File Embed Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight File Embed and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Embed 20+ formats of files

Elfsight File Embed allows you to insert all the most popular formats of files into pages of your website for viewing and downloading. These include Docx, Xlsx, PDF, Pptx, and other – over 20 types in total. Feel free to place technical documentation, specifications, instructions, certificates – everything you need!

3 handy ways to add file

Our file manager includes three ways to add a file to the page. You can upload a file from your computer, add an URL of the file, or find and choose it in the list of recently-uploaded files. We did everything to make the process smooth and quick for you.


File Viewer layout for immediate viewing

This layout will give your visitors an opportunity to view the file that you embedded on the page. File Viewer layout shows the file with scrolling, pagination, and zooming available, so that users can study it till the end without leaving your site.There are also options to view the file full screen and to download it.

Tip: This layout is a good way to present your certificates, licenses, diplomas, or other types of documents that confirm your qualifications or product quality.

Display active file icons with Grid and List layouts

Grid and List layouts were designed to let you embed a lot of documents and show them as clickable icons with titles. Users can click on each file and it will open in a new browser tab, where they can also download it. You can choose to show or hide the Download label that appears next to the icon and allows to download the file right there.

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Fully customizable file icon

Our widget will automatically identify the format of the file that you embedded and display the right icon. However, if you wish to customize it – you are free to do so. You can upload your own image of file preview instead of the predefined. If you don’t want to show the icon at all, you can switch it off and the file will be presented only by its title.

6 paintable elements of the interface

Every element of the page should be a part of the general website style. That’s why this widget has as many as six paintable elements. You can choose your own color for file name and background, download link, icon and widget title, and background.

Adjustable font sizes and widget width

The size is just as important as the color. In Elfsight File Embed you can choose not only the width of the widget in pixels or percentage, but also the font size of text elements: widget title, file name, and Downlod label. For these elements you can set font size using a handy drag.


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