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How to Embed PDF Files into Any Website for Free

In the article we will introduce you to the free PDF viewer from Elfsight, so that you can add a no-code plugin for your PDF documents’ embedding. Also, you will find tutorials and tips on how to display PDF files on your website smoothly.
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How to Embed PDF Files into Any Website for Free

What is PDF Viewer?

If you occasionally face the need to upload documents to your website, PDF viewer widget developed by Elfsight is the best solution. We wrote this article to prove this idea. Therefore, you will find detailed information on the PDF viewer widget and its embedding to websites. We will enable you with tips and tutorials on PDF files management on any common CMS platform.

In brief, the free PDF Viewer by Elfsight is designed to make your files look prettier. The widget is flexible and can be embedded smoothly. It displays files in a nice way, so that the visitors want to click or download them willingly.

Start with our demo to see how you can align your one or many PDF files on a website. Discover the options and settings of how your website visitors can benefit from this widget, embedded with an HTML code. The HTML code for your PDF viewer widget is generated by Elfsight, so that you don’t need programming skills.

Build your PDF Viewer widget in 5 minutes

  1. Explore templates in the demo to make the best start of your PDF viewer.
  2. Define layout and change styles to fit your website.
  3. Then save the results and continue.
  4. The HTML code of your PDF viewer widget will be generated automatically.
  5. Finally, copy and embed it into your website.

Simple as that! Now your website users will see beautiful PDF file previews instead of dull attachments.

Answers on PDF Viewer

Enhancing your website with the nice-looking PDF embed widget is easy for any website holder. Businesses can simply get a ready-made HTML code of the PDF viewer. Nevertheless, we collected a range of questions that you may have before you start working with the widget.

Common questions

Is the PDF embed viewer free?

Certainly! You can create and embed our PDF widget’ HTML code into your pages for free. Moreover, you access any template and all of the settings to build your PDF viewer for free as well. The widget will work on any website for as long as you want it to keep on functioning. However, you are always welcome to see our Pricing page to find out how to make your Elfsight experience even more versatile.

Can I change templates of the widget?

Yes. Each site is individual and we want our widgets to neatly fit in any design and structure. Our settings for each template are flexible. As a result, you can build the best custom PDF widget for your website for free.

Do I need to code the widget myself?

No! The best news about the PDF viewer embed is that Elfsight generates the HTML code of your custom widget automatically. It keeps the information about your settings and adjustments made to the template. In a word, you do the development without even knowing that.

When to use the PDF embed widget?

Basically, your choice will be based on how you want to use the widget. 

  • If you want to showcase your technical documents or instructions, you can place the PDF widget embed on your product page. 
  • For certificates or other legal documents, consider adding the file widget to your “About Us” or “Contacts” page. This will assist users in learning more about your brand and products.
  • To share requisites with your business partners and counteragents, embed the PDF widget into the “Partnership” section of your website.

Embedding into popular CMS

Can I embed the PDF viewer into WordPress websites’ HTML?

As the most well known platform for website building, WordPress is always in our focus. We designed our WordPress PDF viewer, in order to suit any website built on this CMS. You will be pleased to see how it looks in WordPress blocks of your pages. Also, see these simple steps on creating your personal HTML code of PDF plugin for WordPress.

  1. To begin with, choose a suitable template in our demo. Focus on your business purpose and future location of the plugin to achieve better efficiency.
  2. Modify layouts and adjust the appearance of your custom plugin. Benefit from various flexible settings for colors, fonts, and other design aspects.
  3. Then, save changes and continue, in order to receive your HTML code.
  4. Copy the code of your ready plugin. 
  5. Finally, add it to WordPress pages.

To move on with your PDF viewer in WordPress, check the tutorials on how to add Elsight products to WordPress websites.

Can I add the PDF  viewer to Squarespace websites’ HTML?

Squarespace is a widely used platform, and it’s crucial for us to seamlessly integrate our plugins with it. The PDF viewer plugin for Squarespace smoothly blends with the overall look of any website. To achieve this, follow these steps and effortlessly add the PDF embed plugin to your Squarespace website’s HTML code.

