Content locker plugin for WordPress

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Why you should consider incorporating the Content locker plugin on your WordPress site

Through the use of the Elfsight Content Locker plugin for WordPress, you’ll acquire full control over content on your wp website. With the content locker plugin, you are free to restrict access to your WordPress website or blog articles, online store sections, pricing policy, buy buttons, and any other areas of your WP site you need! Define the users’ groups you want to display the hidden content in accordance with the number of orders they’ve placed, account created on your WordPress website, newsletter subscription, IP address, geoposition and more. The users who will be denied access to some particular parts of your site will see a popup with information explaining what they have to do to get access there – it’s up to you to decide what exactly. You can show them a simple notification text, ask them to register on your wp site, log in to your website, subscribe to a newsletter, and much more.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding Content locker plugin to your WordPress site:

  • You can use the Content locker plugin to grow your email list. Content locker plugin can become a great way to build and grow your email list as you start working with a newsletter on your WP site. For example, you can set up a popup with an offer to share your visitors’ email address in return for allowing them access to content of some particular website areas. You can lock the most interesting content pieces on your WordPress site, like blog posts or videos, photos, files to download, or even discount coupons for product sales. All these content types are great for stimulating your audience to share their emails with you. And collecting emails of your website visitors is a very important step in growing your business as you can communicate with your audience directly through the email and share some interesting content as well. Email is also there to keep your visitors aware of your brand’s news, content updates, and promoting your new products. Also, Content locker plugin can turn your new visitors into loyal fans as they can stay with you longer as they get access to some interesting content you’ve restricted on your WordPress site.
  • You can easily uplevel your social media followers base with the content locker plugin. In case you are more interested in your brand’s presence on social media, the content locker plugin can become a great way to fulfill this task. Using the content locker notification, you can simply ask your WordPress site visitors to start following you on one of your social media accounts in return for access to one of locked pieces of content. Growing your social media audience is one more way to stay in touch with visitors of your website once they leave it – you can even provide them with the content that is created exclusively for your social media accounts. Or they can be used as one more way to promote your website content, products, services and discounts.
  • You can promote your content with the help of Content locker plugin.Our Content Locker plugin can help you with getting your WP website content shared on social media. Encouraging your website’s audience to share your content on social media through the use of Content locker plugin can help you broaden your audience and increase the number of loyal fans. And this can be any type of content – videos, texts, images and blog posts, or all of it at once as the content locker does not limit your possibilities. Your content will not only acquire a touch of exclusivity, but will certainly attract new people to your website who will want to receive more new interesting and high-quality content.

With Content locker plugin, you can start monetizing your website.

Monetizing content with a Content locker plugin can be relevant for many types of businesses, but the pay-as-you-go scheme works especially well for media and blogs. If you’ve got some really well sought out articles on your WordPress site, you can benefit from them through the use of Content locker plugin, granting access to this content in exchange for a small fee. This content access model will also help you weed out audiences that aren’t interested in this type of content, which in turn will lower your bounce rate on your website.

The Content Locker plugin won’t affect user experience on your site.

Of course, if implemented and used correctly and used wisely, your content locker plugin can even provide great user experience for your WordPress site audience. Simply keep in mind that there are really few cases when a regular ecommerce or any other website needs to restrict access to the whole website. Simply run several A/B tests and find the pieces of content and pages that can be successfully locked in order to get any type of info from your audience. Also, there’s no need to restrict access to some ordinary pieces of content. locked content must be exclusive and be really valuable for your users as there are lots of other content pieces that are posted by your potential competitors freely without any restrictions.

You can avoid legal problems through the use of the content locker plugin.

If your website regularly generates a lot of different content on a wide variety of topics, there is always the danger that some content may not be suitable for certain groups of users. To avoid problems, it is better to restrict access to this kind of content. And here a content locker plugin will come in handy, as it will protect you from unnecessary and tedious proceedings and other problems related to content. Potentially inappropriate content can be closed for those users who are not logged in or registered on your site.

Many more amazing styling and functional settings are coming soon for the Content Locker plugin for WordPress

Elfsight’s awesome development and design teams are currently working up the Content locker plugin’s structure and functional capability. There will be a broad selection of settings, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your Content locker so that it turns into an inseparable part of your website’s content zone. It’ll be possible to test all the functions and produce the content locker plugin in the near future, wait for it!

We also offer an exceptional instrument for design amateurs – a Color Theme Generator that’ll create a scheme for your content locker plugin automatically. Merely choose primary color, a Light or Dark mode, and permit the automatic color designer to set everything up for you. On the other hand, if you need a unique design of your Content locker plugin, you can continue to modify all the components individually: background, popup, head section, etc. See all changes immediately in the online configurator without hours of modifying and programming.

And here are some key features of the Content locker plugin for your WordPress site:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Ongoing live updates.

Provide an exclusive content for your audience and monetize your site with the help of Content locker plugin for WordPress!

How can I embed the WordPress Content locker plugin to my WordPress website?

The Content locker plugin can show to each and every page of your website, or only on the chosen pages and for the selected content pieces. There’s also an option to restrict it on particular pages if you don’t want the Content locker to be demonstrated there.

In case you deal with any obstacles, do not be afraid to appeal to our customer service staff. Our people will be delighted to resolve all the issues you might have with the Content locker plugin.