Slack Shopify integration

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Why use Slack chat for your Shopify website?

Well, mainly because it’s the easiest way for your audience to talk to you. With the help of Elfsight Slack Chat integration on your Shopify site you can establish a comfortable conversation way that will help make it easy for users to talk to you immediately and with ease. People will have an opportunity to start conversing with you when needed, in a well-known and convenient chat window on your Shopify site. And you will always stay, answering on-the-go wherever you are.

And here are some reasons for you to consider adding Slack chat app to your Shopify site:

  • Define your target audience. Elfsight Slack chat integration can be set to appear only for a specific group of your Shopify site’s audience. You have three variants: all users, only new users, and just returning visitors. For example, you may want to restrict showing the chat to returning groups only, in order to help these users get what they didn’t during their first time on your Shopify site. Or you may need to involve as many fresh visitors as possible. Each case is different.
  • Revealing the feature where it performs best. Your chat may pop up on all pages of your Shopify site or only on the ones you select. If you need it just on selected pages – this is easy to do, simply select the Specific Pages option and enter the URLs of selected pages on your Shopify site. Meanwhile, Excluded Pages setting helps limit revealing on those pages where it’s better to hide it. Displaying on mobile is not compulsory, if it might hinder smooth experience, you can conceal it.
  • Customizable chat header. There are lots of elements of the chat header that you can vary depending on your purposes. The picture used may be your Slack icon, or you can pick it from our library or choose your own. You can add the name of the chat and pick a caption. The latter gives 5 variants of reply time, showing when users of your Shopify site should expect an answer, or a space for your custom caption text. It supports font and weight options, lists, links, and much more.
  • A greeting text and chat start icon. Greeting message is the first one your visitors notice when they open the Slack chat integration window on your Shopify site. It serves to help them start messaging, offers support, or addresses any other users’ needs. In the greeting text field you can add text and use and weigh options, align variants, lists and links. The Start Chat button can also include your custom message and you may demonstrate or hide the app thumbnail on it. Also, choose various buttons outlines – from square to rounded.

Flexible layout to make it comply with your use case

Integrating Slack Chat on your Shopify site provides you with the app interface details that help transform it right for your business sphere. Offer client support, give consultations about your products, help in making a booking and placing an order via your Shopify site – our chat can do all this and much more. Pick chat bubble pictures from a library, enter caption text including important information, add company logo or select a photo from predefined, write an inviting welcome message that will help start chatting, show new message notification, and more.

Invite users into chats. Grow them into shoppers. Increase sales.

Whatever services or products you promote, there’s a chance to offer more through individual conversations on your Shopify site. You can make each visitor engaged into a conversation and assure more users to order from your site. Elfsight Slack Chat integration includes chat triggers, which will make a chat window pop up for each person based on their spent on your Shopify site or page, or when they start exiting. You can choose out of four options of chat display position, and set the chat window to show only for a selected category of visitors for the most effective work.

Tons of other design and functional options upcoming soon to the Slack Chat app

Elfsight’s awesome development and design teams are currently working on the app’s structure and functionality. There would be a wide selection of settings, it’ll be possible to tailor your content so that it becomes an inseparable section of your Shopify website. You’ll be able to examine all the settings and produce the Shopify Slack Chat in the near future, wait for it!

The essential app features include:

  • Add Slack app on your Shopify site to have chats with users
  • Reply to messages right from your Shopify site page.
  • 3 types of Slack chat position: floating bubble, embed bubble, and embed chat window
  • A library of bubble icons for you to choose.
  • Option to edit bubble text.

With the Slack Chat app on your Shopify site, grow your audience faster and get more sales and leads!

How do I embed the Slack chat app into my Shopify website?

You can set it up to all pages of your Shopify website, or only to the pages you choose. You can as well hide it on certain pages if you don’t need the chat there.

On the condition of confronting questions or running against any difficulties, please write to our support staff. Our specialists will be excited to resolve all the difficulties you might have with the Slack Chat for Shopify.