  1. First, begin by selecting the most suitable template from our demo. Keep in mind your business task you are going to complete using the plugin.
  2. Then, work on layouts and design. Modify fonts, colors, preview images etc.
  3. Once you’ve configured everything to your liking, make sure to save the settings and then proceed to generate your custom HTML.
  4. After obtaining the embed HTML code for the PDF viewer, simply copy it.
  5. Finally, seamlessly integrate the copied code into your Squarespace pages. 

After you get back to your website with the PDF plugin’s HTML code, explore tutorials that provide a deeper understanding of how to add products to Squarespace.

Can I embed the PDF viewer into WIX websites’ HTML?

WIX, as one of the most renowned website building platforms, consistently captures our attention. Our WIX PDF viewer is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with any website built on this CMS. You’ll be delighted to see how it seamlessly integrates into the WIX blocks on your pages. Furthermore, follow these straightforward tutorials to create your personalized HTML code for the PDF plugin embed on your WIX website.

  1. First and foremost, commence by selecting a suitable template from our demo. Focus on your business objectives and the future location of the plugin to enhance its efficiency.
  2. Then, tailor the layouts and fine-tune the appearance of your custom document viewer. Take advantage of the various flexible settings for colors, fonts, and other design elements.
  3. Once you’ve made these adjustments, remember to save your changes and proceed to obtain your HTML code.
  4. Copy it to obtain your fully prepared plugin.
  5. To complete the process, effortlessly add the code to your WIX pages.

To further enhance your experience with the PDF viewer on your WIX site, explore tutorials on how to add Elsight products to WIX websites.

Can I add the PDF viewer to Webflow websites’ HTML?

As one of the foremost platforms for website development, Webflow consistently commands our attention. We’ve tailored our Webflow PDF viewer to seamlessly integrate with any website constructed on this CMS. You’ll be delighted to witness how it seamlessly fits into the Webflow page structures. Moreover, consider these straightforward tutorials to craft your personalized HTML code for the PDF plugin on your Webflow site.

  1. Firstly, kickstart the process by selecting a suitable template from our demo. Pay close attention to your business objectives and the prospective location of the plugin to enhance its efficiency.
  2. Following that, fine-tune the layouts and refine the appearance of your customized viewer. Take full advantage of the array of flexible settings available for colors, fonts, and other design aspects.
  3. Once these adjustments are made, remember to save your changes and proceed to acquire your HTML code.
  4. Then, copy the code of your fully prepared plugin.
  5. Lastly, effortlessly add the HTML to your Webflow pages.

In order to further enhance your experience with the free PDF viewer on your Webflow site, explore tutorials on adding Elsight products to Webflow websites.

Can I embed the PDF viewer into Shopify websites’ HTML?

Shopify stands as a widely embraced platform, and it’s imperative for us to ensure a seamless integration of our plugins. The PDF viewer plugin for Shopify effortlessly harmonizes with the overall aesthetics of any website. To accomplish this, follow these systematic tutorials to effortlessly add the PDF embed to your Shopify website’s HTML code.

  1. To begin with, initiate the process by selecting the most appropriate template from our demo. Consider your specific business objectives and the intended use of the plugin.
  2. Subsequently, focus on refining layouts and design elements. You have the flexibility to modify fonts, colors, preview images, and more.
  3. Once you’ve configured everything according to your preferences, be sure to save your settings before proceeding to generate your HTML.
  4. After acquiring the embed HTML code for the PDF viewer, simply copy it to your clipboard.
  5. Finally, seamlessly integrate the copied HTML into your Shopify pages.

Once you return to your website with the PDF plugin’s HTML code in hand, delve into tutorials that offer a more in-depth understanding of how to add products to your Shopify store.

For additional guidance across different platforms, please visit our Help Center. You’ll find comprehensive tutorials and valuable tips covering various aspects of working with Elfsight PDF embed plugin, providing support for users on multiple platforms.

Best Points in Favor of PDF Viewer

The PDF plugin has a brilliant and intuitive interface. Absolutely customizable and integration is real quick. Customer service was amazingly fast and helpful. – Tom Michaelson, Entrepreneur.

We take care of both your business and your customers. At Elfsight, we believe that the product is good when it is beneficial for everyone. The plugins by Elfsight are easy to modify and add, whereas those who see them on websites find them attractive and helpful. Another side of online business we cover is the plugins’ appearance. Therefore, below you will find how our PDF viewer embed will serve your business, your website, and your customers.

