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How to Embed Google Reviews in WordPress

Read the guide on how to add Google Reviews to WordPress using a simple plugin. You will find out about best practices for displaying Google Reviews on WordPress websites resulting in more trust and loyalty.
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Embed Google Reviews on WordPress: Fast and Simple

Are you in search of a way to increase trust in your WordPress website? Displaying Google reviews on your WordPress pages is a great way to attract customers and boost sales. There are several methods to integrate customer feedback into your site, one of the best being the Elfsight Google Reviews widget for WordPress. This no-code solution is quick, easy, and free to use.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Explore the live demo to find a template that suits your needs.
  2. Select the source of your reviews and customize the widget to fit your goals and design.
  3. Copy the installation code.
  4. Embed the code into your WordPress website.

Try the user-friendly demo to see how simple it is to create a widget! ⇓

Detailed Guide on Creating Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

It basically takes two steps to display your Google Reviews in any place on your WordPress website. Firstly, you create and customize the plugin without any coding. Then you simply deliver the embed snippet of this plugin into your website. 

In this section, we will see that both of these jobs are fun and simple to perform. Just follow our straightforward steps to get things done.

  1. Choose a template. Start by selecting a template that aligns with your website’s design. In the left panel, browse through the available templates, and preview your choice on the right. Pick the one that best fits your needs.
    Add Google reviews in WordPress: select template
  2. Connect your reviews. Personalize your widget by linking it to your business reviews. Select the most suitable method for your business to embed your reviews into the widget creator. This step ensures your reviews are authentic and relevant.
    Add Google reviews in WordPress: add source of reviews
  3. Customize the design and layout. Tailor your widget to seamlessly blend with your WordPress site’s aesthetic. Utilize the settings to modify colors, fonts, formats, card styles, layouts, badges, and source indications. This customization will make your widget look polished and professional.
    Add Google reviews in WordPress: choose layout
  4. Generate the HTML code. Once you are satisfied with the design, click on ‘Add to website’ and then ‘Publish’ to generate the HTML embed code. This code is crucial as it contains all the information needed to display your Google Reviews on your site.
    Add Google reviews in WordPress: embed code
  5. Embed the code on your WordPress website. Copy the generated HTML code and paste it into the desired location on your WordPress page. You can do this by navigating to the WordPress editor, selecting the appropriate page or post, switching to the HTML view, and inserting the code. 

    Detailed guidelines for integrating the widget with WordPress are available in the next section.

    Add Google reviews in WordPress: platforms

Where to Display Google Reviews on WordPress Websites?

By strategically placing your Google Reviews widget in these locations, you can effectively leverage customer feedback to enhance trust, improve conversion rates, and provide consistent positive reinforcement throughout your website. The ideal placement for your Google reviews snippet often varies based on your business objectives. Let’s revise several popular locations for a review block.

Build immediate trust and credibility

Best choice: home page

Placing your Google Reviews widget on the home page is ideal for making a strong first impression. Visitors often make quick judgments about your business when they land on your home page.

Add Google Reviews in WordPress: home page

Boost sales and conversion rates

Best choice: product page

Seeing reviews from satisfied customers who have purchased the product can reassure visitors about their purchase decision. It provides social proof right at the point of purchase.

Add Google Reviews in WordPress: product page

Get consistent visibility and reinforcement

Best choice: footer, sidebar

Including a Google Reviews widget in the footer or sidebar ensures that it is visible on all pages of your website. It keeps your feedback always in view, subtly influencing visitors’ perceptions and decisions.

Add Google Reviews in WordPress: footer

How to Embed Your Google Reviews to Specific Page

You can choose a specific place for your Google reviews, such as the home page or a product page to gain trust in your products. We’ve made a video that could be helpful for embedding your Google reviews into your specific pages on WordPress. It’s a concise and informative resource.

Additionally, there is a text guide for adding reviews to certain pages of your WordPress site.

  1. Go to WordPress website’s backend. Log in to your WordPress website’s backend and click on Pages.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress: step 1

    Find the page you need to edit, click on the action button (…) and choose Edit.

    Add Google Reviews to WordPress: step 2

  2. Add code element to the page. In the editor, find where you’d like to show the widget and click on Add Block.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress: step 3

    Then find and click Custom HTML.

