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How to add Instagram Testimonials widget to Webnode

The useful manual on showcasing and adjusting Instagram Reviews widget on your own Webnode website. The manual doesn’t require web-developing experience or any special professional knowledge to follow it and its execution lasts for not more several minutes.

Plugin description

Elfsight Social Review lets you display Instagram reviews and publish them as your customers’ testimonials on your goods or accommodation. Actual posts that allow to see the comment’s author are the most effective tool of raising client confidence and increasing the website’s conversion.

Plugin’s functions and main characteristics:

  • Fully responsive layout;
  • A number of colorful predefined design templates available;
  • Rating and other conversion elements embedding;
  • Help for all clients.

Learn more about the widget.

Installing the plugin

If any issues appear during the tutorial’s implementation, message our technical support and our developers will be happy to consult.

Phase 1: Creating the plugin

Create your individual account or authorize in

Paste your current email address and set a password. If you already have a functioning user account, you will just have to log in at Elfsight Apps.

create your account

Choose a plugin

Find Instagram Social Reviews in the list that comes up and click on it to go to the product’s page.

choose a testimonials plugin

Set up the settings

Choose a design you like or collect your plugin yourself. You can find out more about all the functionality at the testimonials plugin’s page.

set up widget's settings

Select a plan

Select the necessary subscription from the offered ones based on the website’s number of visitors and your needs. We offer both free and commercial options.

select a paid plan

Get the plugin’s code

To complete the first stage of the guide, you need to get the plugin’s code that you must add to your site.

get the testimonials plugin's code

Phase 2: displaying on a Webnode site

Authorise in Webnode

Log in to edit a page.

enter to webnode

Go to the required website

Choose a site where you’d like to place the plugin from the list of your sites.

choose a required webnode website

Choose a page

Select the page for the reviews in the editor.

choose a page

Add the HTML element

The widget will be placed in this container.

embed the html element

Edit the HTML element

Add the Elfsight Apps plugin script.

edit the HTML elemenet

Edit and save the changes

Find the best position for the container with the plugin and save the changes.

save the changes

Good job! You’ve just installed the testimonials plugin

Go to the website’s page to check out the reviews.

how to add testimonials plugin to webnode

How to change a plugin’s parameters?

After you insert the code to the website, you can make the alterations in your personal account at Elfsight Apps. You can carry out the changes via your Elfsight Apps profile in our convenient editor and save them.

The corrections are automatically made and you don’t need to adjust the code every time.

What is Elfsight Apps?

It is a cloud service to modify your site with the help of components. Introduce new functions and blend your site with social media to draw more visitors and clients.

Generate your personal Instagram testimonials free of charge

Gratis editor to generate your individual widget.

Still got questions?

If you need any further assistance, contact our very helpful Support Center and we'll be happy to answer any questions. Just expect a response during our working hours (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. CET, Monday through Friday).