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InstaShow in brief

Elfsight created the newest Weebly version of our user-appreciated Instagram feed InstaShow. Want to attract more audience to your blog or online store? Wish to entertain guests using the biggest photo-sharing network? Now you have these opportunities thanks to our app! InstaShow for Weebly will become a responsive tool in increasing web traffic. Create eye-catching galleries out of Instagram photos, customize appearance of your grid and provide the audience with unforgettable user experience.

Key features

Our Weebly Instagram feed has great a customization – more than 60 parameters under your control. Select any combination of usernames, tags and photo URLs. After that, Instagram Weebly app will display the relevant content in a beautiful gallery. You can manually change any part of InstaShow UI and make it meet your requirements. Find the most fetching appearance of your Instagram feed.

Unlimited sources

We developed Instagram widget for Weebly so that you will be able to choose web content of the feed yourself. Point out any number of usernames, tags or desired photo URLs. You get freedom in choosing Instagram photos for your website. Combine sources as you want – it’s up to you what photos should be shown!

Most wanted filters

By using two additional filters, you obtain twice more opportunities to customize Weebly Instagram feed. Say “No more!” to undesirable photos. Hide any Instagram image in case of facing it in your gallery. Filter "Except" excludes photos, which originate from specific accounts or include some certain hashtag or location. Filter "Only" lets you add specific photos from any public Instagram account, hashtag, location or photo URL.

Full control of sizes

Your Instagram feed should be responsive to any browser size. The look has to be perfect, no matter what device and screen are used by a web guest. To guarantee the universality of Weebly Instagram app we offer you advanced size settings. Customize width and gutter of the feed. Select the number of columns and rows of your grid. Control InstaShow dimensions with a click of a mouse!

Flexible UI customization

Smooth and clean UI is essential for any app. Weebly Instagram app has a whole range of features for the great interface. Select photo feed layouts, image templates for your gallery. Just two mouse clicks let you create a unique look of your Instagram app.

Infinite popup

Display your dazzling photos in a stylish and dazzling popup! It displays all the relevant Instagram image information - likes, comments, post author, text, location etc., presented in the style any Instagrammer will recognize. Also the Instagram widget for Weebly allows your users to share the gallery images in social media right from your webpage.

Popup features

  • Infinite scrolling with mousewheel
  • Post author with picture and username
  • Post location
  • Call to action button to target your audience
  • Follow button
  • View on Instagram button
  • Share post in social media
  • Supports carousel posts and videos
  • Autoplay video while scrolling
  • Recent like info and likes count
  • Post text with hashtags and emojies
  • Latest comments and view all link
  • Automatic new posts uploads as you scroll
  • Fully responsive
  • Specific layout for mobile devices

It looks like you want

Place your amazing images in the colorful Instagram app. Choose colors of every design element. Select one of 10 ready-made color schemes or create your own scheme by coloring 13 UI elements.
  • 10 predefined color schemes
  • 13 Color options to create custom scheme

