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How to Add Google Reviews to Shopify

Learn how to add your Google reviews to Shopify websites with a quick code-free widget. The article explains how to adjust, filter and display the most relevant Google reviews about your product or service.
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Quick Guide to Add Google Reviews to Shopify

Want to enhance the credibility of your Shopify store? Showing Google reviews on Shopify pages is a good idea to attract customers and bring new sales. There are several ways to attach your feedback to the store, one of them being the Elfsight Google Reviews, a no-code solution that doesn’t take much time and can be used for free.

  1. Find a suitable template in the live demo.
  2. Select the source of your reviews and customize the widget.
  3. Customize the widget to match goals and design.
  4. Copy the installation code and embed it into your Shopify.

Try creating the widget in the intuitive demo to see how simple it is!

How to Add Google Reviews to Shopify for Free

  1. Select a template for an easy start. Begin by choosing a template that fits your needs. In the left panel, select a template, and you will see a preview of it on the right.
    Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Select Template

  2. Add a source to connect your reviews. Make your widget unique by connecting your own business reviews. Find the method that best suits your business and embed the reviews into the widget creator.
    Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Connect Reviews

  3. Customize design and layouts. Enhance your widget to better match your Shopify store. Explore the settings to change colors, fonts, formats, card styles, layouts, badge and source indication, and more.
    Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Layouts

  4. Get an HTML code. Once satisfied, click ‘Add to website’ and ‘Publish’ to generate the embed code. This code contains all the necessary information to display your Google Reviews on Shopify.
    Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Embed Code

  5. Add the generated code to your Shopify store. Insert the code into the desired location of your Shopify page. You will find guidelines for integrating the widget with your Shopify store in the next section.
    Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Platforms

Embedding Google Reviews into Shopify Custom Section

We created a video that you may find useful when embedding your Shopify Google reviews into the website. It is a brief, yet informative source of information.

Also, we prepared a few manuals to help you add the reviews to various locations of your Shopify store. The best place for your Google reviews snippet often depends on your business goals.

Add Google reviews to a specific Shopify page

Best for: specific page for collecting reviews or the main page.

If you have a specific page for your reviews block, you can use the manual below to display your reviews exactly in the required spot. All you have to do is deliver your custom HTML code to the dashboard. This is how you achieve this:

  1. Open your website’s visual editor. Log in to your Shopify admin panel and go to Sales Channels → Online Store.
  2. Click the Customize button. Add Custom Liquid section to the target page. When you go to the visual editor, the home page is opened by default. To select another page, find it in the dropdown list at the top of the page.
  3. To install the widget, click Add Section. Then choose Custom Liquid from the list.
  4. Paste the widget installation code to the Custom Liquid field. You can also change the Color scheme and set Top/Bottom paddings if needed. After this, Save the changes.

Add Google reviews to product pages on Shopify

Best for: increase of trust for the product and explanation of its benefits.

In order to add Google reviews to product pages of your Shopify store, you only need to insert your widget’s code in the corresponding area of your e-commerce platform.

  1. Open the Online Store page. Go to  Sales Channels → Online Store.
  2. Click on the  button and choose Edit Code. Open the theme template.
  3. Next, go to Sections →  main-product.liquid file.
  4. Paste the installation code. Find the place where you want to display the widget, paste the widget installation code there, and save the changes.

Add Google reviews to all pages in Shopify store

Best for: ability to read or share feedback at any step.

If you want to show Google reviews on Shopify across all pages of the store, you need to perform several straightforward steps from the guide below:

  1. Open your Online Store page. Go to Sales Channels → Online Store.
  2. Click on the button and choose Edit Code. Open the theme template. 
  3. Select the theme.liquid file in the Layout section.
  4. Paste the installation code. Paste the widget embed code before the closing </ body> tag and Save the changes.

Overview of Methods for Adding Google Reviews in Shopify

There are a few most common ways to add Google reviews to your Shopify platform. It depends on your coding experience and trust in service providers when you decide which way to go. Let’s inspect some of the possible scenarios you may encounter.

Add Google reviews as a Shopify app

As an owner of Shopify website, you may want to simply buy a required Google reviews app in their official store.


  • Security and reliability. Apps in the Shopify App Store are vetted by Shopify, ensuring a level of security and reliability. This reduces the risk of malicious software and compatibility issues.
  • Support and documentation. Shopify apps come with comprehensive support and documentation, making it easier to troubleshoot and get help when needed.


  • Limited customization. You might have limited customization options compared to building your own solution or using a highly customizable third-party widget.
  • Costs. Some apps come with subscription fees, which can add up over time, especially if you need multiple apps.

Add Google reviews using Google API

This way suits those who don’t want to use any free or paid apps from third-party providers. However, one needs to have a certain understanding of coding to perform this guide of installation.


  • Customization & control. Using a Google API allows for high levels of customization. You can tailor the functionality to fit your exact needs. You have greater control over the integration and how the data is used and displayed on your website.
  • Potentially lower costs. Depending on your usage, using a Google API might be cheaper in the long run compared to subscription fees for apps.


