How to Add Instagram Profile to Weebly Website with InstaLink

Instagram content can make your visitors feel more engaged as they see entertaining photos worth watching. Moreover, such content is able to attract new followers to your social profile in case of presenting it on a website. That’s exactly what Instagram widget InstaLink does. Our article will show you how to set it up and how to manage it. Let’s get busy!
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How to Add Instagram Profile to Weebly Website with InstaLink

3 Steps to Embed Instagram Profile

It’s actually very easy to install our app thanks to Weebly drag & drop editor. You don’t require any specific skills! Just use the existing online masterpiece and a bit of creativity. The rest is up to the user-appreciated profile gallery. The preparatory phase is to find product’s page in the app center and click “Add” 😉

Add Instagram Widget to Weebly
Click “Add” to start installation

In fact, setting up Weebly Instagram Feed Widget can be accomplished in three quick steps:

  • Place InstaLink in Weebly Editor
  • Choose a proper area to set the app
  • Adjust settings and start promoting your account

Video Guide

We’ve also made a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Please, turn on subtitles as they will help you install the recent Elfsight app!

By the way, If you want to get more detailed instructions concerning the instructions on how to embed Instagram, scroll the page. All actions are also described below.

1. Set InstaLink in Weebly Editor

First of all, you should place the application in Weebly editor. There you can modify settings and adapt your photo grid. Note that if you have several sites on Weebly service then the pop-up window will appear. Select the wishful website for the widget and click “Continue” button.

Choose Site for Instagram Widget


Choose the desired site for InstaLink

Afterwards, you will be notified about plugin’s addition to your web resource. The notification shows what actions Elfsight app can take. Is everything okay? If you agree with all statements then press “Connect”.

Connect Instagram App to Weebly


Connect Instagram widget to Weebly

Now wait a second till your redirection to Weebly editor. Our responsive widget is already waiting for you there!

2. Add InstaLink to Pages You Want

Weebly has a user-friendly editor for a clear site customization. Open the list of your web pages and select pages where you’d like to embed your social profile. Choose InstaLink icon in “Installed Apps” section in the left sidebar. Then drag it to any area.

Drag Instagram Widget to Page


Drag and drop your social app

You can use various parameters for each grid!

Do you want to set more than one Instagram widget on your website? It’s not difficult at all. InstaLink can be embedded as many times on one site as you want.

3. Personalize Your Weebly App

When you choose the needed place for the plugin, there is an opportunity to set up your grid. Make it an eye-catching element that will attract web visitors to your Instagram account and content. To open settings is very easy. Click any area of InstaLink and its settings will appear in popup.

Customize Instagram Widget Weebly


Customize options for your Instagram application

Remember that you possess around 20 flexible parameters, including:

  • Sources (username, hashtag or username filtered by tag)
  • Source filter
  • UI and color customization
  • Widget/Gallery mode
  • 16 languages for multilingual usage of the social widget

All improvements and changes will be automatically applied. Now you can see the pre-final result. It’s only left to be published! Don’t forget to press “Publish” in order to get expand your Instagram influence among web surfers.

Template Catalog

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No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Installation Is Successful

Hurray, you made it! All actions are completed and your Instagram tool is ready to engage guests and bring new followers to your Instagram account.

InstaLink Logo

By the way, you will get a 5-day trial period after adding Elfsight solution to your site. Then you can operate with the Weebly app for $2.99/month or 23.88/year and make the best use of all its benefits. Namely, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Display your username or any tag for showing specific content
  • Promote the social profile on your website
  • Increase audience engagement and average time on the site
  • Achieve new followers in Instagram

Best Quality Granted by Professionals

Our team invests all our skills and knowledge in developing the best plugins. Thus, when you purchase Elfsight product, be sure that you’ll also obtain:

  • Reliable and effective support
  • New versions that include new awesome features
  • The highest quality of the installed item

Got stuck or face some issue in your plugin? We are always ready to help you. Submit a ticket in Elfsight Support Center and our team will solve any issue.

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