What your business receives

Enhanced Content PresentationThe Elfsight PDF viewer plugin allows businesses to add their PDF documents in a user-friendly manner directly to their website. This enhances the overall aesthetics and professionalism of the site.
Improved User EngagementBy providing a seamless way to view PDF files within the browser, businesses can keep visitors engaged on their website, reducing bounce rates and increasing the time spent on their web pages.
Easy Content UpdatesBusinesses can easily update PDF documents on their website without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise, ensuring that their content remains up to date.
Free and CustomizableAs we already mentioned, you can use this PDF plugin for free. Change its style, alignment, and content, whenever you need to. The plugin can serve you as an irreplaceable library for documents.

What customers receive

Convenient ViewingCustomers can view PDF files directly within their browser without the need to download or open them in external applications, adding convenience and user-friendly experience.
Interactive FeaturesUsers can take advantage of interactive features such as scroll, pagination, and zoom, making it easier to navigate and digest the content within the PDFs. You can easily adjust preview and download options to make your PDF embed clear and intuitive.
Quick AccessCustomers can access important information quickly and efficiently without the need to navigate away from the website, which can improve user satisfaction and convenience. Enabled with zoom, scroll and pagination, the PDF viewer embed really helps your customers.
Improved TrustOffering PDF embeds seamlessly on the website can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the business, as customers have easy access to valuable resources and information. They can easily preview or download files without third-party tools.

How it influences your website’s rates

Enhanced User ExperienceThe plugin improves the overall user experience by allowing visitors to view PDF content without leaving the website, reducing friction in accessing information.
Reduced Page Load TimesSince PDF embeds are not directly hosted on the website, page load times are improved, leading to faster and smoother browsing for visitors.
Flexible Display OptionsThe plugin offers various display options, enabling businesses to customize how PDFs are presented on their website to match their brand’s style and design.
Seamless IntegrationElfsight’s PDF viewer plugin is added seamlessly to various website platforms, making it easy for businesses to implement and manage.

Prior to preparing this chart, we had analyzed the experience of other Elfsight users.  We research current market needs and invite everyone to discuss our products and contribute with ideas within our Community.

What can I Use the PDF Embed Plugin for?

So, we learnt a lot about the remarkable PDF viewer plugin that you can add to websites for free. However, it can’t be the single reason to use the plugin for your business. If you want to read the best ideas on how to make use of PDF viewer embed.

  • Document Sharing. Share important documents such as user manuals, product catalogs, or brochures directly on your pages. This provides visitors with easy access to essential information without the need to download files separately.
  • Newsletters and Reports. Embed newsletters, annual reports, or industry research papers on your site. This allows visitors to view and interact with these documents without leaving your site, improving engagement.
  • Portfolio Showcases. For artists, designers, or photographers, showcase your portfolio by embedding a PDF portfolio directly on your website. This provides a convenient way for potential clients or employers to view your work.
  • Forms and Contracts. Add fillable forms, contracts, or agreements for users to complete and submit directly on your site. It streamlines processes and eliminates the need for users to download, print, and scan or mail documents.
  • Event Promotion. Create event flyers, posters, or invitations as PDFs and embed them on your event’s webpage. Visitors can easily view, download, or print these materials for offline use or sharing.

PDF Plugin Examples with Elfsight Templates

In addition to general ideas in the previous section, we would like to offer you a few visual designs. Those are examples of the PDF viewer plugin built for various business scenarios. Hopefully, you will find them interesting and relevant for your website.

Restaurant menu

In this case, the documents are attached using custom icons that not only represent the content but also blend with the website’s style. The PDF embed widget comes as an integral content unit, thanks to its cohesive tile background color. 

What’s noteworthy is that these tiles are not just static visuals; they are fully clickable. Users can effortlessly explore the menu options, opening them in new browser tabs for a more user-friendly and efficient browsing experience.

PDF embed preview 1

Product manuals

Construct a grid of embedded PDF documents to furnish customers with essential product information. Enhance user experience, adding theme icons for seamless navigation between these PDF documents on the website. 

Notably, the grid incorporates an automated column distribution feature that intelligently arranges the documents into columns, optimizing space utilization based on the available page real estate.

PDF embed preview 2

Magazine archive

Likewise, consider this practical example of arranging a magazine archive for user convenience. Each magazine issue is meticulously uploaded with a name that clearly signifies its publication year and month, ensuring effortless retrieval of the desired issue. 