21 languages support

Features list

Display cool Instagram photos on your Weebly website by combining various usernames, hashtags, locations and photo URLs. Specify as many sources as you want.
Leverage two filters: «except» and «only». Moderate your Instagram feed with the first option. The second one will be of use to show certain photos from specific accounts, tags or locations.
Limit number of photos
Decide how many of the latest Instagram images should be shown in your Weebly Instagram feed. Reveal only the newest media content in order to entertain web audience.
InstaShow for Weebly looks perfect on any screen resolution. It doesn’t matter what browsing device your audience use – our adaptive social app will show photos in the best way.
Control of sizes
Our Instagram Weebly feed allows tuning up the grid by choosing the number of columns and rows. You can also customize its width and gutter between photos.
Responsive breakpoints
Use this option to specify the quantity of columns, rows and gutter. Set breakpoints according to the width of browser’s window and share an outstanding Instagram gallery on any screen.
Slider and Grid layouts
An Instagram Feed app is all about displaying images for the best effect. Now this is even easier to do with two predefined InstaShow layouts – slider and grid. No matter whether you need to display the feed as a content element or on a separate page, one mouse click is all you need to get the required look.
2 post templates
The way to make people notice your Instagram images is to present them in a beautiful and stylish way. 2 predefined post templates – tile and classic – will let you achieve this in just a couple of seconds!
Non-square images support
Instagram feed InstaShow converts all photos into the square layout for the best presentation of the gallery. Meanwhile, images have initial sizes in popup mode.
Your target audience might know another language different from English. InstaShow for Weebly supports 21 languages to make app’s usage convenient and informative.
Add Share button to your gallery popup in Classic post template, and let your visitors promote your content on major social media.
Specify colors of InstaShow UI elements to fit the overall design of your website. You can implement one of 10 ready-made color schemes or just color each element yourself.
Let your audience take a closer look at any photo. Anyone can view additional info about each Instagram photo in popup and stay on Weebly website.
Retina ready
Each design component of Weebly Instagram feed supports high-definition screens and looks on them without flaw.
Cache time
Set up the applicable time of uploaded Instagram photos being cached in browser's local storage.

Reviews and Real Usage

Thousands of our customers have already written their reviews about InstaShow. Our highly appreciated Instagram feed is rewarded with positive reviews and 5-star rating.


Are you kidding me with this plugin!? This is by far the BEST Instagram plugin I've come across! This is probably my first ever review on Codecanyon since my 4-5 years with Wordpress - and I'm happy it is for this plugin! Keep up the good work, fellas.
You will not find a better instagram plugin anywhere on the market. Even more, the customer support they provide is second to none. Quick, reliable, and packed with the latest and greatest code, this is a great buy!
For me is the best plugin for Instagram. Believe me, I tried so many others...
All inclusive script to easily integrate Instagram in flexible formats on your website, best one i've seen so far.
Not only a great, customizable widget for Instagram, but very quick and extremely helpful support from Elfsight. 10/10 Would buy again.
Brilliant Support and and Excellent Instagram Gallery. Really happy with the purchase and the support offered. Rob
Very well done. Plays nice with my current theme. Easy to customize and loads & reacts quickly!

Real Usage Photographer Portfolio Website
Just look at this website with amazing photos and perfectly adjusted Instagram feed! InstaShow shows Stefan’s adventures around the globe and gives an opportunity to interact with social media community right from his site. Jeep & Truck Gear Online Store
The jeep gear shop has its own amazingly looking version of the Instagram feed. The photo grid presents the visual usage of special gear for jeeps in order to promote pro equipment and to increase interest in it. Sport Apparel Online Store
The plugin looks like an eye-catching element, which supplements the whole website. Large grid and sport topic – great way to promote your brand. They also induce people to share their own photos with company’s hashtag. Official Iceland News Website
Even news can turn InstaShow to advantage. Instagram feed is installed as a one-row grid in order to show the latest posts from the official account. Our plugin easily copes not only with photos but also with video content. Health Food Journal And Shop
By using InstaShow Jenni explains what a healthy lifestyle can be. Our plugin has even its own “Daily Dose of Wellness” heading on the website. Cute and shiny it attracts audience and increase its engagement.

Mass media about InstaShow

We highly suggest checking InstaShow out.

It really has a multitude of customization options adding to the flexibility of the widget, and it truly was easy to use.

And at the low, low price of $24, it really doesn’t get any better than that!

We really liked this plugin.

Its very easy to configure and the UI is immaculate, it has obviously been crafted by very good developers as the level of polish is high.

The plugin is available to purchase on CodeCanyon for just $24 which I think is a very fair price for this plugin.

Amazing Look For Your Images!

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There is a great variety of how you can customize and install Weebly Instagram app on your site. We present examples that worth your consideration. However, keep in mind that everything depends on your imagination.
  • Slider layout
  • Grid layout
  • Classic post template
  • Large grid with small images
  • Custom colors
  • Single post


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