How to Add Instagram to Weebly Website

Are you concerned with using Instagram feed on Weebly? Elfsight team, watching trends, has recently developed the new version of our plugin to cover such need. It is for this reason that we are going to clarify you everything step by step with the help of Instagram feed InstaLink.
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How to Add Instagram to Weebly Website

Let’s View How to Link Instagram to Weebly

Weebly is an online website builder, which grants anyone the ability to create his own island in a global network. It could be some sort of author’s blog, site or even your own ecommerce store. The service doesn’t require any specific skills, just your creativity and imagination. And, of course, integration of social services is one of those things that can arise in your head. If you embed Instagram, it  might be very useful for any Weebly website, as well as other social media. This is where InstaShow enters the game.
Instagram Feed Weebly Page
Press “Add” button to start installation
Due to Weebly drag and drop system it’s rather simple to start using our Instagram Feed Widget. There is one so-called pre-step before we go further and describe everything. Find product’s page in the app center and click “Add” 😉
After that, there are just several steps ahead to complete the task.

Video Guide

We’ve also prepared a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to turn on subtitles – they will help you install the new Instagram app!

1. Add InstaShow to Weebly Editor

The first step is to put the app into the editor so that you could manage it. If you have several websites on Weebly platform then the following window will appear. There you can choose the needed website for Weebly Instagram widget. Press “Continue” and continue in the same spirit.
Instagram Feed Set Weebly Site
Choose the desired site for InstaShow
Then you will get a notification from Weebly. It informs you that InstaShow will be added to your website and what actions our app will be able to make. Do you agree with everything? In that case, proceed further by clicking “Connect”. You will be redirected to the Weebly editor.
Instagram Feed Connect App
Connect Instagram feed to Weebly

2. Add InstaShow Element into Desired Pages

Weebly has a user-friendly page editor for a clean customization. There you will see all pages you have on your website. Select desired pages, where you’d like to show cool Instagram feed. Choose the app icon in the third party elements and drag it to a free container.
Instagram Feed Drag and Drop
Drag and drop Instagram feed
By now, you might ask us, “Hey, what if I’d like to display several feeds on my website?” And we answer immediately. You can use InstaShow as many times on one site as you want.
Note that you can use different settings for each new feed.

3. Customize Your Weebly Instagram Feed

After you place the feed into the necessary location, personalize your feed. Make it an eye-catching design element. Remember that you’ve got more than 60 parameters to adjust, including:
  • Sources (usernames, tags and photo URLs)
  • Gallery’s sizes
  • UI customization
  • Popup data
  • Colors
Instagram Feed Weebly Customization
Select parameters for your Weebly Instagram feed
The plugin will automatically apply modifications and display the result on your web page.
Template Catalog

Explore 70+ Instagram Feed Templates

Check out more of ready-made templates for any use case or build your own one!
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Embed videos from an Instagram feed to captivate your website users' attention.
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Instagram Sidebar
Embed your Instagram posts in a sidebar content area of your website to draw more attention.
Instagram Photostream
Embed an Instagram feed on your website that updates in real-time to attract more views.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

InstaShow Is Successfully Installed

Congratulations, you just hit the jackpot! You’ve done all steps and now Instagram feed stands up for engaging the audience of your Weebly site. By the way, you will have a 5-day trial period after adding the app to your website. Then you can work with InstaShow for $2.99/month or 23.88/year and evaluate its benefits to the full extent:
  • Increase in audience engagement and web traffic
  • Growth of conversion rate
  • Expansion of social marketing campaigns beyond Instagram
  • Getting new Instagram followers

Support from Professionals

Aaand one more important thing. If there’s something strange with your Instagram Weebly app and it doesn’t look good. Who you gonna call? Elfhelpers! Submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center and our team will help you solve any kind of issues.
Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview