Add Twitter Social Icon to website

Swift and easy adding of icons of various social media, messengers and a lot of other sources with profile link on your site. Spare your time on creating logos and adapting web template - use a 100% ready social widget created by Elfsight.

Generate and personalize a Twitter Social Icon

Go to demo or get registered at Elfsight Apps, to build a widget based on the predefined templates, or design your unique solution.

Here’s a number of steps to make:

  • Choose a Twitter icon and add a link;
  • Assign interface settings: scale, layout on the page, style (color, animation effect, shape).

Make sure to save all alterations.

Add the Twitter Link Icon to your website

  • Choose a page or template to insert the widget. Insert the code that you were given at Elfsight apps.
  • After building your widget, make sure to copy the unique code, for later use on your website for widget introducing.

You can use buttons of the below media: Email Icon, Rss Icon, Tumblr Icon, Telegram Icon, Viber Icon, Instagram Icon, Facebook Social Icon, Pinterest Icon.

How do I customize my widget after I have installed it?

You can adjust your widget at all times after it has been integrated to your website. To do it, get authorized in your account at Elfsight Apps and go to the widget settings. Make desired alterations in the editor, and they will be automatically applied on your site.

Why Elfsight Apps?

  • The best widgets for your site;
  • Free unlimited-time help for all customers;
  • Quick and effortless widget installation.

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