products.
Offer Popup
Create an engaging popup widget and start offering the best deal for your online customers.
Add a discount popup to your website to draw attention and motivate users to make a purchase.
Create loyalty among the website customers by giving away exclusive Amazon discounts with this popup.
Create a popup widget to set realistic customer expectations for shipping options.
Create a popup template to give the best product recommendations for online customers.
Adding a popup widget is the best for personalizing the shopping with tailored product suggestions.
Create long-term relationships with your customers by embedding an easy-to-use popup widget.
Create a popup widget for your website to begin promoting the best product offerings.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why are Elfsight WooCommerce E-commerce Popups the best?

Direct your efforts towards the right demographic, heat the audience’s interest up, and make them fall in love with your business using Elfsight’s E-commerce Popups templates. Create a Popup widget that accurately reflects your brand’s essence, featuring a compelling core message and dozens of customizable visual elements. No coding knowledge or design expertise is needed for installation-simply tailor it to your requirements, obtain the installation code, and add it to your WooCommerce website. It’s as simple as that! Start spreading the word, generating demand, and taking control of your promotional strategies for special occasions or recent sales!
Why Elfsight E-commerce Popups are the Best?

WooCommerce E-commerce Popups Features and Integrations

12 Custom Content Blocks
Form Fill-Out Email Alerts
5000+ Integrations
Modal, Slide-in, Pane Layout Designs
Sticky Popup Opening Button
Frequency Popup Display Settings
Exclude or Specify Pages for Displaying
Auto-Opening Trigger after Time Spent
Scroll Trigger On-Element or On-Click
Exit Intent Technology
Set Up Popup for Multiple Mobile Devices
CTA Button
Coupon Code & Redirect Link Creation
HTML & iFrame Fields
Image & Video Upload
Optimized for All Mobile Devices
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Tech-Free Customization
Multiple Languages Translation
Custom CSS & JS Editors

How to create E-commerce Popups template for WooCommerce website

If you want to create the E-commerce Popups plugin for your WooCommerce website for your WooCommerce website, you can complete this tutorial:

  1. Pick the E-commerce Popups template you prefer the most.
  2. Tap on the “Live Preview” option.
  3. Modify the elements and features to align with your branding goals.
  4. Sign in to your Elfsight account.
  5. Receive the installation code.

Looking for extra help? Reach out to the experts from the Support Team.

How to add E-commerce Popups to WooCommerce website

If you plan to embed the E-commerce Popups on your WooCommerce web page, see this guide:

  1. Sign in to your Elfsight dashboard.
  2. Obtain the auto-generated installation code.
  3. Locate your WooCommerce website editor.
  4. Insert the code and save the changes. Well done!

Please, address the Elfsight Support Team for further support or refer to our blog post for guidance on how to embed the Popup widget on a website.


Can I embed the E-commerce Popups without coders?

Indeed! Elfsight allows you to add the E-commerce Popups widget to your WooCommerce website without a need for coding expertise or an external support. Our team will provide a code for you.

What kind of triggers can I set to the popup widget?

With the Popup plugin, you are given the freedom to embrace a personal method using its extensive range of trigger choices: during website loading, within a specific time spent on a page, on scroll, on scroll to element, on click, and on exit intent. It’s all about your specific business requirements and desires!

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the E-commerce Popups besides WooCommerce?

Our widgets are suitable for 99.9% of websites.

What details can I include in the E-commerce Popups?

Ensure the E-commerce Popups template remains on track and empower yourself to address all the key factors-insert several marketing content blocks, attach the discount code, incorporate a persuasive call-to-action button, and remember about captivating visuals.

Can I sync my popup with other integrations?

You can definitely do this! Just take these steps:

  1. Open the Popup builder.
  2. Navigate to the “Builder” menu.
  3. Add a new “Form” block or modify the current one.
  4. Continue scrolling downwards �till you find the “Integrations” tab, then click on it.
  5. Choose the integration-Mailchimp, Google Sheets, or Zapier-and follow the additional guidelines on the screen.

On what WooCommerce website pages can I add the E-commerce Popups?

Positioning the widget is not limited by fixed regulations. You have the opportunity to choose based on your own preferences. You have the flexibility to place it on the most popular alternatives, such as the main landing page, contact information page, and product page.

What kind of display settings does the widget support?

The display settings for our E-commerce Popups templates offer three options: frequency, pages, and devices. The frequency setting allows you to regulate the number of popups shown to match your own business requirements. Similarly, pages and devices can be selectively excluded or included, according to your choice. The bottom line is you have the advantage of the whole customization and maintaining your branding norms.

Can I customize the E-commerce Popups template for WooCommerce websites?

Yes, certainly! Beginning with the backdrop imagery and layout designs to the paddings and accurate gaps-you have the opportunity to try out a plethora of personalized elements and free-to-use attributes to find the ideal outcome.

Do the E-commerce Popups templates work on mobile devices?

Yes, absolutely, the Popup templates take into account this fundamental aspect to ensure a top-tier user experience. No matter the device used-the cellphone, pc, laptop, or tablet-this WooCommerce plugin is compatible with mobile format.