Instagram Chat Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Instagram Chat and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Let your site visitors reach you any time they may need

Make it possible for your clients to address you at any time right on your web page. They will be delighted with a quick and uncomplicated conversation via Instagram, one of the most popular platforms all over the world. Just a click on the icon – and the chat window will appear to initiate a conversation and contact you.

The simplest way to integrate Instagram Chat

All you need to start a conversation with clients through your website is to log into Instagram. Our widget will automatically align connection to your Instagram website account and a chat box will pop up on your site. You are ready to view customer messages and answer them.

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Three variants of chat positioning on the page

Depending on your needs, your Instagram Chat window can pop up as a distensible bubble – floating or fixed on a particular position – or as an embedded chat box. The floating bubble can be aligned at the center, left, or right. It can follow when visitors scroll down the page and stay in sight. The embedded chat box can be put into the content field, for instance on a product page to help visitors purchase an order.

Define your target audience

The widget can be set to appear just for a certain category of clients. It can be all visitors, only new visitors, or just returning visitors. For example, you can restrict displaying the chat to the returning group only, to help these users get what they couldn’t in their first time on the site. Or, you may need to involve as many first-time users as possible. Each use case is individual.

Displaying the chat where it performs best

Your Chat can be displayed on all web pages of the site or only on particular pages. In case you want it on certain pages – it’s easy, just pick the Specific Pages option and insert the URLs of the selected pages. Meanwhile, the Excluded Pages option will limit showing on those pages where it’s not necessary. Displaying on mobile is also optional, if you think it might hinder a smooth experience, you are free to conceal it.

Choosing a chat-opening trigger

Your Instagram Chat can serve as an instrument to attract customers and increase the number of interactions. If you set one of the chat-activating triggers, the chat window will automatically appear and engage a user to start a chat. As a trigger, you can choose specific time spent on the site or a certain page, reaching a selected scroll percentage, or a visitor’s intent to exit your site.


Alter the icon and text of the chat bubble

Chat bubble is the feature that site visitors see first and associate with communication. Picking the right bubble icon can help in showing the main idea of your chat box: customer service, order placing, apartment booking, and so on. We offer a huge variety of thumbnails for various cases, so you can choose the most suitable one. And a bubble input field is available to demonstrate your custom text next to the icon.

Personalizable chat header

There are lots of elements of the chat header that you can vary according to your needs. The picture can be your Instagram profile photo, or you can choose it from the collection or upload your own. You are free to set the naming of the chat and select a caption. The latter gives five possible options for reply time, prompting when site visitors should expect the reply message or a space for your caption text. It supports font and weight options, lists, links, and much more.

A greeting message and chat start button

A welcome message is the first thing your clients pay attention to when they open the chat box. It is there to help them start messaging, offer assistance, or meet any other visitors’ needs. In the greeting message field, you can adjust variations, lists, and links. The Start Chat button can also contain your custom message and you may show or hide the chat icon on it. Also, test different button outlines – from square to more rounded.

Add notifications to catch the eye

There’s an alternative way to catch users’ attention in your chat box. You can add a notification marker to the chat bubble, which will display an unread message and make people eager to click on the chat. There’s also an option to add a notification to the title of the tab, it will pop up as soon as a start-chat trigger has been activated.

Color the interface the way you like

You already know what colors to choose to build the most color-matched chat box for your site. So don’t hesitate and design the elements of the interface yourself. You can pick colors for the bubble background and the icon, the header background, and the button.


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