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30+ Best Social Media Icons Templates for Websites

Encourages visitors to engage with your social media content and follow your profiles using one of the ready-to-use coding-free Social Media Icons templates on your website page. Be strategic about the steps you take in driving traffic, expanding your reach, and fostering a sense of community among your audience!
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Fixed Icons
Embed an icon template on a website to ensure your fixed social links are always within reach.
Share Icon
Embed an icon widget to help your website users share and engage with content like never before.
Messengers Icons
Adding an icon widget on a website is the best way to facilitate quick communication in messenger apps.
More Icons
Create an icon template for a website to share even more social media channels.
White Icons
Add a timeless appeal of simplicity with white color on your website with this icon plugin.
Social Icons
Add an icon widget and unleash the power of social media integration on your website.
Clean Icons
Embed a clean aesthetic and engage users on every level with this icon widget for website pages.
Black Icons
Create an icon plugin to add a touch of boldness of a black color to your website page.
Create an icon template for a website to invite website users to join the conversation in Discord.
Create an icon template for a website to set the standards for social media linking.
Embed an icon widget on a website to showcase your social media presence in designed boxes.
Add an icon plugin to a website and boost click-through rates with eye-catching social media buttons.
Create an icon plugin for a website and display a curated list of social media platforms of your online presence.
Embed an icon template on a website to embrace real-time communication in Skype.
Add an icon widget to a website and empower users to engage with your Google presence.
Creating an icon widget for a website fosters conversations and discussions on Threads.
Embedding an icon plugin taps into the convenience of WhatsApp as a way to connect with website users.
Adding an icon template to a website is a way to share your business's TripAdvisor achievements, ratings, and reviews.
Create an icon widget for a website to maximize your video content reach on YouTube.
Embed an icon plugin on a website to simplify access to a GitHub profile and highlight your work.
Add an icon template to a website to promote to users your handmade creations in the Etsy shop.
Embed an icon widget on a website to forge meaningful professional connections on LinkedIn.
Add an icon plugin to a website and let it act as an easy gateway to your Twitter feed.
Creating an icon template leads to expanding your following reach on X and streamlining new interactions.
Embedding an icon widget helps guide the website audience to your Instagram profile and build a loyal following.
Adding an icon plugin lets you share TikTok video content within your vibrant website community.
Create an icon plugin for your website to embrace the vast network of Facebook and extend your reach.
Embed an icon template to bring your website to life with captivating animations, leaving a lasting impression.
Add a statement to your website with social media clickable logos using this icon widget.
Create an icon widget to let website users connect with you through the power of email.
Embed an icon plugin to make it easy for website customers to reach out via phone calls.
Add an icon template to make it easier for website users to contact you and experience your customer service.
Creating an icon plugin offers a floating effect that follows website users as they scroll through your content.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

What Are Social Media Icons Templates?

The Social Media Icons templates are pre-designed widgets representing various social media on your website. The conveniently appealing way of displaying links to multiple profiles makes it easier for users to connect with the brand across different platforms: Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Elfsight understands the importance of individuality and offers a wealth of customization options for its widget templates. You can easily adjust icon size, color, shape, style, and positions to match your website’s design. So, whether you look to highlight your social media presence, drive traffic to your profiles, or boost user engagement, this flexibility will meet your needs.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they enable seamless integration with popular website platforms—WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.—without coding skills or help from an experienced developer. With just a few simple clicks, you can select your preferred template, customize the icons, get the embed code, and instantly enhance the visibility of your social media profiles.

Let them be a powerful tool in your pocket that will expand your social presence, build a loyal online community, and lead to remarkable engagement rates in statistics. Embrace the power today and watch your website flourish!

How to Get Started with Social Media Icons Templates?

Let’s explore how you can get started with these captivating Social Media Icons widget templates and take your online presence to new heights.

  1. Getting started with the icon templates begins with selecting the perfect design and theme that aligns with your goals. Elfsight offers a diverse range of beautifully crafted templates: consider your website’s design, branding, and the overall tone you want to convey.
  2. With a chosen option in mind, tap on the “Live Preview” button.
  3. It’s time to customize the icons to reflect your brand identity: adjust the icons set, links, size, location, position, colors, shape, animation, opacity, etc. This level of customization ensures the creation of a cohesive and professional look that resonates with your website audience.
  4. Take a glance at the preview screen and play with the Social Media Icons widget to finalize the results.
  5. Click the “Add to website for free” button to receive your unique installation code generated by our team.
  6. Simply copy and paste the provided embed code snippet into your website’s editor, and your social media icons will appear seamlessly.

By choosing a template that reflects the brand’s identity and customizing it, you can elevate the user experience and visually enhance your online presence. Create a genuine connection with the audience by combining your website and social platforms with the Social Media Icons widget!

Five Reasons Why To Use Social Media Icons Templates

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider using Social Media Icons widget templates:

  1. Effortless integration. The Social Media Icon widget templates are designed for effortless integration with any website, regardless of your platform or design. Copy and paste the provided code snippet into your website’s editor: no coding knowledge is required, making this solution accessible to everyone.
  2. Enhanced visual appeal. The templates go beyond functionality. Choose from a diverse range of styles to ensure your icons perfectly complement your brand’s aesthetic. Showcase your social media presence in a visually appealing and engaging way, attracting attention and encouraging interaction.
  3. Boosted brand visibility. Improve your brand’s visibility and make it easier for visitors to find you across various platforms. This consistent presence strengthens your brand identity and reinforces your online presence, creating a cohesive and professional look.
  4. Increased user engagement. Visually appealing social media icons are more likely to capture attention and inspire action. The icon templates can help you boost engagement and drive traffic to your social media platforms. Imagine visitors readily clicking on your icons to follow your brand’s journey on social media, sparking conversations, and building a thriving online community.
  5. Time & cost savings. Elfsight eliminates the need for complex coding, saving you time and resources. These ready-to-use templates simplify the process of integrating social media icons, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your website development and marketing efforts.

The Social Media Icons templates can give multiple benefits to businesses, bloggers, and individuals looking to strengthen their online presence. Start today and unlock the potential for greater engagement and growth!

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