10 File Viewer templates for your Website

Add PDF, Docx, Xlsx, Jpeg to your website. Fast. Easy. No Coding.
G2 Badges
Apply this tool to to help users get all the information gathered in one place.
Using Elfsight File Embed, you will make sure your users spend more time on your site.
Make your website extremely useful for your audience by adding different documents and files.
Excel spreadsheet
Employ one of the most uncomplicated ways to give your visitors all the info on your products.
Give your users a clearer understanding of your products showing them all the necessary documents.
Improve user experience by providing visitors with all the necessary data gathered in one place.
Lower bounce rate on your site giving your audience all the information on your products and offers.
Make your web page impossible to leave using Elfsight File Embed and adding numerous documents on it.
Expand the selection of files provided to users of your site and improve the user experience.
Get your audience to click on the attractive file icons and present all the info on your products.
No Suitable Template?
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