Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons Examples

Check Social Icons examples for website to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Classic social icons

A classic variant of social media icons that looks most familiar to users. The size of 48 pixels is used and the icons are of rounded shape. Here the original colors are applied to refer to the correspondent social media. Inline layout displays the icons side to side. This is a good variant for placing icons next to your contact data on the site.

Example 2: Minimalistic icons

Icons look minimalistic yet they are noticeable and sleek. Bordered style together with a black-and-white color solution of background and icons create a clear and stylish appearance. Ideal look if you wish to place your icons to the page header, or make them match a minimalist concept of your website design.
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Example 3: Floating icons

Floating layout does magic if you want to display as many icons as possible and not to overload the page. Icons are aligned left and automatically get upright to save the space on the page. The square shape and native icon colors on a white background create a balanced look. In Floating layout, icons will follow the scroll of website visitors and stay visible at all times.

Example 4: Universal icons

The clear design of this icons will suit any website visual concept and fit perfectly into, for example, the footer of the page. There’s no background, only icons of their native colors, thanks to Symbol style option. Noticeable and yet very clean icons will make a perfect match with any style and colors.

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