How to add Social Share Buttons to Webflow

Organizing content posting is easier than ever. Wire up your Webflow website to 50+ most widely used social media and let your readers to share your content effortlessly using the Elfsight Share Buttons.

The characteristics of the widget

Elfsight Apps provides a choice between a free version of the share widget one of the extended ones for large sites. Displaying and managing the widget will last approximately 2 minutes. Coding experience or hiring web-programmers is not required.

Video Guide

Adding the buttons to a website

Realize the necessary procedures, to perform the installation.

Installation step 1

Sign up and get personal social share button for your site.

Create an account or enter the service

If you don't yet have a page at Elfsight Apps, then you need to register. If you already have a profile, enter.

• Go to “Share Buttons” widget

To show Buttons to a Webflow website, you have to click – Social Share Buttons.

• Shape the buttons

Select the necessary settings that will allow you to display the widget on your website in the best way.

• Duplicate the buttons script

You can take the personal script to place the share buttons to your website in the window that comes up.

Installation step 2

Inserting share buttons to a Webflow site.

• Enter to Webflow dashboard

Go to the website editor.

• Select the website in list

Select the necessary website.

• Add the HTML element

Select a place for the buttons and pull the “Embed” element to that place.

• Paste the share buttons' code

Enter the buttons' code into the HTML element and save the changes.

• Save the changes

Press the “Publish” in the upper panel.

• Enjoy the buttons!

Go to the site to check it out.

How to adapt widget’s settings after setup

If you have to reset the buttons widget’s appearance after the application has been installed to a Webflow website, enter your individual account at Elfsight Apps and set the wishful configurations. After you’ve released these changes, the features will be installed to your site automatically. Also, don’t forget to explore other Webflow widgets by Elfsight.

About Elfsight Apps

It is a cloud-based online service that aims to change your resource and features plugins that are quick and uncomplicated to install.

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