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PDF Viewer & Embedder Examples

Check PDF Embed examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Embed PDF File

See how you can easily insert your documents into the pages of your site in full view. It’s perfectly easy to view the document right on the page, and it can also be downloaded, if necessary, using the Download label in the right upper corner. File Viewer layout also allows scrolling and zooming.

Example 2: Restaurant Menu

In this example, the documents are attached with custom icons depicting the content and reflecting website style. The widget looks as an absolutely integral content unit thanks to the tile background color. Tiles are fully clickable and users can study the menu in new browser tabs.

Example 3: Product Manuals

Create a grid of embedded documents to provide customers with supporting product information. Adding theme icons will help easier navigation between the documents. The grid features automatic column distribution that will spread the docs into columns based on the available space on the page.

Example 4: Embed Research

There’s an easy way to share long multi-page documents to let users read them staying on your website. You can see that the document can be scrolled and pagination option is also here. The header serves to announce the name of the document. A pop out icon in the right upper corner allows to open the document in a new tab.

Example 5: Bookshelf

Here you can see how the widget can be totally transformed in terms of style to create a consistent content unit in balance with the website. Change the widget background color, the color of text in file names and links, upload document pictures, set your own widget width - and you get a custom design that no user can miss.
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Example 6: Magazine archive

Arrange magazine archive that is convenient to use. Every magazine issue is uploaded with the name that indicates the year and month of publishing, so that it’s easy to find the right issue. The header of the widget alo has a custom text. You can upload any amount of files, and users will be able to open them in a new tab.

Example 7: Downloads

When you don’t want to create a separate content unit with your files, the widget will suit to arrange a simple minimalist list. It looks maximum clean and doesn’t distract attention from other content. Just file names with the extensions, so that users can see file format. Even Download label is removed to achieve the cleanest look possible.

Example 8: Annual Reports

In this use-case, the widget is up to the task of creating a simple collection of files for users to download. The files are presented by tiles, each including a PDF icon, which is one of six predefined styles, and a custom name.The tile background color is changed and the full tile space is clickable.

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