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Indeed, Weebly YouTube video app has various ways of implementation. Yottie settings make it possible to adjust each aspect of the gallery as you wish and create a unique and eye-catching element. We’ve prepared all sorts of examples below. So you can see how versatile Elfsight app can be.
  • Custom Color Scheme
  • Shutter Video List
  • Loony Carousel
  • Single Video
  • Cinema Video Gallery
  • Simple Video Grid
  • Structured Video Channel
  • Blue Play Box

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Profit by Yottie

Would you like to drive new audience to your site and turn them into your loyal followers? Of course, you are ;) Among various ways of drawing attention to your Weebly web pages, YouTube can be extremely useful.

This video service can drive more than 50% of web traffic to a website. And the precious resource can easily pass into your hands. We, at Elfsight, offer you the only necessary solution for adding YouTube to your Weebly site - Yottie.

Our app allows you to choose any channel, playlist or even video for creating your own player right on the website. Sounds great? Take a closer look at what we've prepared for you.

Key Features

Combine any of YouTube sources

Display your channel and grоw subscribers

Share videos by using different combinations of

You can use all these sources in one app at the same time!
Yottie will help you implement YouTube for Weebly websites. Our widget will become a reliable assistant in any of your video marketing needs. Promote your own channel and gain new subscribers. Show reviews and presentations of your brand. Entertain audience and increase their engagement.

Group YouTube videos as you wish

Divide videos into custom groups

Unlimited number of sources for each group

Get a well-ordered playlist with the selected groups

Do you have lots of content to show your audience? Yottie gives you control over all videos in the gallery. Create custom groups and arrange all channels and playlists for the best user experience. Provide visitors with the clear navigation through YouTube recordings.

Place Yottie in any place of your website

Flexible sizes

Perfection on any device

Retina ready
Fully responsive
Weebly YouTube plugin has flexible sizes and supports all kinds of browsing devices. You are able to change the width of your widget. Then all content will adjust automatically to the specified size. Moreover, Yottie is 100% retina ready and has the highest quality on all screen sizes.

Customize Yottie header

3 header layouts

1. Classic
2. Accent
3. Minimal

Turn on/off the informative header

Choose info that should be shown

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Videos counter
  • Subscribers counter
  • Views counter
  • Subscribe button

Customize header info as you wish

  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Logo
  • Banner
Our app includes an attractive header section that will promote your channel. Use it in order to show all information from the chosen source. The “Subscribe” button will increase the number of subscribers without leaving your web page. In addition, you can select one of three layouts that will show info in the preferred view.

Adjust UI settings to your website

Change gallery settings

Set navigation controls

Combine any of three controls or use them together

More useful UI settings

  • Free mode - Smooth scroll takes place of slides paging.
  • Direction - Set horizontal or vertical browsing of the widget.
  • Autorotation - Your gallery scrolls slides automatically with the specified time.
  • Animation - Choose slide, fade, coverflow, flip and cube animation effects.
Make your audience feel comfortable while interacting with Weebly YouTube video plugin. Yottie includes a lot of customizable interface features. The gallery’s structure and its navigation can be simply modified in seconds. Make your choice wisely to get a tremendous result on your Weebly website!

Personalize video previews and modes

Choose one of three awesome layouts

1. Classic
Standard vertical oriented card. The main goal is paying attention to the preview image.
2. Cinema
The preview image is set by default. The data appears in popup while pointing the image.
3. Horizontal
This layout comes in handy for displaying videos as a list.

 Info to show in the video preview

  • Play icon
  • Duration
  • Title
  • Date
  • Description
  • Views counter
  • Likes counter
  • Comments counter

3 ways to watch a video

  • In a popup player
  • In YouTube new browser tab
  • Directly in the video gallery
You can embed as many videos in the gallery as you wish and compose the organized playlist. Yottie uploads all information about videos from YouTube. You just have to check what types of data should be shown on your website. Then select a favorite layout and one of three playback modes.

Make the most out of popup

You can switch on/off 12 elements

  • Title
  • Channel logo
  • Channel name
  • Subscribe button
  • Views counter
  • Likes counter
  • Dislikes counter
  • Likes ratio
  • Date
  • Description
  • Description more button
  • Comments

Moreover, adjust these parameters

Autoplay - switch on/off
The option allows starting a video replay automatically when a web guest opens it in popup. Turn it on/off on your discretion.
Video slide animation
You are able to slide videos directly in popup and to set manually speed and easing of browsing animation.
Popup can be a very handy element for showing videos in the additional window. Our Weebly YouTube widget can enlarge the opportunities for showing the needed content. Turn this option on and your audience will be able to watch videos including all info in a pop-up window.

Features List

Promote your YouTube channel, its info (logo, banner, name, description, etc.) and videos on a Weebly site.
Source Groups
Create any combination of YouTube sources (channels, playlists or single videos) and group videos by custom groups.
Video Order
Specify the order of videos that will be displayed in your YouTube gallery. Sort content by date, views, likes, dislikes, position or comments.
Cache Time
Manage the period when your Weebly app requests to YouTube API. Define for how long the data from YouTube will be cached in viewers’ browsers.
Set the desired content of app’s header. Select its layout and data elements as you wish. Create a unique video player using Yottie.
Turn on “Subscribe” button and allow visitors to follow your YouTube channel from the web page.
Yottie adapts to any screen. So, no matter what type of device web guests use, Elfsight responsive app will show the best quality.
Retina Ready
Each element of YouTube Weebly plugin supports hi-res displays in order to look attractive in any situation.
Video Grid
Customize your widget by setting columns, rows and gutter. All video previews will adjust automatically.
Responsive Breakpoints
Point out the number of columns, rows and gutter depending on the browser’s width.
Choose any of 3 controls for creating comfortable user interface: Arrows, Scroll and Drag.
Scrollbar Indicator
Do you use scroll control? Display scrollbar in your player and provide web guests with the convenient use of the Weebly plugin.
Handle the direction of scrolling in your YouTube gallery. Select vertical or horizontal rotation depending on your preferences.
Activate autorotation mode and the app will automatically scroll through videos.
Our Weebly YouTube video app includes 5 sliding animations: slide, fade, coverflow, cube or flip.
Video Preview
Choose one of three video layouts and check info that you want to show. Find the appropriate look of video previews.
Video Play Mode
Allow your audience to watch videos in popup, directly on YouTube or right in the video preview.
Yottie gives the ability to watch any YouTube video in popup and to find all information about it without leaving Weebly site.
Create a unique style for the YouTube Weebly widget. You can color each of 60 design elements.
Color Schemes
Select one of four ready-made color schemes for a quick customization. Make your video gallery look outstanding!
Elfsight YouTube app supports 16 languages in order to remove a language barrier.


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