Yottie “Video” Tab and How to Make Previews Attractive

Welcome to the new guide of our YouTube channel plugin Yottie. Today we keep expanding the product’s manual. And this article will describe working principles of “Video” settings section.
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Yottie “Video” Tab and How to Make Previews Attractive

Manage Details of Each Video in Yottie

YouTube is a worldwide video-sharing service that shows millions of spots created by users. And you are able to display any YouTube video on WordPress or other CMS. That’s why the handy organization of your playlist is important for the best UX. Our YouTube channel plugin will help you achieve it in a creative manner. All data about videos can be presented in the gallery. Just decide what information should be shown on your website. Moreover, choose video layout you liked and a playback approach. So what are you waiting for? Choose “Video” tab and customize the grid!
YouTube Plugin Video Options
Yottie video tab in action
Now let’s find out the purpose of these features.
After selecting the proper tab, you will see the following options:
  • Video layout
  • Video play mode
  • Video info

Video Layout

You might want to set up different video previews depending on how the plugin is used. Maybe you’d like to show more information during the sneak peek. Or you’d like to draw attention to YouTube content straight away. Yottie has three layouts to meet your requirements.
YouTube Plugin Video Layouts
YouTube plugin video layouts
Change video previews by making the choice for:
  • Classic – standard vertical oriented preview. Its main goal is to pay attention to the image before playing the video itself
YouTube Plugin Classic Layout
Classic video layout
  • Cinema – preview images are set by default. Users are able to see info on hover while pointing at the image
YouTube Plugin Cinema Layout
Cinema video layout
  • Horizontal – this layout will come in handy if you strive to demonstrate videos in the form of a list
YouTube Plugin Horizontal Layout
Horizontal video layout
Tip: The horizontal mode will work only if the width of each Yottie columns will be more than 440 pixels. Otherwise, Yottie will show videos in the cinema layout.
In addition, our YouTube plugin for website has three ways of playing videos:
  • Popup – this is probably one of the most user-friendly modes. After clicking the desired video, an additional window will be opened on the existing page. Thus, your audience don’t have to leave your website
  • Inline – the chosen spot will be opened right in your grid. It is perfect for big video previews, that is, when the plugin has only several columns and rather big size
  • YouTube – videos will play in a new browser window directly on YouTube

Video Info

What if your guests want to know a little more about videos before watching them? Yottie contains eight info elements, which you can manually turn on/off. Therefore, this option will let you organize the informative descriptions.
YouTube Plugin Video Info
YouTube plugin video information
YouTube plugin Yottie allows you to show plenty of information in video previews, including:
  • Play icon
  • Duration
  • Title
  • Date
  • Description
  • Views counter
  • Likes counter
  • Comments counter
Tip: Check or uncheck data depending on sizes of the grid and previews in particular.

More Tabs

And what is more, we decided to write about other two tabs. They are rather simple and quick in installation. You can discover two tabs below Yottie “Video” tab: Popup and Colors. They are also helpful for an attractive presentation of videos on your website.


Popup is great for representing various information, especially with regard to YouTube plugin. Show videos in the gallery and place all info in a pop-up window.
YouTube Plugin Popup Tab
Play videos and show its data in popup
Make yourself a choice what Yottie should include:
  • Title
  • Channel logo and name
  • Subscribe button
  • Views, likes and dislikes counter
  • and more!
Tip: This option will only work in case of switching on the Popup mode in “Video” tab.
Give web audience the opportunity to view any video. Let them learn all information about it from YouTube without leaving your site.


Flexible color settings will let you create an uncommon style for your website YouTube plugin. Yottie includes over 60 elements to paint. Choose one of four ready-made schemes or color the plugin yourself.
YouTube Plugin Colors Tab
Color your YouTube plugin as you want
Hence, adjust colors for:
  • Header
  • Groups
  • Content
  • Video
  • Popup

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