How to Add Shoppable Instagram Feed to Shopify: Complete Guide

Do you strive to attract the audience to your product and make them want to make a purchase? Instagram is a whole new way to sell. And we’ve got an app which will increase your conversion – Shoppable Instagram app. Today we will show how to embed Shoppable feed to Shopify.
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How to Add Shoppable Instagram Feed to Shopify: Complete Guide

Simple and Quick Installation

It’s very simple to start using our Instagram Feed Widget due to the user-friendly admin panel. No specific skills! Just your creativity and imagination. There are only 3 easy steps left to be done to embed Shoppable posts your Shopify Store.

Video Guide

By the way, we’ve also prepared a video tutorial on our YouTube channel on how you can embed Instagram feed to Shopify. Don’t forget to turn on subtitles – they will help you set up Elfsight Shoppable plugin!

1. Add Shoppable App to Shopify Editor

Find Elfsight Shoppable Instagram feed in Shopify marketplace and click “Get” to proceed further.
Get Shoppable Instagram Shopify
Click “Get” to start installation
Agree to install the Shoppable Instagram app in your dashboard.
Install Shoppable Feed
Confirm installation process

2. Create Shoppable Feed

Press “Log in Instagram”. A window will appear where you will be able to insert your username and password. Confirm your data and go on.
Log in Instagram
Log in your Instagram account
Click “Create Feed” and adjust your first Shoppable feed.
Create Shoppable Feed
Create your first Shoppable feed
Now you have to choose what photos from your account should be transferred to the selling gallery. Just select the desired image and it will be opened in popup. Then tag products presented in each photo. To do this you have to click on any place of the photo and enter the name of items in the search bar. You can also set one of the labels (New, Sale, Bestseller). After you organize the content of Shoppable feed, press “Done”.
Tag Shoppable Products
Tag items presented in your Instagram photos
On the next page you will see the pre-published feed. You can change settings by choosing the appropriate section. There you can create CTA using the feed title and change the number of columns, rows and gutter. Don’t forget to save new settings!
Shoppable Feed Settings
Adjust settings to your requirements
Note that you can create any number of shoppable feeds with different settings in one Shopify store.

3. Install on Your Website

Find “Install” icon like on the screenshot below. Press it and you will be redirected to the next window. There you should choose the desired page for your app and its position: top or bottom. Apply parameters by clicking “Add Feed”. After you made it, you will see the list of installed galleries and proper pages below. You can see “Preview” and check how the new Shopify app works in your store.
Shoppable Feed Installation
Embed Instagram feed on your website
Preview will show you the final result. You can change the existing feed at any time. All changes will be implemented automatically.
Shoppable Feed Example
Check preview to see the result

Shoppable Feed Is Successfully Installed

Congratulations, you made it to the top! You’ve done all steps and your Shoppable Instagram feed is ready to attract the audience and make money for you. Note that our Shopify app is in beta right now. Thus, we’d like to collect more user feedbacks and give our customers a chance to use it for free while it’s in the test mode. But you can already use all features for free and make money with your social profile. Evaluate all its advantages:
  • Draw attention to social photos in your online store
  • Tag products and allow customers to shop your Instagram posts
  • Redirect visitors to the desired product’s page and convert them into satisfied clients
  • Persuade to buy here and now by using New, Sale and Bestseller labels

Pro Support Right for You

We strive to create the best plugins on the market. Therefore, when you purchase any Elfsight product be sure that you’ll also get:
  • Fast and effective support
  • New versions with useful features
  • The highest quality of the selected item
Our developers are ready to help you with any issue that arises in your Shoppable feed. Submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center and our team will help you solve it. You will get the answer within 24 hours.
Shoppable Instagram Feed Description