Yottie “Content” Tab and How to Improve User Experience

The fourth Yottie guide relates to the tab, which allows managing content of YouTube Channel Plugin Yottie on your website. Today we will describe “Content” settings section. Let’s take a closer look at this handy tab and learn what it is capable of.
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Yottie “Content” Tab and How to Improve User Experience

Manage Content Parameters in Yottie

We strive to implement features, which will help you to create the best user experience for your audience. Master “Content” tab and let your audience feel comfortable when watching YouTube videos on your site. The gallery’s view and its navigation can be customized simply in no time. Choose wisely to get an excellent result!
YouTube Plugin Content Tab
Yottie content tab in action
You can change the following major settings in the “Content” tab:
  • Grid structure (columns, rows, gutter)
  • Navigation controls
  • Gallery animation
  • Responsive breakpoints
There are also additional cool features, which will promote opportunities for wider adjustment of YouTube video gallery:
  • Free mode – select smooth scroll instead of slides paging
  • Direction – set horizontal or vertical movement of video gallery browsing
  • Autorotation – rotate videos in the gallery with specified time
  • Animation – choose slide, fade, coverflow, cube or flip animation effects
Create user-friendly and eye-catching content with the help of Yottie diverse features!

Grid Structure

No matter what idea regarding Yottie usage you have, you can decide how many videos will be presented on each slide by choosing manually the number of columns and rows. Moreover, you can customize gutter between videos.
YouTube Plugin Grid Structure
YouTube plugin grid options
The size of each video preview will depend on the chosen parameters and the size of the whole plugin. In case you set responsive size, previews will change in accordance with a browser window.
Tip: The more videos you set on each Yottie slide, the more time your plugin requires to represent them, which affects the loading speed of the YouTube gallery.

Navigation Controls

We’ve implemented the comprehensive set of navigation controls so that you would be able to choose the most convenient and appropriate way of playing YouTube videos. Remember that your target audience can visit the website using PC or just their smartphones. Set controls in order to provide visitors with the best experience.
YouTube Plugin Navigation Controls
YouTube plugin navigation controls
Choose any of three available controls, combine or just use all of them:
  • Arrows – great control type for all occasions
  • Scroll – good option for PC users with a computer mouse
  • Drag – must-have control if someone checks your website with a smartphone
Furthermore, our YouTube plugin for website has two noteworthy perks. Check free mode for ability to scroll Yottie content by single videos instead of slides. Scrollbar can be also added to the video gallery especially if scroll option is on.
Tip: We don’t recommend you to turn on scroll option if your gallery has responsive sizes. In this case, audience can face problems with scrolling the content as Yottie fills all width of their browser screens.

Gallery Animation

Yottie has plenty of parameters, which will help you control animation effects of your YouTube channel plugin. Thus, you can change direction and animation of video scrolling.
YouTube Plugin Gallery Animation
YouTube plugin gallery animation


Control the direction of video gallery sliding. Choose vertical or horizontal movement for comfortable usage of Yottie. By analyzing Yottie real usages of our clients, we draw a conclusion that horizontal direction is a standard option for the majority of cases.
Tip: Meanwhile, if you are going to embed YouTube plugin to a side content area then it’s worth considering vertical browsing variant so that your gallery would fit overall web design.

Animation Effect

There are 5 cool effects for videos sliding in Yottie: slide, fade, coverflow, cube, flip. Choose the one you like most!

Animation Speed

The default value of this option is 600 milliseconds. It means that animation effect will last for slightly more than a half a second while scrolling each slide if YouTube plugin for your website. Nevertheless, you can specify animation speed as you want. Manage animation for your unique case depending on the size of your YouTube gallery. You can pick up an optimal animation speed so that Yottie would look splendid on any device. By the way, don’t forget to take into account response time of other UI elements on your site so that all elements could harmonize with each other.


Breath live into your YouTube plugin by turning on the autorotation mode. Its speed can be easily modified. Therefore, you will get an awesome slideshow and amaze your audience. In addition, pause on hover option gives the ability to check a preview of any video if you will stop your cursor on it.

Responsive Breakpoints

Guests on your website have different screens and your website along with all its elements should be responsive. Specify breakpoints to set manually the number of columns, rows and gutter in the grid depending on a window width. Yes, you are able to add as many breakpoints as you want.
YouTube Plugin Breakpoints
YouTube plugin breakpoints option
Tip: Use this option in order to make YouTube plugin usable without regard to screen sizes and types of browsing devices.

Get Our Support

Stay tuned to our blog, as we are going to publish more guides for our plugins.
That’s all what we wanted to show you today. Hope our guide would come in handy and there will be new ways to improve your YouTube plugin. If you have any kind of questions concerning our Yottie plugin or “Content” tab in particular, then reach us via Elfsight Support Center. Our developers will make everything clear!

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