Create Contact Form for WordPress With Ease

Find out how to simplify contact form creation for WordPress with a free plugin. Moreover, learn to configure and add your responsive form to WordPress with ease.
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Create Contact Form for WordPress With Ease

How to Easily Create WordPress Contact Form

Creating a custom contact form for your WordPress web page doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. In this blog post, read about a ready-to-use plugin to create a responsive form for your WordPress website quickly and easily. You’ll get all the benefits of a code-free contact form, without having to worry about any technical aspects. It is possible to use multiple templates, customize them in the online maker, integrate third-party services, and even use marketing tools to increase conversions. The blog post takes an in-depth look at the features of the Elfsight Contact Form. Also, read detailed instructions on how to build your contact form in no time.

Create contact form for WordPress promptly

  1. Sign up on Elfsight and select the Contact Form plugin.
  2. Begin crafting your custom form by choosing a template, or start from scratch.
  3. Utilize the online creator to add fields and customize your form’s design.
  4. Adjust the form’s settings, such as notifications and submission actions.
  5. Embed the form on the desired page or template using the provided HTML code.
  6. Test your interactive form within WordPress to ensure it functions properly.

In just a few short moments, you’ll have your custom form up and running on your WordPress site – it’s that simple!

Features of Contact Form Builder by Elfsight

Elfsight Contact Form is a responsive tool designed to make it quick and easy to create and add a form block to WordPress. It is so simple that you do not need to know anything about HTML code to enjoy its robust functionality. The Contact Form Builder comes with a variety of features that give users full control over their forms, allowing them to customize their forms for specific purposes via form maker. The customizable features include:

Customizable templatesElfsight contact form maker offers a variety of predesigned templates to choose from. The templates come with rich customization options so you can tweak them to match your WordPress website’s design properly.
Customization optionsIn the contact form maker, you can customize the form block’s appearance to suit your WordPress website’s branding. The Elfsight maker offers various font styles, colors, and field placement options for simple customization.
IntegrationsThe Contact Form Builder allows you to integrate your custom form with MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier so that the collected data is stored in one place for further analysis and marketing automation purposes.
Multi-language supportElfsight Form Builder supports multiple languages so it can work on any multilingual WordPress website. You can choose the needed language via the form maker.
Data analysisThe Contact Form Builder offers the ability to analyze the collected data from custom forms visually. This feature of Elfsight Builder can add more insights into customer behavior.
Responsive designElfsight Form Builder is designed to be responsive, so it looks very advanced on all devices. This makes it ideal for capturing leads and ensuring WordPress visitors have a great experience no matter the device.
Advanced securityContact Form Builder by Elfsight provides advanced encryption and authentication options for added security. For example, this allows users to keep their forms secure from hackers and data thieves, as well as helps prevent spam submissions by bots.
Smart captchaTo help protect against spam submissions from automated tools, Elfsight Contact Form Builder includes an optional built-in captcha system that can be set up in the online maker. This ensures only legitimate custom submissions are accepted.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Contact Form for WordPress With Elfsight Plugin

Creating a contact form for your WordPress website can be simple and hassle-free. Elfsight’s interactive Contact plugin allows even users without HTML code experience to set up a responsive form and insert it into WordPress. With the plugin, you can smoothly create and embed customizable contact forms tailored to your specific needs, even if you have no prior technical knowledge.

Here’s how you can quickly add Elfsight’s responsive plugin to your website builder for free, even if you’re not familiar with coding:

  • When you build and embed the Contact plugin, it will automatically work online on a web page with no extra effort required.
  • You can make adjustments to your responsive form directly in the Elfsight plugin creator, without needing to edit your platform’s HTML code.
  • The best part is that using the Elfsight creator to configure the design of your custom plugin comes at no extra cost.

Watch a simple video guide on how to create and embed Elfsight’s responsive plugin on WordPress:

Additionally, follow a detailed text guide to help you get started with creating a code-free contact form for WordPress:

  1. Go to the Elfsight admin dashboard and select the responsive Contact Form plugin.
  2. Choose a ready-to-use template or start crafting your unique, free WordPress contact form.
  3. Customize the form to your liking using the various options available in the Elfsight contact form creator.
  4. Optionally, add customizable advanced settings to your form, for example, Google Analytics.
  5. After personalizing your form, copy the custom installation HTML code for your plugin.
  6. Log in to your WordPress homepage and determine where you want to insert your contact form.