    Add Google Reviews to WordPress: step 4

  3. Paste the installation code. Paste your installation code in the popup window and click Update to save changes.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress: step 5

How to Embed Your Google Reviews to Footer or Sidebar

When you want to gain visibility and show total transparency of your business, you may want to add your Google reviews to the footer or sidebar, so that the visitors can see them anytime.

  1. Go to WordPress website’s backend. Log in to your WordPress website’s backend. Go to the Appearance tab in the left-hand menu and click Widgets.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress all pages: step 1

  2. Choose the placement for the code. Open Custom HTML (1) in the Available Widgets list, choose one of the Footers in the drop-down menu, for example, Footer One (2) and click the Add Widget (3) button.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress all pages: 2

  3. Paste the installation code. Paste your installation code in the Content field and click Save to apply the changes.
    Add Google Reviews to WordPress all pages: 3

There are multiple ways to integrate customer reviews with WordPress. You can find more guides on adding Google reviews to your WordPress website in our Help Center.

Why Embed Google Reviews on WordPress Using Plugin?

As you already know, embedding a Google Reviews plugin is simple and doesn’t require you to do any coding. That’s a key reason why people choose plugins to display their Google reviews on the WordPress website. But how to choose the best WordPress plugin for your reviews block? Elfsight offers a lot of features that help our plugin stand out. Check out just some of them:

#1 Easy to connect your Google reviews

We offer plenty of ways to identify and connect Google reviews via a convenient source to the plugin. You can insert your Google Place ID or just enter the name and the address of the company. Not having a physical address is not a problem either. Such a simple integration!

#2 CTA to attract new reviews

Ever regretted not having enough feedback to proudly present on your WordPress website? Elfsight’s plugin doesn’t only display Google reviews but encourages customers to leave their comments too. Just add a customizable CTA button to your reviews bar.

Add Google Reviews to WordPress: CTA

#3 Display your best Google reviews

We bet that not every review is a gem in your collection. With Elfsight, it is easy to adjust multiple filters and show only relevant Google reviews. For instance, you can define the minimum rating to be displayed or ban certain authors from being seen in the widget. It won’t make the review disappear from Google, but people won’t see it in the widget. Removing a certain review completely can be an issue but can be possible after you read our guide on deleting a Google review about your company.

Add Google Reviews to WordPress: filters

#4 Display rating in search results

Stand out from your competitors by enabling markup to make stars appear in search results. This enhancement will help you capture attention and increase your click-through rate. Prominent visibility in search results will draw more visitors to your site, leading to higher sales. The Elfsight Google Reviews widget makes it simple to create review snippets — just toggle this option in the configurator.

Add Google Reviews to WordPress: rating snippet

#5 Tailor settings and layouts for a perfect fit

The Google Reviews widget offers extensive customization options to match your brand’s unique style. Select from various layouts such as Slider, List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, and more. Customize colors, sizes, and fonts of elements, adjust columns, and choose the number of posts to display. Personalize each review’s content—titles, badges, names, and stars—to seamlessly align with your design.

Add Google Reviews to WordPress: customization

Final Thoughts

To sum up, adding Google reviews to your WordPress website is definitely a good idea. It is important to understand where your visitors should see your block with reviews for better conversions. Displaying reviews timely and in a good-looking way can be your key to deeper trust among your visitors.

The easiest way to embed reviews on your WordPress platform is to find a suitable plugin that keeps you away from coding and facilitates customization. Elfsight’s Google Reviews is a multi-task plugin with user-friendly customization and various features that help you show your business from the best side possible. Also, embedding Google reviews with this plugin is a smooth process for those who never worked with codes and scripts.


Can I embed Google reviews on WordPress for free?

Sure. You can have access to all the layouts and features of Elfsight’s Google Reviews for WP websites at no cost. Still, you can see our Pricing section to find out about more opportunities with our WordPress plugins.

Can I display my Google reviews as a slider?

Depending on your goals and website’s design, you can choose one of our many convenient layouts for Google Reviews. These can be Slider, List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, and more.

How to add Google reviews to WordPress Elementor?

Elementor is a popular integration for WP websites. You can easily embed customer reviews as the plugin by Elfsight to your Elementor website. See the manuals on adding your plugin to WordPress Elementor making 3 simple steps.

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