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Logo Showcase Examples

Check Logo Showcase examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Our clients

This grid of logos introduces the whole list of the client companies, which is clear from the widget title. Thanks to the adaptiveness of the widget, you can see all the logos on one page. They all saved their original colors, and to make each one look more distinctive, the gutter between the logos have been increased. Such kind of a widget can well suit to take a rather substantial area on the page and boast about a roaster of clients.

Example 2: Logo slider

Creating a logo slider couldn’t be easier. These logos are set in motion with the help of Slider layout and the option of auto slide. Users can also slide clicking on the arrows or swiping. The speed of transition can be easily adjusted in the settings. The size of the logos defines their number per slide, so if you want to show more at one glance, just decrease the logo size.

Example 3: Trust index

In this widget, the attention is drawn to logos of four biggest clients that impress users with their influential names. On click, users can go to the website of each company. The widget title serves to build trust - it shows the total number of clients and appeals to the social proof. The clean restrained widget style is achieved thanks to the grayscale filter applied to the logos and black font color of the title. Wide gutter between the logos also contributes to a clean look.

Example 4: Call to action

To make your widget look maximum custom and get the appearance that matches your website, you can use the option to upload an image of the widget background. In this example, the widget has Auto width, which makes it take all the free space and look really solid. The CTA button serves to attract more customer contacts, it can redirect users to any address.

Example 5: Infinite carousel

This example shows how you can create a logo carousel that will blend with the website and will not distract attention from other content. This carousel has a grey background and grayscale filter of logos, which make the whole look subdued and unobtrusive. Such widget will be a perfect solution if you need your logo showcase in the bottom bar. The motion makes an infinite loop, and if the Pause on hover option is on, users can pause the carousel.

Example 6: Partners

It’s easy to demonstrate your partners' logos with a touch of style. You can achieve any look, varying the colors of the logo and its background. In this example, they are both in the blue color spectrum and look stylish and clean. The gutter between the logos was made very narrow to create a visual integrity. The widget title also includes a brief text, introducing the partners.
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Example 7: Sponsors

This widget creates a whole content unit dedicated to the company’s sponsors. The title font size was increased and the title looks really solid. The logos of the sponsors are colored white and together with the white widget title they create a color unity, placed on the custom background picture. With the help of the Grid layout and moderate logo size, users can see all of them at one glance.

Example 8: Featured in media

You can use the widget to boast about the mentions of your company in various media. For this, simply link logos to the articles or other sources and users will be able to check what they write about you in the press. This case features eight media resources’ logos on the black widget background. With Grid layout, they are build into two raws. The title and the text invite users to check out the mentions.

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