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Muse Click to Call widget
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Elfsight Call Now Button is the handiest widget for your website, that makes it quicker for your users to give you a phone call. Used on mobile devices, the widget will dial your number, as soon as a person clicks on the phone bubble. When viewed from desktops, the click reveals your phone number on the page to help users make a call straight ahead. You can not only show the number, but also to configure the call window which includes the name and photo of the contact person and a custom text. All the call window elements are switchable and allow you to design any variant of the interface. Therese’s also an option to activate a trigger that shows the phone bubble and select a category of users who will see it.

Where can I install the widget

It can do its job on any page of your website as well as on all the pages. In the Click to Call settings, there’s an option to add the URLs of specific pages where you need to do to embed the widget. Another way is to use Exclude option and insert the URLs of the pages where you need to restrict showing the Call widget.

What benefits does it give me?

You can attract more phone calls from users having fast and easy way to call you staying on the site. It can help you get more of personal communications and turn users into new shoppers. Besides, you can collect your database of leads.

What do I need to embed Call widget to my Muse website?

It takes just one minute of your time to activate the widget. Adding is super fast, free, and coding-free.

You can embed Call Button to the web page through our service. Simply see the instructions down on this page.


To form a full idea of Click to Call, view the list of its essential functions. They make this widget really effective for your store:

  • One-click phone calls on mobile devices;
  • Choose one of three variants of widget placing: Left Floating, Right Floating or custom;
  • The option to display widget on certain web pages or to exclude pages;
  • 3 categories of users who will see the widget: all, new, or returning only;
  • Four widget activating triggers: time on the page, time on the website, scrolling position, or trying to leave the site.

Our live demo will open more features to you

How to add the Click To Call Button widget to your Adobe Muse page

These several steps are the only thing you need to do in order to add the widget.

  1. Construct your custom Call plugin
    With the help of our free configurator, create a plugin with a preferable composition and functionality.
  2. Acquire the individual code to integrate the plugin
    After you have set your widget, you will receive the individual code from the popup notification on Elfsight Apps. Copy this code for later use.
  3. Integrate the plugin on your Muse website
    Go to the place you need to do to embed Call plugin and add the saved code there. Publish the changes.
  4. Congratulations! You have just published the widget!
    Enter your store, to take a look at your plugin.

Still have something that makes you unsure? Or have queries? Simply send a request to our customer support, we will resolve every problem.


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