To add the form to a specific page, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired WordPress page.
  2. Hover over the location where you want to embed the contact form.
  3. Click the ‘Plus’ icon.
  4. In the ‘Formatting’ block, find and click on ‘Custom HTML.’
  5. Insert the HTML code for the contact plugin installation into the window that appears.
  6. Click the ‘Update’ button to save your custom plugin on the page.

Wasn’t that easy? You have successfully created and added Elfsight’s interactive plugin to a specific page of your WordPress website.

If you want to add your contact form to all WordPress pages, there are several methods depending on your theme:

Adding the contact form via Theme Editor

    This method involves editing the PHP code of your WordPress theme. Access the theme editor under the “Appearance” tab in your WordPress dashboard. In the online editor, locate the header.php or footer.php file and paste the installation HTML code for the contact form at the end of the file, just before the closing [/body] tag.

Adding the contact form via Widgets option

    This method uses the Widgets feature in WordPress. Access the Widgets option under the “Appearance” tab in your WordPress dashboard. In the Widgets screen, drag and drop the contact form to the preferred area. Configure the advanced form settings and select the option to embed it on all pages.

Adding the contact form via Customize option

    This method employs the Customize feature in WordPress. Access the Customize option under the “Appearance” tab in your WordPress dashboard. In the Customize screen, go to the Widgets section and select the area where you want to add your contact form. Add the form and configure the settings to display it on all pages.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can create and embed a custom form on WordPress using Elfsight’s plugin without any coding experience. And if you face any difficulty, feel free to contact Elfsight’s Support Team to help you with any questions you might have about the custom plugin.

Craft the Perfect Contact Form with Variety of Elfsight Templates

Template Catalog

Explore 40+ Contact Form templates

Check out more of ready-made templates for any use case or build your own one!
Auto Reply Contact Form
Create a form with an auto-reply feature to collect contact data using the template for website.
Sign Up Contact Form
Create a form to let users contact the website owner and sign up for newsletters using the template for website.
Secure Contact Form
Create a website form with the template to collect contacts with secure protection.
Image Upload Contact Form
Create a form with an image upload feature and gather contact details using the template for website.
Floating Contact Form
Create a floating form to collect contact details using the template for website.
Constant Contact Form
Create a constant form to collect users' contact data using the template for website.
Popup Contact Form
Create a form to collect contact details in the pop-ups using the template for website.
Multiple Emails Contact Form
Create a form to stay in touch with users and send multiple email notifications using the template for website.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.

Maximizing the Power of Shortcodes with Elfsight Contact Form

Elfsight Contact Form is a reliable and efficient solution for creating customized contact forms for your WordPress website. One of the primary features that set the responsive plugin apart is its utilization of shortcodes. Shortcodes help simplify the process of embedding contact forms on your WordPress website and make it more accessible for users.

What are the shortcodes?

    Shortcodes are small snippets of HTML code that can be easily inserted into your web page’s content or widgets.
  • The Elfsight Contact Form uses shortcodes to allow you to place your forms anywhere on your WordPress site quickly. With just a few clicks, you can generate a shortcode for your Elfsight Contact Form and add it to your desired location.
  • The flexibility of shortcodes means that you can use them in various ways throughout your WordPress web page. For example, you can place a Contact Form shortcode within a blog post or a sidebar widget, ensuring your visitors can easily get in touch with you.
  • Another advantage of using shortcodes with Elfsight Contact Form is that they make it simple to update your forms. If you need to make any changes, you can do so in the Elfsight online editor, and the updates will automatically apply to any instance of the shortcode on your WordPress web page.
  • Additionally, shortcodes make it easy to duplicate your Contact Form across multiple pages on your site. By inserting the same shortcode on different pages, you can ensure a consistent experience for your WordPress visitors to contact you.
  • Elfsight Contact Form shortcodes also provide a level of customization, allowing you to modify the appearance and behavior of your forms. By adjusting the shortcode parameters, you can change the form’s design, and size, or even pre-fill certain fields.

