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Yottie “Source” Tab and How to Customize YouTube Content

Our premium YouTube Channel Plugin Yottie has plenty of adjustable parameters. We thought that it might be useful for our customers and everyone else, if we describe in detail all settings tabs presented in our plugin so that then you can easily navigate through all settings.
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Yottie “Source” Tab and How to Customize YouTube Content
This is the first guide in the upcoming guides about Yottie tabs. It will describe you the tab, which role can be hardly overestimated as applied to the use of Yottie. This tab allows users to customize flexibly his content and to set YouTube sources, from which videos will be shown in his YouTube video gallery.

Set Desired Sources to Start

Settings of our Yottie plugin include several tabs grouped under some functions. The very first tab is “Source”. It allows user to customize flexibly his content and to set YouTube sources, from which videos will be shown in his YouTube video gallery.
YouTube Plugin Source Tab
Yottie source tab in action
Create interesting playlists combining all three sources as you want.
YouTube plugin Yottie supports the following types of sources:
  • channels – display videos, which are uploaded in selected channels
  • playlists – show videos from a certain playlist
  • videos – display single specific videos
Yet your eyes scatter from videos and variations of groups, which you can include in your YouTube playlist? Keep calm! The next section will describe major possible cases in order to understand Yottie source functionality.

Main Use Cases of Yottie “Source” Tab

Let’s view several major variants of adjusting “Source” tab, which you can easily implement on your website. Note that you can arrange cases listed below or think out your own approach to the “Source” tab.

1. Display Videos on The Website from Your YouTube Channel

This is the simplest example of Yottie usage – just insert a link to your channel in the YouTube channel URL field. The plugin will show all videos, which you uploaded to your channel, and take an image, logo, channel name, its description and numerical characteristics (likes, dislikes, etc.).
YouTube Channel Field
Set your YouTube channel and show it on your website
You can also set your own custom images of the channel, logo, name and description at will.

2. Display Videos from Different YouTube Sources in One Group

If necessary, display videos on your website from different sources in one group by pressing “Add group” button. You have to insert links to all needed YouTube sources in appeared fields. Names of new groups are stated “Untitled” and videos are sorted by date (the recent videos are on top) by default.
YouTube Video Group Field
Create a custom video group for showing everything you want
Tip: If you have only one video group in the gallery, we recommend you to turn off group names. Go to the “Groups” tab and uncheck “Show groups” option.

3. Create Several Groups with Videos from Different YouTube Sources

One group isn’t enough for you? You have several main themes? In this case, add the required number of groups, fill in their names and set sources, which you would like to use for each video group.
YouTube Several Groups
Add as many video groups as you want
Tip: There are no any restrictions on the number of sources and groups theoretically. However, remember that more different sources in one group means more loading time of videos in your YouTube gallery.

Choose Ready-to-Use YouTube Gallery Template for Your Case

YouTube Playlist
Add a YouTube gallery with embedded playlists to your website for organized video browsing.
YouTube Subscribe
Creating a YouTube widget lets your website users subscribe so you can receive new followers.
Add a feed from YouTube to your website for fresh, dynamic content.
Create a YouTube template enabling you with video carousels for an engaging website display.
Creating a YouTube playlist on the sidebar simplifies access to videos on your website.
Create an embedded YouTube widget on your website for rich channel content access.
Add a dynamic YouTube widget with a slider to your website for instant video appeal.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Order Option

Our YouTube channel plugin has a video order option, which allows sorting videos by:
  • Date
  • Number of views
  • Number of likes
  • Number of dislikes
  • Number of comments
  • Position in a custom YouTube playlist
  • Random order
Moreover, you can select descending or ascending order for YouTube gallery. Keep in mind that the chosen order is adjusted to all groups.
Tip: “New to old” is the quickest way to sort video in our YouTube channel. Other order types slow down gallery’s functioning, as the plugin has to gather videos from all sources at first and then sort them.

Cache Time Option

You can increase the speed of gallery’s functioning with the help of the cache time option. It specifies how often the plugin addresses to YouTube in order to update the content, for example, new videos, comments, the number of subscribers and other information.
Tip: If you don’t upload new videos very often in your YouTube channel and you don’t have holy wars in comments, then we recommend you to set Cache Time as 7 200 seconds.

Support Is The Answer

If you have any kind of questions concerning our YouTube Plugin or “Source” tab in particular, then submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center. We will make everything clear!

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