  • Complexity. Setting up and maintaining a Google API integration requires technical knowledge and coding skills. It’s not as user-friendly as installing a ready-made app.
  • Maintenance. You are responsible for maintaining the integration, including handling updates, debugging, and ensuring compatibility with your Shopify store.

Embed Google reviews as a code-free widget

Companies like Elfsight develop their own Google Reviews and many other widgets that can easily be integrated into your Shopify store.


  • Customization. Third-party widgets can offer a high degree of customization, often more than what is available through standard Shopify apps.
  • Specialized features. Providers that focus on widget development offer specialized features, sometimes not available in the Shopify App Store.


  • Less compatibility with other Shopify apps. Despite the wide range of customization options, integrations with Shopify apps from other providers may be limited. For example, integration with customer data collection or sales analytics apps may be less in-depth.
  • Limited integration with Shopify admin panel. Being a third-party service, it does not integrate directly with the Shopify admin panel. This means that reviews and widget settings will be managed through the Elfsight dashboard and not through the Shopify admin panel.

Best Practices and Tips

Now we will consider the top tips for handling your Google reviews and using the cool features of the Elfsight widget. By using these tactics, you can make your reviews stand out more, get customers more involved, and build up your store’s credibility. We’ll speak about customizing and adjusting reviews that your visitors see, role of call-to-actions, and ideas for better search results. There are plenty of options that can really improve how you deal with and show off customer feedback.

Firstly, you will need to connect your Google reviews to the widget. It is simple with Elfsight since you can find your business using its name and address, inserting Google Place ID, or even identify your reviews without a physical address indication. Read more about how to feature your reviews in Elfsight’s Google Reviews widget.

Choose most relevant and helpful reviews to be shown

The Elfsight Google Reviews widget lets you filter reviews by different categories for the best display. You can choose to show reviews with or without text, highlight only 5-star testimonials by setting a minimal rating, and select how many reviews to display. Furthermore, you have the option to show or hide reviews by specific authors or keywords to ensure the most relevant feedback is presented.

Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Filters

Add CTA button to encourage more feedback

Adding a Google Reviews widget to your website and activating a CTA button can make a big difference. Getting new and relevant reviews make you appear more credible. When people browse your site, they will be encouraged to share their thoughts, some of whom will gladly voice their opinions. These reviews play a vital role in helping people make purchasing decisions quickly. With this button, leaving reviews on your website becomes much easier!

Add Google Reviews to Shopify: CTA Button

Display rating in search results

Be distinct from your rivals. Turn on the markup, so that stars will pop up in search. They’ll help you stand out & boost the click-through. By appearing prominently in search results, you’ll attract more site visitors, leading to increased sales. With the Elfsight Google Reviews widget, easily create review snippets by toggling this option in the configurator.

Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Rating

Customize settings and layouts to fit in perfectly

The Google Reviews widget provides ample customization options to align with your brand’s unique style. Choose from different layouts like List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, & more. Customize colors, sizes, & fonts of elements, modify columns, & select the number of posts to show. Personalize each review’s content – titles, badges, names, and stars – to match your design flawlessly.

Add Google Reviews to Shopify: Customization

Final Thoughts

While the Elfsight Google Reviews widget is a solid solution, we considered alternatives methods of embedding the widget too, speaking of unique advantages and challenges for each way. Assess your specific needs and technical capabilities to ensure you select the best approach for your business.

The process of adding Google reviews widget to Shopify is straightforward. With the right tips and strategies from this article, you can maximize the widget’s features to effectively manage and display reviews.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers since 93% of them need to see your reviews before they consider buying from you. By carefully managing reviews and utilizing the features of your chosen solution, you can foster a positive brand image and drive more conversions.

Embrace the feedback from your customers, continuously improve your offerings, and watch your business grow as you build stronger relationships with your audience. Good luck!


To help you navigate some common issues and maximize the benefits of integrating Google reviews into your Shopify store, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. These FAQs address basic problems you might encounter and offer practical solutions to ensure you get the most out of your review management tools.

Why can’t I see my Google reviews?

If you can’t see your Google reviews, it may be due to a delay in Google’s review processing, issues with your Google My Business listing, or problems with the widget integration. Ensure that your Google My Business account is properly set up and that the Elfsight widget is correctly installed on your Shopify store.

Can I delete a Google review?

You cannot directly delete a Google review as a business owner. However, you can flag it for removal if it violates Google’s review policies. To learn more about this process, see how to delete a Google review.

How can I get more reviews for my Shopify store?

To get more Google reviews for your Shopify store, encourage satisfied customers to leave feedback by sending follow-up emails, offering incentives, and making the review process easy. Engaging with customers on social media and providing excellent customer service can also increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

How to import reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify?

You can easily add your Aliexpress Reviews to Shopify with another no-code app by Elfsight. Just like the Google Reviews app it can be created, designed, and embedded into your Shopify store in no time. 

How to import Amazon reviews to Shopify?

Importing customer reviews to Shopify is simple with the Amazon Reviews app by Elfsight. You can quickly upload any reviews from Amazon and embed them into your store in a good looking way.

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