Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed Examples

Check Instagram Feed examples for your website to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Slider template

A classic and most popular variant of the feed. Post photos without any extra details are arranged into a handy slider that as arrows to show more photos or move back. Each post can be viewed full size in popup that also shows description, comments, likes, plays videos and allows scrolling.

Example 2: Grid template

A collection of photos in a customizable grid. It has a “Load more” button to reveal more posts down the page and you can set your own grid parameters. Choose the number of columns and rows, vary the gutter space - adjust it the way you need easily.
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Start with creating your widget
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Example 3: Hashtag show template

Here’s a perfect variant for those who need to create a selection of photos with a specific hashtag. The posts are shown as slider, each with detailed info, username, tags, and Share button. Hashtag is only one of the source types available - display posts also by username and URL, and apply filters to exclude or restrict.

Example 4: Collage template

Stay creative and make your feed truly impressive turning your photo into a fascinating collage! Attract attention with your unique content! You can also choose one of our 12 color schemes or paint 11 elements in custom colors.
Start with creating your widget
Start with creating your widget
Fast. Easy. No Coding.
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Example 5: Post slider template

You have a chance to create a slider that will show one photo at a time. Designed specially to show pictures one by one, this template will capture viewer’s attention on the photo itself. It can also be very useful if you wish to save space and create a compact widget, it will nicely fit into any place of the page.

Example 6: Single post template

When there’s a need to show only one post on a page, Single post layout is here for this. You can place it to any content unit of the page, for example to accompany an article or your offer. Show the post in all details and with Share button and counts. Popup will reveal a call-to-action, which you can use to direct viewers, for instance, to purchase page.

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