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Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Create custom Google Maps for your WordPress website with unlimited markers containing locations, descriptions, images, links and directions!

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Check all features and discover the coolest look of the Google Maps Widget on your WordPress website.

Advantages of WordPress Google Maps Plugin

Display as many location markers as you need

Choose the right type of marker for each location you need to display. Set as many markers as you like for your places and points of interest in your neighborhood. Different predefined types of markers allow you to tell what’s what at one glance!

Set all the info you need on the info card in your WP Google Maps plugin

Sharing your location is only half the job. Making the rest of your contact information, such as working hours, the email address and phone number obvious and available will save lots of your customers’ time, too! So now you can display all the relevant info in one place.

Show the directions to your place

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress will automatically calculate the current position, and show the directions to the markers on your maps. To have our plugin do that, you only need to press one button on the info card!

Style your WordPress Google Maps Builder to blend in with your website

The Elfsight Google Maps plugin for WP offers you 32 flexible options to give your map the right appearance and to make it display everything you need. Sizes, controls, colors, map layers, as well as map center, zoom and type – you control them all!

No coding required

Create custom Google maps on your WP website by pressing a few buttons

Live updates

Install the plugin’s updates in a couple of clicks right from your WordPress admin panel.

Premium Quality

Great quality code guarantees a fantastic user experience for you and your clients.

Premium support

Get your questions answered by friendly and competent professionals.

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