Calculator Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Calculator and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Ensure adaptive calculations with interactive elements

Let your customers see the changes in pricing online as they enable or disable certain options and adjust required settings. Use extra options, checkboxes and sliders to help them reach appropriate results.

Create user-friendly experiences to enhance decision making

With Elfsight’s Calculator widget, you can organize a visually appealing pricing system. People will likely complete a desired order or purchase when they immediately see how they can influence the costs.

Benefit from the counting options within the same page

Make sure a convenient calculator is there at the crucial moment for your customers. The on-page solution will not let them leave the page or walk away for the third-party calculation tools.


Enjoy a variety of customizable fields for your goal

Whatever your business is, you can quickly build a custom calculator enabled with formulas covering all the possibilities for the customers. Present your pricing in its flexibility and adaptivity to people’s needs.

Discover simple solutions for complicated calculations

Elfsight’s Calculator includes basic math operations, as well as pre-made formulas for more complex needs and actions with various units of measurement. Equipped with conditional logic, the widget helps you build detailed patterns to count anything.


Receive clear results via transparent calculations

When everything is counted, your website visitors will see a total result combined out of their choices. With an ability to include or exclude options, the customers will be able to understand the origins of the number and make adjustments if necessary.

Use suitable units of measurement and formats for your results

As your calculations may include various types of data, the results can be displayed with maximum convenience. You can adjust the final result to be more relevant for the audience and convenient for future usage worldwide.


Customizable templates for a smooth start

For a simple start, we provide you with template ideas on creating your perfect calculator. Select the template and start building a custom widget, using the flexible adjustments for various needs and goals.


Tech-free widget creation

You can modify all of the widget’s settings without coding. Watch all the changes applied to style, design and functioning right in the creator online. The simplicity of adding fields and enabling options ensures that any use can tailor a useful widget for practical needs.

Desktop and mobile versions

We assure you that the Calculator widget you embed is readable on any device. Both smartphone users and those who use desktop devices will be able to see and use your widget with convenience.


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