Mortgage & Loan Calculators

Shopify Mortgage & Loan Calculators for website

Let your Shopify website users take control of their finances with our Mortgage & Loan Calculators templates. Simplify loan planning, manage mortgage, and budget intelligently, ensuring manageable repayment schedules. Guide them toward the best refinancing strategies and optimizing payoff!
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Loan Calculator
Add a calculator plugin to specify monthly loan payments and total repayment amounts for your website users.
Mortgage Calculator
Embed a calculator widget to help website users count monthly mortgage payments and get their dream home.
Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) Calculator
Add a calculator widget to let website visitors manage Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for loans and mortgages.
Car Loan Calculator
Creating a calculator plugin is best for letting website users estimate the loan terms for their dream car.
Business Loan Calculator
Embedding a calculator widget estimates loan amounts your website users need to grow their businesses.
Solar Panel Loan Calculator
Creating a calculator widget provides website estimates for loan amounts to switch to sustainable energy—a solar panel.
Mortgage Affordability Calculator
Add a calculator plugin to help website users examine mortgage affordability and what they can qualify for.
Student Loan Calculator
Embed a calculator plugin on a website to help students manage their loan debt, ensuring a transition into a professional career.
Home Loan Calculator
Create a calculator plugin for website users and unlock the door to their dream home with estimated loan amounts.
Personal Loan Calculator
Add a calculator plugin to a website and let users make smart borrowing decisions for personal loans.
Loan Repayment Calculator
Embed a calculator plugin to let website users calculate repayment schedules and track loan progress.
Mortgage Payoff Calculator
Create a calculator plugin to allow website users to take control of their mortgage and accelerate the payoff journey.
Balloon Payment Calculator
Adding a calculator widget to help website users conquer balloon payments and plan finances effectively.
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Embedding a calculator widget estimates mortgage payments and analyzes payment structures for your website users.
Auto Lease Calculator
Creating a calculator plugin for website users elevates their auto leasing experience and optimizes terms.
Refinance Calculator
Add a calculator template to a website and help visitors make informed decisions on loan refinancing.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why is Elfsight Shopify Mortgage & Loan Calculator the best?

Simplify intricate mathematical operations, empower users with insightful decision-making capabilities, and improve their browsing experience on your Shopify website utilizing Elfsight’s Mortgage & Loan Calculator templates that require no coding. Customize the Calculator widget settings and add business-specific formulas, then swiftly get the embed code snippet to get it running. Elevate the feature with exceedingly satisfying calculations, providing an enhanced performance for your users!

Why Elfsight Mortgage & Loan Calculators are the Best?

Shopify Mortgage & Loan Calculators Features and Integrations

Multiple Calculation Fields
Calculation Formulas Support
Conditional Logic
Multiple Measurement Formats
Personalized Header
Custom Results Section
Animated Elements
Custom Colorization and Sizing
Custom CSS Editor
Custom JS Editor
Coding-Free Editor
Optimized for All Mobile Devices
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Fast Website Integration

How to add Mortgage & Loan Calculator to Shopify website

In order to add the Mortgage & Loan Calculator to your Shopify website page, complete the uncomplicated guideline:

  1. Log in to your Elfsight account.
  2. Copy the setup code that’s been automatically created for you.
  3. Go to your Shopify website page editor.
  4. Insert the code and save your edits. Now you’re done!

For further assistance, reach out to the Elfsight Support Team.


Can I embed the Mortgage & Loan Calculators without coders?

Indeed! Elfsight’s widgets are made for ease of use, allowing you to bypass the help of a skilled developer or third-party coding app. As a result, it’s a brief remark: you can effortlessly add the Mortgage & Loan Calculators with the auto-generated snippet of code delivered by our team.

Can I add my calculation formula to the Calculator widget?

Absolutely, you can! The widget provides you with the freedom to utilize a range of custom formulas for your computations. For a thorough understanding of how to work with formulas and functions, refer to our all-encompassing manual.

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the Mortgage & Loan Calculators besides Shopify?

With a compatibility rate of 99.9%, our plugins are the ultimate solution for almost any website platform. Here are the most popular ones:

Squarespace, Wix, HTML, Webflow, WordPress, Elementor, Google Sites, GoDaddy, iFrame, and many others.

On what Shopify website pages can I add the Mortgage & Loan Calculators?

The placement of the widget is completely up to you. Position the widget wherever it enhances the user experience and compliments the content and services on your Shopify website. But here are some key locations: the front page, product pages, blog articles, contact info, and FAQ page.

Can I customize the Mortgage & Loan Calculator template for Shopify websites?

Yes, you can! You can fully personalize the widget to tie in with the primary purpose of your business website. Set the formula elements, customize the field aesthetics, establish the result segment, and proceed to choose the color scheme, font selections, size variations, and numerical formats.

Are the Mortgage & Loan Calculator templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, without a doubt, they are! The Mortgage & Loan Calculator templates are optimized to perform flawlessly on any device: mobiles, computers, laptops, and tablets. Elfsight ensures the responsiveness of all Shopify widgets across various screen sizes, maintaining a glitch-free experience.