Furthermore, the widget header is customizable with personalized text. You have the flexibility to upload any number of files, and users can conveniently open them in a new tab for an enhanced browsing experience.

PDF embed preview 3
Upon revising our examples, you can think how you can adapt them to your product. You might have similar product structure, documentation order or presentation shelf. Find inspiration with even more examples from Elfsight.

Discover PDF Embed Templates in Catalog

Template Catalog

More File Embed Examples

Check out our curated selection of PDF Embed templates to find what suits your business needs and branding aesthetics. All the available options are yours to choose from!
Embed a downloader plugin to allow users to securely save PDF files from your website.
Embed PDF files in an easily accessible and interactive HTML format on a website, providing a comprehensive preview experience.
Creating a world of books with exciting storytelling on your website is simple using the PDF widget.
PDF Uploader
Create an accessible format for PDF files with this uploader template, boosting engagement on a website.
Create a captivating storybrand narrative on your website to resonate with a target audience using this PDF plugin.
Create a user-friendly experience for sharing PDF documents on a website with this embedder plugin.
Create a PDF plugin for a website to display pricing information and product details clearly.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

At this stage you are well informed about the usage of the PDF viewer plugin. The viewer can be helpful for any business that wants to upload documents and keep them in a nice order at the same time.

PDF Viewer Together with Other Elfsight widgets

Elfsight has a range of wonderful widgets that look great on any website. We constantly work on developing new products, as well as updating the current widgets. Although spamming with widgets is not an advice to follow, some of them work perfectly together. In this section we will talk on teamwork of PDF viewer widget with other products.

  • Google Reviews widget on a website adds trust and loyalty. When you locate PDF files on your pages, visitors will likely open them seeing positive reviews over your business.
  • Add a Form Builder to enhance feedback activity. Despite the fact that PDF files are informative, they don’t collect any data themselves. Adding a form enables your customers with a right to be in touch with you concerning what they have learnt from the PDF files on the website.
  • Facebook chat is another good application for websites. While PDF viewer embed helps you keep the audience reading important texts on the website, the chat will help them stay there. With such an interaction, users will get a chance to be consulted or navigated when browsing your PDF files.
PDF embed 1


In conclusion, let’s take a look at some important outcomes on using the PDF embed on a website. 

Simple start

You found out that making your first document viewer is easy with the demo from Elfsight. You can design and adjust everything without registration. In addition, you don’t need to have programming skills, since the HTML of the viewer will be generated automatically. Also, remember that adding our PDF viewer embed to your website’s HTML comes at no cost.

Covering questions

We covered basic questions on PDF viewer embed. That resulted in better understanding of this accessible viewer. Also, you now know that you can embed the PDF viewer into any website. The result will be smooth and totally depends on the design of your choice.

PDF embed promo 1

Tutorials on  PDF embedding

Another key task of the article was to provide you with sources on how to incorporate the viewer into popular platforms. Our customers can add Elfsight products to a large set of platforms. Since your custom viewer is just an HTML insert, it is easy to use it on any website.

Ideas and colorful examples

Getting inspired can be a challenge, especially working with something new. That’s why we tried to enable you with both common ideas and visual examples. Consequently, you receive a solid number of practices that are a good reason to embed the PDF viewer widget.

Combination ideas

Although the PDF viewer embed widget is an awesome plugin, you can still furnish your website with more interactive elements from our collection. We have seen some possible combinations that boost websites’ performance. In similar fashion, you can form your own team of products to satisfy your website’s needs.

Community and Wishlist

Proceeding to the final of our article, we invite you to visit our Community. You can find even more tips there that go beyond the content of these guidelines. The Community is full of vivid and creative ideas, due to the fact that it is widely contributed by other customers. You are welcome to discuss features and add feedback on plugins.

Moreover, you can write to our Wishlist, thus informing us directly on what our collection lacks. You can even vote for our next upcoming product development.

PDF embed Community

Help Center

Thank you for reading this blog article on PDF embed widget. Hopefully, you found enough information and got excited with this convenient product for any kind of business. Surely, we will be glad to see our PDF viewer widget working for the good of your website.

We are ready to answer any of your remaining questions at the Help Center. You will always find respect and attention to your issue there.

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