Weebly API: how to get API key and integrate it

Are you wondering how to get Weebly API and add it into your website to optimize your workflows? Or want to connect a Weebly site or web page to any kind of third-party API? Read this article to get the idea of the current state of Weebly API and what options you have with it.
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Weebly API: how to get API key and integrate it

What is Weebly API?

Weebly platform features a range of Cloud APIs (Blog API, Account API, e-Commerce APIs, etc.) These APIs are of a REST type and are operating via HTTPS protocols.

How to get Weebly API key

Earlier, to get Weebly API you just needed to have an account on the platform and create a sample website there. Then a user just had to create his Weebly Developer account and he would get access to the API and start developing an application. But since February 2020 Weebly has temporarily paused the opportunity for its users to have a developer account and create Apps. This message appears when trying to access their Developer portal

weebly developer api

The reason for that is the fact that Weebly was purchased by the Square platform and Weebly API performance is currently being reconsidered.

Weebly API integration

Since it’s now impossible to develop an application for your Weebly website, the only integration option is choosing among the thirty-part solutions present in the Weebly App Centre or offered by various independent providers. The apps submitted before February 2020 are still supported and running.

The most popular integrations are offered by the Elfsight service, you can check the full list here.

API examples

Weebly Dev portal features developed sections describing the kinds of API offered. We will unite them into groups.

Weebly e-Commerce API

Here we can talk about the following:

  • Categories API which allows users to manage category information: update, replace, create, delete categories, and upload or delete images for them.
  • Coupon API for running coupons in your online store – update or delete existing ones, and also create new ones.
  • Form API serves for creating and managing various forms on a website, and Form Entry API saves each submitted form as a separate entry.
  • Order API (Order API, Order Billing API, Order Billing Transaction API, Order Item API, Order Shipment API. Order Shipment Transaction API) a whole bunch of APIs for viewing, maintaining, and managing the information about each order.
  • Product API group (Product API, Product Image API, Product Option API, Product SKU API, Product SKU Option Choice API) makes it easy to create and manage the product catalog for a site’s store and to change the options and skus available for a product.

Weebly Blog API

Blog API and Blog Post API help a user in running and maintaining his blog. These feature native commenting system with moderation option where comments have to be approved before appearing on the website. There’s also an option to choose Disqus or Facebook.

API documentation

The full documentation and features that Weebly offers for programmers is gathered on the Weebly Developer Portal. The information about the types and categories of Weebly REST API solutions is presenten in the Developer Documentation.


Does Weebly have an API?

Yes, the platform provides API solutions and tools, though granting new developer accounts, and thus providing access to the API for new users, was temporarily paused.

How do I create a Weebly app?

For creating an App a user must register a Weebly account and create a sample website. Then, he is able to create a developers account to get access to the tools. Note that options for registering a developers account and submitting an application for review are unavailable at the time.

How to add an API to a Weebly website?

While creating a custom application for Weebly website has been restricted, the only option for API integration is to use a third-party solution.

How to get the Weebly API key?

The Weebly API access token is granted to the users of a developer account through  OAuth2 flow. But note that registering a new developer account and submitting an application for review are unavailable at the time.

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