In conclusion, the use of shortcodes with Elfsight Contact Form makes it incredibly user-friendly and versatile. The ability to quickly generate and embed shortcodes ensures that your web page remains accessible and engaging for your visitors. By harnessing the power of shortcodes, the widget becomes an essential tool for leveling up your WordPress web page.

Elfsight Contact Form: Combining HTML, jQuery, and Customization for Enhanced User Experience

This handy guide is designed to address common questions about the powerful integration of HTML, jQuery, and code customization that Elfsight Contact Form offers. Read on to learn more about how it can help you elevate your WordPress website’s functionality and user experience.

What web technologies does Elfsight Contact Form integrate with?

    Elfsight Contact Form seamlessly integrates with HTML, jQuery, and allows code customization.

How does Elfsight Contact Form work with HTML?

    The integration with HTML allows you to embed the plugin within your website’s code and customize it to match your WordPress site’s design and layout.

What are the benefits of using jQuery with Elfsight Contact Form?

    jQuery enhances the functionality and interactivity of your Contact plugin, enabling you to create dynamic effects and improve user experience.

Can I customize the code of the Elfsight Contact plugin?

    Yes, you can tailor it to your specific requirements by adding custom HTML elements or modifying the existing code.

What is an example of using HTML and jQuery together with the Elfsight Contact plugin?

    You can create a form that auto-populates certain fields based on user input. You can also use HTML to structure it and jQuery to update fields dynamically.

Can I create a multi-step contact form with the Elfsight Contact plugin?

    Yes, you can use HTML to structure it and jQuery to handle navigation between steps, resulting in a streamlined and user-friendly WordPress block.

How can I customize form validation using Elfsight Contact Form?

    Elfsight allows you to customize the validation by modifying the code and using jQuery. For example, you can create custom validation rules to ensure user input meets specific criteria. By adjusting the code and leveraging jQuery, you can enhance the overall user experience and ensure the accuracy of the information submitted.

Elfsight Contact Form and Elementor: A Winning Combination

Contact Form by Elfsight is a fantastic tool for creating responsive contact forms for your website. One of the key features that makes it even more powerful is its seamless integration with Elementor.

Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder, allows you to design custom web pages with ease. By combining the versatility of the Elfsight Contact widget with the creative possibilities of Elementor, you can create highly customized forms that perfectly suit your needs. 

Elementor’s drag-and-drop functionalityWhen using Elfsight Contact Form with Elementor, you can take advantage of Elementor’s drag-and-drop functionality to place your forms anywhere on your WordPress web pages. Furthermore, Elementor’s extensive library of widgets can enhance the appearance of your Contact Form, making it more visually appealing and user-friendly.
Elementor’s responsive designElementor’s responsive design capabilities ensure that your contact form looks great on any device. You can also use Elementor’s built-in design options to customize its look and feel, ensuring it is easy to align with your brand identity when inserted.
Elementor’s template libraryAnother advantage of using the interactive widget with Elementor is the ability to access Elementor’s template library. With a wide range of pre-built templates, Elementor makes it easy to find the perfect starting point for your Elfsight Contact Form.
Elementor’s conditional logic featureIn addition to the aesthetics, its powerful features can be used to optimize your widget’s functionality. For example, Elementor’s conditional logic feature can be applied to your Elfsight Contact Form, allowing you to create dynamic and interactive forms that respond to user input.
Elementor’s global settingsLastly, Elementor’s global settings can be applied to your widget and add consistency across your entire WordPress web page.

Additional Assistance for Crafting WordPress Contact Forms

Elfsight’s user-friendly plugin enables effortless contact form creation for your WordPress site, eliminating the need to work with HTML code. Should you require further assistance apart from the blog post, numerous resources are available to help you, such as:

  • suggesting new customizable features through the Wishlist,
  • exploring Contact Form-related articles and tutorials in the Help Center,
  • browsing a variety of custom WordPress templates provided by Elfsight,
  • or participating in the Elfsight Community to connect with fellow users.

This blog post is an invitation for everyone to set up this customizable tool and improve their WordPress web page’s user experience. Keep forging connections, and happy form-building adventures!