File Embed Examples

Check File Embed examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: PDF File

There’s an attractive recipe PDF inserted into the page in full view. Users can read it still on the site and download, if necessary, with the help of the Download label in the right upper corner. File Viewer layout also enables scrolling and zooming.

Example 2: Word Document

With our widget, share extended multi-page documents and let users view them till the end right on your web page. Scroll and zoom options work there, too, for convenient use. A click on pop out icon in the right upper corner opens the document in a new browser tab.

Example 3: Excel Table

In this example, the widget serves to integrate Excel file in a website page. File Viewer layout allows users to check the document till the end straight on the website. The widget saves all the original document features, thus Excel sheets are in Album layout here.

Example 4: PowerPoint Presentation

You can brighten up the content of your site, showing PowerPoint presentations. As you can see here, the document is displayed in full view with all pictures and diagrams and allows scrolling, zoom and pagination. Users can also download the file clicking on the Download label.
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Example 5: Restaurant Menu

This example shows, the documents presented by custom icons, which reflect the content and match with the website concept. The widget has formed a sufficient content unit thanks to the custom background color of each document tile. Tiles are clickable and open in a new browser tab on click.

Example 6: Product Manuals

Create a document grid to supply customers with all necessary information about your products. Theme icons differentiate the products visually and make navigation easier. The grid has automatic column distribution, which means the number of columns will be set automatically, based on available width.

Example 7: Bookshelf

Here the design of widget is totally transformed to create an eye-catching content unit matching the website. The widget background and the file names and links are colored in a unique way; book covers serve as document icons, and the widget has a custom width.

Example 8: Magazine archive

Elfsight widget allows you to publish an archive of documents and make it convenient to navigate. In this example, the names of magazine issues show the date of publishing for faster searching. Under each file, there’s a Download button.

Example 9: Downloads

If there’s a need to integrate files into the site in a clean moderate manner, the widget will help you do it, too. In this example, you can see a minimalist and clean list with nothing extra, but a custom header and file names with extensions.

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